CLAT 2017 – General Knowledge Section


Let us know of the questions you remember, and what the online exam was like 🙂 Not as bad as the AILET, we hope.

  1. What post did Antonio Guterres hold before being appointed the Secretary General of the United Nations? United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees
  2. What is the first robot lawyer called? ROSS
  3. Who was recently elected the new President of France? Emmanuel Macron
  4. ‘Scorpion kick’ is a term used in what sport? Kabaddi
  5. Where was India’s first commercial court set up? Raipur, Chattisgarh
  6. What is the length of the world’s longest tunnel? 57.09 kms
  7. What country does the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize hail from? Juan Manuel Santos, Colombia
  8. Two states to introduce happiness index? Madhya Pradesh and Andhra Pradesh
  9. Who was crowned as Miss Supranational 2016? Srinidhi Shetty
  10. What is the purpose of the COIN programme introduced by JP Morgan? Interprets commercial loan agreements 
  11. What is the capacity of the world’s largest Volvo bus? 300 passengers
  12. State with highest number of open jails? Rajasthan
  13. What is Solar Impulse 2? First plane powered by a renewable energy source to tour the globe
  14. What is Juno? A NASA spacecraft orbiting Jupiter
  15. The first country to allow child euthanasia? Belgium
  16. How many billionaires did India lose post-demonetization? 11
  17. India is the world’s ___ largest steel producer? 3rd
  18. Donald Trump is the ___ President of the United States of America? 45th
  19. The recipient of 2017’s BC Roy Award? P. Raghu Ram (there are others who got the award as well, the answer would depend on what the options were)
  20. Why did Japan impose restrictions on India? Because India placed a minimum import price and other assorted duties to protect its domestic steel industry
  21. Which eminent personality made a statement about Europe’s refugee policy being the Trojan horse of terrorism? Viktor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary
  22. NASA’s Hubble telescope is located where? Lower Earth orbit
  23. Which Japanese PM apologised for Pearl Harbour? Shinzo Abe
  24. To which airline did the flight that flew 14,500 kms from Delhi to San Francisco belong to? It was also the “world’s longest all-women flight”. Air India
  25. Which lost Indian satellite did NASA find? Chandrayaan-1
  26. Which court stayed the hanging of Kulbhushan Jadhav? International Court of Justice
  27. India’s voting share in the IMF has increased from 2.3% to ___? 2.6%
  28. Which country became to first to switch off FM radio? Norway
  29. Who is India’s third largest trading partner? UAE (Since Hong Kong was not an option)
  30. As of 2016, which state has the highest number of law colleges? Maharashtra
  31. What was the World Bank’s estimated GDP for India in 2016-17? 7%
  32. Which country recently enacted an RTI legislation? Sri Lanka
  33. Who has been declared the most corrupt? (From amongst the options, the Police)
  34. Who has received knighthood for his DNA work? Shankar Balasubramanian
  35. Who is the first democratically elected President of Myanmar? Htin Kyaw
  36. Most number of badminton titles? PV Sindhu
  37. Tetra is how many times faster than 5G? 10 times faster
  38. Quote said by the Chinese Ministry about Dalai Lama(?)
  39. Which woman’s statue was recently installed in UK parliament? Millicent Fawcett
  40. Which state is the most preferred tourist destinations for the past 3 years? Tamil Nadu
  41. Which country offered asylum seekers up to €1,200 each to voluntarily return to their home countries? Germany
  42. Which country recently passed a Hindu Marriage bill? Pakistan
  43. First country to conduct the first adult kidney transplant using 3D printing? United Kingdom
  44. India is the __ largest holder of US securities? 12th
  45. Who was appointed the Chief of Islamic military coalition led by Saudi Arabia? Gen. Raheel Shareef (Pakistan)
  46. Name the Cricketer who became the fastest to take 250 wickets. R. Ashwin
  47. Name the MLA who was disqualified by the governor for taking up private contract work? Uma Shankar Singh (BSP)


  1. The question was what is the length of the world’s longest tunnel. And what post did Antonio Guterres have before becoming Secretary General

  2. What is juno? Space craft running on solar power
    Where is hubble telescope located? Space
    India’s 3rd largest trading partner? UAE

  3. who is India’s third largest trading partner? Hong Kong

    The answer would be UAE and Hong Kong wasn’t even an option

  4. Which country offered asylum seekers up to €1,200 each to voluntarily return to their home countries?
    Options – Germany/ France and 2 more

  5. There was one question for which answer was Inter State Water Disputes Tribunal

    No. of Unesco heritage sites in India- 35

    Which port topped the Sanitation index(or something related to Sanitation)- Haldiya port

    Finally, CLATGYAN becomes the first website to complete memory based Gk answer key

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