Dose-2: Major Events 2011-12


Prateek Agarwal, a CG kid, sent us this email:

To CG,
I am sending a compiled list of major events which ocuured in 2011-12. This list is part of my Current Affairs prepration for CLAT 2012. I would like it share it with the rest of the CLAT aspirants through the medium of CLATGyan. If you guys find this compilation suitable for the aspirants then please share it on CG.
Yours Truly

In continuation with yesterday’s compilation on the major awards in the past CLAT year, this compilation will cover most of the major national and international summits, conferences, meets and other events.

Click here to download Prateek’s compilation


  1. This last minute stuff by kindred souls help like you never imagined. I realized that when I passed Phemily Low.

  2. Nice to know that in spite of all the competition people are willing to share their knowledge. Thanks a ton Prateek! πŸ™‚

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