The Story of Indian Independence


Amulya Purshotama (same University and Semester, grr!) has prepared an extensive and comprehensive compilation on the Indian Independence for ClatGyan. It should help you in covering the important dates, leaders and events with respect to our country’s freedom movement. Amulya is a staunch Gandhi enthusiast (not the same as Gandhian, apparently), and we’re also attaching her first semester Political Science project on Gandhi and Non-Bhoilent Satyagraha, hope you guys benefit from it (because I did not).

Aal jee bhesht!

Click here to download the “Story of Indian Independence”

Click here to download the project “Gandhi and Non-Violent Satyagraha


  1. bullshit you researched for rm…half an hour is not research…its google and wikipedia.. dont scare people away from nalsar

  2. This is one of the best of what I’ve read about the Indian History so far. The most gripping aspect is, it has been written like a story which helped in connecting the events and remembering them! 
    Thank you 🙂

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