It’s a long time since the last post. Well I apologise. Our vacation aint exactly a vacation.

Well coming to the point. Another aspect to Logic is Directions. This comes under Analytical Reasoning. One of the easiest questions to score in and also one of the easiest to get carried away and lose track of what’s happening.

Directions - 1

These are the basic directions you will be needing for CLAT. There is nothing much to explain.

A sample question would be:

1. Aymen walked 40 metres west from point A. He then takes a left and walks 50 ms. He takes a right and walks 40 mts. Then moves northwards and walks 50 mts. He finally takes a left and walks another 20 mts to reach point B. In which direction is he walking now and how far is he from point A?


Ans. Aymen is Walking Eastwards. He is 100 metres away from Point A.

Directions - 2

2. Promoth starts from X and walks northwards. He then takes a right and after walking for sometime moves in the south east direction. A little while later he takes a left turn. In which direction is he walking?

Answer: He is walking in the North-East direction.

Directions - 3

These are basic questions. In the CLAT directions will come for just one or two marks maybe. But you should solve it carefully as these 1 or 2 marks have huge differences in ranks.(Believe us, we KNOW!)

A few simple suggestions and tips for solving direction questions:

1. Always draw diagrams like the ones I have drawn above. Never try it mentally.Chances of a mistake are great!

2. Also, while drawing these diagrams read EACH word of the question carefully. People generally go wrong with right or left. Remember the directions change according to the way the person is facing. This is a very common mistake.

Directions - 4

Diagram A shows a person facing Northward take a left. Whereas

Diagram B shows a person facing southwards take a left.

Be very careful that you don not draw the direction according to the way in which you are sitting at your table. It all goes wrong. It is similar for all directions.

3. READ the question carefully.

An exercise on this is coming up soon.

All the best,
Nishant Prasad,
ClatGyan Team


  1. I particularly love the scribbles in the diagrams. 😀

    Nice article..but Im through with this..
    I only have some confusions with questions on ‘shadow falling right/left’

    • No Need to worry frnd just note dat d direction in which shadow iz fallin means opposite direction iz east 
       like for eg.
       if ques. says dat shadow iz in right dat means east is on left

  2. I am glad that you are done with it and thank you for liking my scribbles premangsu
    But there may be others who arent done with this dont you think?
    I agree its simple. But our job is to put up all that we can. I hope you understand!
    All the best!

  3. Sir,could you please mail me the solutions of question No. 1 and 2 at ananta.saxena@gmailcom. That would be a great help.
    Thank you

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