Is Logical Reasoning Scary?


[In spite of a hectic schedule powered by the end semester exams, Nishant Prasad (Class of 2015 of NALSAR University of Law) writes something for all those people who’re utterly confused as to their preparation of the Logic section. So, do listen to him! – The CLATGyan Team]

CLAT 2012 is fast approaching. Been there done that, so I know as of now that many of you are going crazy with questions like “What do I study now?”, “Do I study more or revise what I have done till now?” etc. Well you have CG to guide you through all of that. This article is for all those having the thought.

“Is Logical reasoning going to screw up my CLAT paper?”

I had this question running through my head throughout the last month before CLAT. So, what do you have to do for Logical reasoning in the last 20 days? I shall divide the article into two parts:

1. For those who have been preparing for a decent period
2. For those who have just begun to prepare.

Prepared for quite some time and still feeling weary of Logic?

Well for you guys I assume that you have been preparing for at least 2 months and some maybe for an entire year. You might have done R.S. Agarwal, M.K. Pandey or modules given by some coaching institute.

Now get one thing straight in your head, If you have done Logical reasoning sincerely for even 2 months and practiced quite a few problems, solved them diligently you do not need to worry even if you are getting say 30-40% wrong. Because the level of difficulty of the questions in these books and coaching class modules is very high and very confusing wherein there might be confusion between all four options and simple intricacies lead you to the answer hence you get it wrong.

These questions are just to prepare you for the worst. In CLAT at the maximum there will be two options which will be confusing and mostly there shall be one definite answer. So if a number of wrong answers over the past few months are keeping you in apprehension of your logic strength, just relax and put your fears aside. There is nothing to worry about.

So what do you do now?

In Logic you cannot, as such, revise anything. There is nothing to learn. You have solved many questions and now what you have learnt is how to think, solve those questions. In all probability your speed in solving might have also increased. What I suggest you to do is:

a. Make a list of all the topics coming under Logic

b. Under each topic pick up a past year paper, a Logic book and the mocks of CG or your training centre (if you go to any) and solve just 2 questions from each of these everyday. Approximately 6 questions from each topic and all different types and sources EVERYDAY. It doesn’t take much time. Just give about 2 hours to logic everyday. More than enough. It depends on your speed as well. Personally I used to finish in an hour. But my friends were also preparing the same way and they took 2. So even if you take 2 don’t worry coz even my friends made it to the top 2 law schools of the country. 😉

c. Now also another point being. You yourself will know as to which topic you are really good at. So allot time to each topic accordingly. And save how much ever you can for GK and Legal Reasoning and Maths.

This is more than enough for your CLAT prep and you will definitely do well in your paper. The most important thing again being, if you still are getting say only 5 right out of every 10 qns, believe me you are really good. In CLAT you probably will get atleast 35 out of 45. Anything better than that and you are set for Logic.

Not prepared at all eh? Too lazy or decided to take up law a bit late?

Still you haven’t lost much. Logic is something you don’t really need to sit and study whole year round. What are you supposed to do? I would suggest you to get at logic immediately. It also isn’t a subject you can take lightly. Just don’t panic. Its VERY important that you stay calm and prepare in these last days. Keeping in mind the other subjects for CLAT, I suggest you to follow this process.

a. You will need a book on Logical reasoning problems. R.S. Agarwal or M.K.Pandey. I would Suggest M.K.Pandey for these last 20 days preparations. R.S.Agarwal is a bit too complicated. Buy this book or any book on logical reasoning and just as I stated before dissect the chapters and solve questions from each topic. Now, give at least 4 hours everyday to logic and solve a minimum of 25 questions on each topic EVERYDAY.

b. Now, there might be certain topics you are good at and you know you do not need as much as 25 questions per day maybe 5 might suffice. Figure it out and do more questions in the section you are weaker in. Because there is a paucity of time and you must save as much of it as you can as other subjects are also there.


Think you’re a stud in logic?

Clear that impression. Confidence that you are going to do well in that’s section is extremely good. Will help you do much better. But the moment you start getting overconfident, you will lose out horribly. What I would suggest you to do is cool down a bit. No one can be a stud at logic. Smartest of the smartest people cannot get all questions in logic right. Keep practicing as I have said before and you will do really well with the confidence you have. Just make sure it doesn’t turn into Over-confidence and spoil your exam altogether. Being good in logic is an advantage for you. Use it, don’t lose it.

Panic does not help at all. You have to be calm and focussed. CLAT will not be a very tough paper. It will be good and you all have prepared enough to crack it. You lose out if you scare yourself and panic.

You can also mail your personal queries on logic to:

Wishing you all the luck,

Nishant Prasad,
NALSAR University of Law.


  1. Ah, this makes me feel really good! I’m scoring around 30-35 in logic in all my mocks. Used to find puzzles extremely difficult, but they seem okay now. You’re right, practice is all it takes, and a good deal of confidence! But I still don’t like number series much. A lot of the time, the logic behind the series seems waaay too convoluted. How would you suggest I tackle it?

  2. Thank you for raising our spirits in times of dread. (Say watever you may, but exams go hand in hand with a wooshy feeling in the stomach)!

    Feel fairly confident in Logical Reasoning. But still can’t solve “strong/ weak arguments” with confidence. Fail to think straight. Working on it.

    All the best for exams! Please pray for us as well!


  3. Solving 50 difficult CR questions in less than 30 mins is scary.

    ” And you run, and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking. “

  4. Where can the NLUD-type logical reasoning questions be found?
    (irrelevant/dependant/etc arguments, facts & beliefs, so on and so forth).

    Lsat papers don’t have those questions.

    • There is a book called “TMC Magraw Hill’s Logical Reasoning” or something. Do that if you have time. It’s too huge though.

      • It’s a little late i guess, with the exam just days away.
        Is there a general term for such questions? Or some webpage you could link me to?

  5. awesome article!!! I always used to get around 25-30 in logic in the LST mocks and i used to panic,but this article makes me feel a lot better 😀 Thanks Nishant Prasad. 😀

  6. man how can u solve 50CR questions in less dan 30 min…. it’s not possible ….. if it is possible den chances of accuracy might get affected ….. work out 4 accuracy ……… rather dan attempting all questions, its not only difficult 4 u but 4 all de aspirants 2 attempt dese questions in lesser time period dats why i wasn’t happy dis time when clat annihilated legal awareness frm legal section, LR is de area where shoe pinches., i’m also focussing 0n LR nd CR dis time b’coz dis sections will decide de selection in clat or not……..

  7. @abhinav: get hold off any reasoning book nd acquaint urself with basic principles it will be suffice ,… If u had carefully observed de pattern of nlu-d dey don’t adhere 2 one pattern ,, so in dat case prepare 4 de worst ,.. Sorry 4 interferance, nd best of luck ????? ,.. 🙂

    • are NLU-D questions difficult compared to previous years’ CLAT papers and LST mocks… i cudnt get hold of previous NLU-D papers so a little bit tensed about it because i don’t know anything about what type of questions they ask.. 🙁

  8. Last year nlu-d paper contains: 35 questions of Cr nd Lr , Lr wasn’t so difficult most of de questions were 4m nlsiu papers, current affairs/history/constitution were asked in gk section nd in maths section question 4m clocks/percentages/time nd work etc,. were asked … Overall paper difficulty was much higher dan clat,,

  9. dis tym nlu xam was not dat difficult but time consuming….. coz of dis will merit go high?

  10. Dis time nlu-d legal reasoning was as simple as last year., logical was much easy dan last year ., cut of dis time may be 105 … Ya paper was time consuming dat’s y i was’nt able 2 do comprehension as well as maths

    • Most people I know are scoring 28+ in GK section and since Legal and Logical were easy as hell, the cut-off will be much higher than 105.

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