August 2015 – CLATGyan Mock General Knowledge Set



We have the exercise for August prepared by Sanket Pargaein (Class of 2020) and TPS Harsha (Class of 2018). Please thank them in the comments below at the end of the exercise.

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1. Which Indian has won the WSA Victorian Open Squash Title?

2. Who has won the Bharat Bharti Literacy Award 2014?

3. Which company has bought the Reliance Mediaworks Ltd Co. which runs Big Cinemas?

4. The R&D Dept. of which e-commerce website has launched the website-

5. Which company became the first private company  to receive technology form the DRDO for development of Lakshya, a pilotless aircraft?

6. What is the name of the the second marine sanctuary which was recently opened in Maharashtra?

7. The first stretch of the DFC will be commissioned in Bihar. What is the full form of DFC?

8. According the USDoA, which country is the leading exporter of beef?

9. Disha, an app which aims to educate people about internet was launched by which ministry?

10. Which Indian has received Germany’s Cross of Order of Merit award?

11. Which Indian city became the first one to join the World Tourism Council Federation?

12. Where will the All India Institute of Ayurveda be located?

13. Which organisation has become the sole organisation in India to be accredited by UN’s Green Climate Fund as a national implementing entity?

14. Who was conferred who the Saraswati Samman Award?

15.Who was recently appointed as an Election Commissioner?

16. Which Indian became the first one to launch contactless debit, credit and Forex card?

17. Om Prakash Munjal, who died recently, was the founder of which company?

18. India’s first RIS (River Information System) was launched in which state?

19. Ranveer Singh Saini who won a gold medal in the Special Olympics World Games is associated with which sport?

20. The Special Olympics World Games 2015 were held at which city?

21. India’s first IUHDDS (Integrated Underwater Harbour Defence and Surveillance System) was lunched in which city?

22. Which team won the German Super Cup?

23. SAMANVAY web portal which aims at monitoring the SAGY (Sansad Adarsh Gram Yojana) was launched by which ministry?

24. Who won the Ramanujan Prize for the year 2015?

25. Which Indian company will receive 400 Crores as investment by Alibaba Group?

26. Which country has bid for 1.2 million square kilometres of Arctic shelf?

27. Which day is also known as National Handloom Day?

28. Which day is also known as World Bio-Fuel Day?

29. In which was India’s first titanium sponge plant inaugurated?

30. Atul Keshap was appointed as the ambassador of US to which country?

31. Which state is India’s first digital state?

32. Which bank propelled the first Contactless Debit, Credit and Multi-Currency Forex Card in relationship with VISA, the instalments passage organization in the country?

33. Which badminton player became the first Indian to win Silver in Badminton World Championships?

34. Who won the Rogers Cup Masters Tournament 2015?

35. Who is India's first woman to play English League Football?

36. Which State became the first state in North India to launch Rajiv Gandhi Illuminating Scheme for Hill Town Advancement (RISHTA) project?

37. Which cab aggregator did Bharati Airtel tie up with set up Wi-Fi hotspots in taxis?

38. Who wrote the book, Making India Awesome?

39. Who won the James Tait Black award 2015?

40. Who is the 6th President of International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)?

41. When is World Humanitarian Day celebrated?

42. Sanskrit has been made mandatory in the Government schools of the State of __?

43. Which airport is India’s solar driven airport?

44. Who wrote the book, The Kumbh Mela: Mapping the Ephemeral Megacity?

46. Who won the 2015 Peter Mackler Award for Courageous and Ethical Journalism?

46. Who won the 100 meter title at the 2015 World Championship in Athletics held at Beijing in China?

47. Name the first micro finance company in the country to start operations as a full-fledged commercial bank.

48. Which city will host the 2015 FIH Hockey World League (HWL) Final?

49. Jains held protest against the ban imposed by the X High Court against the practice of Santhara ritual. Name X.

50. Who was appointed as the Chairman of India's Oscar jury by the Film Federation of India?

51. Which Indian-American was appointed as the full-time federal judge of California court by President Barack Obama? He is the California's first Indian-American federal judge.

52. The Urdu copy of which book was found from a scrap market at Hauz Khas in New Delhi?

53. Name the telemedicine initiative launched by the Union Government in collaboration with Apollo Hospitals to provide healthcare facilities in rural areas.

54. Fortune Magazine released its maiden Change the World list which features companies that have made significant progress in addressing major social problems as part of their core business strategy. While Vodafone and Kenya are ranked No. 1, name the bank that helped millions of people to overcome poverty in one of the neighboring countries of India and that is ranked 12th on this list.

55. Who assumed charge as the Director General of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)?

56. Name the geostationary satellite that has been successfully launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) in Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.

57. Which tennis player was appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) after having served as his country's UNICEF Ambassador?

58. Which port was adjudged the Major Port of the Year among the 12 major ports in the country for the year 2014-2015?

59. Who was conferred with the 2015 Stockholm Water Prize? He is known as the Waterman of India.

60. After how many years did the Indian women's hockey team qualify for the Olympics?


  1. In this quiz, the answers of 4 questions are wrong.
    Q.15 asks about OP Rawat being the chief election commissioner but OP Rawat never became the Chief Election Commissioner. He was only the Election Commissioner of India.
    In Q.27 answer given is August 9 but it should be August 7
    In Q.37 answer should be UBER
    In Q.6 the answer should be Thane Creek

  2. sir, national hand looms day is on 7th august ; OP Rawat is only an election commissioner, not the CEC;
    uber has tied up with airtel.

    kindly check

  3. Question No. 15 is wrong. Om Prakash Rawat is not the ‘Chief’ Election Commissioner of India; he’s one of the three heads of the Election Commission, the others being A.K Joti and Nasim Zaidi (who still retains his post as the CEC of India) 

  4. Hi,
    Thanks for this quiz. It’s very helpful.
    Just wanted to point out that in question 27, the correct option is the third option-August 7th, and not August 9th.

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