Exercise on Antonyms

The assiduous policeman was awarded for maintaining the law and order when riots broke down in the city.

The UGC abrogated the ineffective provision of the remuneration policy.

The teacher admonished the naughty student for not completing the homework on time and making unreasonable excuses.

The proposal laid down by the department of telecommunication is abstruse and hence cannot be implemented.

Rex does not believe in augury as it is mystical and cannot be experimentally proved and verified.

The clerk was convicted for presenting bogus evidence in the court and misleading it.

The bigots never lose any chance to deliver hate speeches against other religions and create disruption in the name of religion.

The new Bollywood movie did not do much business in box office because of its banal theme.

No one likes Sam as he is too boisterous and always show off his wealth and status.

The movie star shared his experiences and his journey to stardom in a candid interview.

Vandita has strong predilection to fiction writing and hence whenever she gets leisure time she writes fiction stories.

Sania Miza was elated after winning the US mixed doubles grand slams.

The interview panel was amazed by the erudite candidate who smartly gave answers to all the questions that were put forward to him.

The fame that is achieved through deceitful and unfair means is ephemeral and does not give true satisfaction.

He experienced an evanescent pleasure at seeing her, before realising that it was not him but Frank to whom she most wanted to speak.

Due to external conflict with the neighbouring country, the railway line had been sabotaged by enemy commandos.

The patient convalesced for six months after his stroke.

Sam is such a glutton that he won’t leave any occasion where he would get free food and he would eat voraciously.

Seeing the gigantic snake in the room, Illa was so petrified that that she became unconscious and fell on the floor.

Kevin was amazed by the philosopher’s gnomic sayings even though he could hardly figure out what it actually meant.


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