Static GK – Quiz 1


1. From the combination of which two chemical compounds is "Aqua Regia" obtained?

2. Who was the first person to win "Bharat Ratna" posthumously?

3. The translation of which of the following text is known as Razmnamah?

4. Which of the following church in Goa is enlisted in UNESCO world heritage sites?

5. Who became the first ever Indian to serve as a jury member at the Locarno Film Festival?

6. The Emperor of which country resides in "Chrysanthemum Palace"?

7. Which ocean is surrounded by a belt of active volcanoes called the "Rings of Fire"?

8. Which national park in India was earlier known as Hailey National Park?

9. What is the most popular name of 13th century poet Abdul Hassan, whose tomb lies in Delhi?

10. In which monument was the trial of the nine men accused of assassination of Mahatma Gandhi held?

11. The campus of which present day institution of India was earlier used as a detention camp during British colonial rule in India?

12. If you are in the Changi airport, in which city would you be?

13. Which Bengali poet and sonnet writer wrote "The Captive Lady" and "Visions of the Past" under the pen name Timothy Penpoem?

14. In 1948, which scientist was appointed the first chairman of India's Atomic Energy Commission?

15. Helianthus is the botanical name for which flower commercially cultivated for its edible oil?


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