General Knowledge – Static GK 1

Who appoints the Comptroller and Auditor General of India?

Who became the youngest national women’s champion in Squash at the age of 14?

Muslims constitute the majority only in one Union Territory of India. Which UT is that?

Which region in India generates more power from the Wind Energy?

Among the following figures from the Indian history, whose period was the earliest?

Sri Baba Amte established a community for treatment of differently abled persons and the people with leprosy. What is the name of the community?

The 760 Km long Konkan Railway runs between Mumbai and ________.

Who was the first recipient of the Dada Saheb Phalke award?

Which historical figure of India was fondly called ‘Gurudev’?

Jhumpa lahiri was the first indian to win the Pulitzer Prize. For which of her literary works did she win the Prize?

The tropic of Cancer passes through how many states of India?

Which animals feature in the Indian national emblem?

Which was the first introduced Credit Card in India?

The first recipient of Bharat Ratna award was C. Rajagopalachari. What does his initial ‘C’ stand for?

The Postal Index Number system was introduced in which year, in India?

National Science day is celebtated every year on 28th February. In whose honor is this day commemorated?

Bombay Samachar is the oldest ‘surviving’ newspaper in India. It is also the oldest newspaper in Asia. When did it start circulating?

Which of the following is true in the case of the missile ‘Danush’?

Who was the first actress to win the Filmfare award in the Best Actress in Villian Role?

Margaret Elizabeth Nobel is famously known as Sister Nivedita. Who coined the title for her?

Which among the following is the bestselling book of India?

In which state of India is the ‘Silent Valley’ National Park located?

What is the distinguishing feature of PIN codes starting with the number 9?

Which Indian city is also known as ‘Waltair’?

Templeton Prize is also called the ‘Nobel Prize for Religion’. Who was the first Indian to win the prize? (Hint: This person was also the first in world to win the prize.)

One of the literary works of Premchand and a holy lake situated above Mount Kailash share the same name. Identify the name.

‘India’s National newspaper since 1878’ is the mast head carried by which newspaper?

‘Operation Flood’ was started in India to provide which essential?

Kric Patric Macmillan is associated with which of the following inventions?

What is true about Vinoba Bhave?


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