General Knowledge – Static GK 4

Which is the oldest stock exchange of India?

Andhra Pradesh government has signed an MoU with ___ to develop 264 smart villages?

Which of these is not included while calculating national income?

India shares the longest border with?

The largest deposits of thorium are found in which state of India?

Which of the following is not inscribed at the bottom of the national emblem?

Which state government has recently acquired B.R.Ambedkar's London House?

The first language to be conferred the status of classical language?

The Indian language known as the 'Italian of the east'?

Where is the high court of Madhya Pradesh situated?

Which article led repeal of Government of India act,1935?

The chairman of the States committee in the constituent assembly was?

Which of these is the largest among nationalised banks?

Panchatantra was written by?

Which battle laid the foundation of British Empire in India?

Huien Tsang visited India during the reign of?

The Dilwara Temple was built by the?

Original name of Akbar was?

Which treaty was responsible for ending the third Anglo Mysore war?

Who was the first home minister of independent India?

The name of the first Indian to receive the Pulitzer Prize?

Which of these gases are not used in LPG?

The gas most abundant in the earth's atmosphere?

Which of the following is not a component of Stainless Steel?

The ore of Zinc is called?

The least reactive metal is?

What is the Avagardo number?

Instrument for measuring the humidity of air or gas?

The chemical name of Caustic Soda is?

The part of the plant which yields saffron spice is?

Who is the first recipient of the  Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award?

UNESCO has its headquarters in?

Which zone of Indian railways has become the first one to remove all the unmanned crossings?

Which city will host the 2022 commonwealth games?

The road in New Delhi named after former president Dr. Abdul Kalam?

The winning team of 2015 Pro Kabbadi League is?

The first airport in the world to be fully powered by solar energy is located in?

The bank to launch a fully automated digital locker named Smart Vault, available for use even at post banking hours and weekends?

South Sudan by being recognized to participate in the 2016 Olympic Games has now become the ___ member of the games?

Which country has switched to a new time zone reducing it by 30 minutes?

Which country has reopened its embassy in Tehran after it was closed due to protest and demonstrations?

India is set to become a water-scarce country as per the firm 'Everything about water' by?

RBI has decided to issue coins of which denomination to commemorate the International Day of Yoga

Winner of 2015 tour de France is ?

The first city to be awarded to host both winter and summer Olympics games is?

Which bird has been chosen as the national bird of United Kingdom?

Ali Smith's novel which has been chosen for 2015 Baileys Prize?

Charleston, where shoot-out in a church took place is located in the following state of US?

Where was the Global Mobile App summit held from 28-29th May 2015?

The disease which has been eliminated from both North and South America is?


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