Legal Aptitude Exercise – Legal Knowledge Part 1

Between a master and a servant, there exists….?

Damages which are unascertained are known as?

An abettor is also known as?

A  situation  whereby  a  person  performs  an  act  as  a  result  of  violence,  threat  or  other pressure against the person is known as?

The Latin phrase “amicus curiae”means

Since  employers  usually  have  more  money  to  pay  for  negligence,  they  would  be  in  a better position to pay the victims. This principle finds its roots in:

Under  tort  law,  the  …………  principle  that  deals  with  the  damage  done  by  an  animal directly to a human.

A plea by the defendant that he has been previously acquitted of the same offence and that he or she therefore cannot be tried for it again is known as:

Mischief with fire is known as ?

Under tort law, a claim is barred if there is a third party with superior rights. This defense is known as

A relationship where one person reposes complete trust in another in regard to a particular transaction or one's general affairs or business is known as

A  ________  offence  means  that  a  police  officer  has  the  authority  to  make  an  arrest without a warrant.

‘Caveat emptor’ means-

The legal test for insanity defense was first recognized in

Which of the following is not a fundamental right in India?


  1. How can you say that mischief with fire is Arson? Arson is mischief with fire WITH the intent to destroy/cause damage etc., isn’t it?

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