Mathematics – Mixed Bag 2

If it TaKes 0.07 Ml of ink to print the capital letters and 0.06 ml to print the small letters how much ink will go in printing the first 10 letters of this question?

There is a door with a wall perpendicular to the door frame, the door has a height of 2m and width of 0.8m and it is half open. What will be the length of the arc formed when the door is chnged to full open position?

What is the area of a regualr hexagon with side 7 cm

Ratio of the areas of two similar triangles is 12.25:12.96 what will be the ratio of the length of corresponding sides ?

What is the shortest distance between the hypotenuse and the orthocentre of a right angled triangle with sides measuring as 5cm , 3cm and 4 cm?

What will be the volume sweeped by a circle of radius 3.5 cm which is rotated one revolution along one of its diameters ?

Which of the following pair is different from the others?

A ball is thrown  into a square compound of side 7m with a circular garden of radius 1.4 m inside it what is the probability of the ball landing inside the garden?

Which of the following wquations will give real roots(roots should be real numbers not imaginary like  )?

Find the missing term 0,6,18,?,100,180


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