Mathematics – Mixed Bag 2

At present, Angad is 6 years older than Bilal. The ratio of the present ages of Angad to Maitreyee is 3:4. At present Bilal is 14 years younger than Maitreyee. What is Bilal’s present age?

6399 x 13/8  + 353÷? = 10444

√624 x 14.02 ÷ √404 x 15.97=?

8461÷11.99 – 24.01 ÷ 5/100= ?

14.85% of 679 ÷ 19.9% of 219.83=?

1441÷? + 149.98 x 14.99 = 3006-254.91

19   30   44   67   117   ?

7    24    58    109   ?   262

7   9   18   46   111   ?

19   20   16   25   9   ?

7.4   9.2   11.4   14   17   ?

A bag contains 5 red balls, 6 yellow balls and 3 green balls. If two balls are picked at random, what is the probability that either both are red or both are green in colour?

In a 140 litre mixture of milk and water, the percentage of water is only 30%. The milkman gave 20 litres of this mixture to a customer. Then he added equal quantities of pure milk and water to remaining mixture. As a result the ratio of milk to water in the mixture became 2:1. What was the quanity of milk added? (in litres)

A boat can travel 4.2 km upstream in 14 minutes. If the ratio of speed of boat in still water to the speed of stream is 7:1, how much time will the boat take to cover 17.6 km downstream? (in minutes)

Abhiraj starts a business with a capital of Rs. 1500. Balaji joins the business 6 months after the start of business and Chandni joins the business 8 months after the start of business. At the end of the year the respective shares in the profit was divided into the ratio of 5:3:3. What is the sum amount put in the business by Balaji and Chandni together?

A sells an item to B at 20% profit. B sells it to C at 10% profit and C sells it to D at Rs. 116 profit. The difference between the cost price of D and the cost price of A is Rs. 500. How much did B pay to A for the item?

10 men can finish a piece of work in 15 days. 8 women can finish the same piece of work in 25 days. Only 10 women started working and in a few days completed a certain amount of work. After that 3 men joined them. The remaining work was done by 10 women and 3 men in 5 days. After how many days did 3 men join those 10 women?

The length of a rectangle is 4m more than the side of a square and the breadth of the rectangle is 4m less than the side of same square. If the area of the square is 567 sq m, what is the area of rectangle (in sq m)

Rs 1600 was invested for three years, partly in scheme A at the rate of 5% simple interest per annum and partly in scheme B at the rate of 8% simple interest per annum. The total interest received at the end was Rs 3480. What amount of money was invested in scheme A?

The monthly salary of Fazlu is  1/4th of his father’s monthly salary. Fazlu’s sister’s monthly salary is  2/5th of their father’s monthly salary. Fazlu’s sister pays Rs 12800 as study loan, which is 1/4th of her monthly salary. The savings and expenses made out of monthly salary by Fazlu are in ratio of 3:5. How much did he save each month?

How many degrees does the minute hand move in one minute?

When a bus started from Shameerpet, the number of male passengers to the female passengers was 3:  1.  At  the  first  stop  Hakimpet,  16  passengers  got  down  and  6 more female passengers got in. The ratio of male to female passengers now became 2:  1.  What  was  the  total  number  of  passengers  in  the  bus  when  it  started  from Shameerpet?

A and B started a started a business contributing Rs. 8000 and Rs.10000 respectively. After 6 months, C joins in contributing Rs. 6000. After 3 years, the profit made is Rs. 9660. Find C’s share.

A merchant buys goods at 20% discount on its marked price and sells them at 30% higher than the marked price what is his profit percent?  

If ratio of Compound interest and simple interest on certain sum of money for two years is 21:20 then find the rate of interest.


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