Maths Quiz – 1


This Quiz is a mixed bag and has 25 questions to test your Mathematical Ability. Select the answers and click “Next”. Time yourself for 15 minutes. (one shouldn’t take more than that to answer these questions). All the answers and explanations will be displayed after the completion of the quiz. Go ahead… All the best!!

1. Find the Total no. of possible groups of 3 men that can be formed of 4 men A, B, C, and D.

2. There are 16 buses plying between NALSAR and NLSIU. In how many ways can a person go from NALSAR to NLSIU and return by a different bus?

3. In how many ways can 8 girls stand in a circle?

4. How many words can be formed with the letters of the word ‘FATHER’, without repeating any letter in any word?

5. Asad and Apoorva together can make a new website in 3 days while Apoorva and Rupali can together make a website in 5 days. Asad and Rupali take 6 days to do the same. How much time would it take if all of them decided to make the website together?

6. Asad and Apoorva together can make a new website in 3 days while Apoorva and Rupali can together make a website in 5 days. Asad and Rupali take 6 days to do the same. How much time would it take if Asad alone makes a website?

7. Anjali, Karthik and Manasi are playing with marbles. The ratio between the number of marbles with Anjali and Karthik is 3:2 and that between Manasi and Karthik is 5:3. If total number of marbles with them is 375, how many marbles does Manasi have?

8. An amount of money is to be distributed among P, Q, and R in the ratio of 5:8:12 respectively. If the total share of Q and R is four times that of P, what is P’s share?

9. Varsha ranked 8th from the top and 28th from the bottom of the class. How many students are there in the class?

10. A road 3 meters wide running all around a square garden has an area of 396 square meters. Find the area of the part of the garden enclosed by the road.

11. 2^N = 32N. Find ‘n’. | By 2^N, we mean "2 Power N"

12. When 2x+y=35, and 3x+4y=65 Then x/y=?

13. The price of vegetables which was Rs. 20 per kg first increases by 20% and then decreases by 15% but again there is an inflation of 25%. Find the changed price of vegetables.

14. Find the amount after compound interest for 2.5 years at 4% at a principal amount of 31250?

15. If a sum of money doubles itself after 8 years, find the rate of interest per annum, offered.

16. The number √3 is :

17. Among the following, the greatest fraction is :

18. The only even prime number is?

19. The average temperature of town for the first 6 days of the week was 26 degree and of last 6 days was 31 degrees. If the sum of the temperature on first and last day of week was 42 degree, what was the temperature on the first day of the week?

20. A man walks from NALSAR to Shamirpet at the rate of 5 miles/hr and returns at rate of 3 miles/hr. Find the average rate of walking of the whole journey.

21. What is the Greatest Common Divisor of these numbers – 1008 and 1536?

22. Find the probability of a leap year having 53 Sundays.

23. Find the mean, median, mode, and range for the following list of values - 13, 18, 13, 14, 13, 16, 14, 21, 13.

24. What is the smallest ratio among the following?

25. One pipe can fill a pool 1.25 times faster than a second pipe. When both pipes are opened, they fill the pool in five hours. How long would it take to fill the pool if only the slower pipe is used?

Quiz Made by : Karthik Suresh(Editor, CLATGyan) & Anjali Rawat(AIEEE Rank – 491)


  1. You might get such questions! Our batch had a bunch of really babyish questions. I don’t think NUJS should come with such questions. It’s better you should be ready for all kinds of questions.

  2. 23 on 25 is a good score – congrats!
    I think only the 2^n question is a little off the syllabus, everything else can be expected.
    Good Luck!

  3. but doin such ques along wid Criticcal reasoning nd legal reasonin g……nd 2 hrs…..
    We ppl will surely face problems ….
    @anjali ..i got dat question rite ….I cud nt do the mean median one and root 3 one …
    Silly me

  4. Well, Anjuli, you need to realize that this is EXACTLY what you need to overcome in the CLAT. NUJS is likely to set questions which test your ability to finish off maths section in time. In my opinion 20 questions should be done in 20 minutes Maximum. I understand the time-constraints involved, but that is what you need to overcome. The Mean-median one tested your conceptual ability, and the root3 one is 9th standard stuff, which I thought I’ll include as people forget basic theory very easily.

    Best of luck, once again. If you have doubts (Now this is to all, )please ask them here. I’ll routinely check, and answer it.

  5. I got 25 on 25.
    (Took a little extra time though :P)

    But hey, the 10th question here, is wrong. I suppose.

    The answer must be 576.

    Here’s how.
    Let the road’s length be ‘x’ meters.
    So the area comes out to be x^2 (x square)
    Now as the road is 3 mt. wide, the length of the inner square gets decreased by 6 (3 from both sides)

    Which gives us the area 396 meters.
    => x^2 – (x-6)^2 = 396
    Which gives us the value of x = 30

    Now what what wrong in the given options is, you thought the area of the garden enclosed by the road, is ‘x square’
    Where as, it is ‘x-6 square’ (Draw a figure and check for yourself)
    So the area comes out to be, (30-6)^2 = 24^2 = 576.

    I guess that should be the answer.
    Correct me if i am wrong. 🙂

  6. @Sarang – I am afraid you have interpreted this sum wrongly. We want the area of the garden INSIDE the 396 sq.m thing. The 396 sq.m. is the area of the Road, which is laid outside the garden. The area of the garden according to the variables you took is (X-6)^2 which is not equal to 396, but (X^2)-396.
    I hope you understood.
    24 is a very good score, just be careful of sums like these where an error in reading results in a wrong answer. Good luck to you!

  7. I got 23 too…And in Q no. 5, i chose ‘approximately 3 days’ as the answer because it was around 2.85 days.Now,how do i decide which option to chose when it comes to questions like these? Btw, rank 491 !?! Like seriously?

  8. @Karthik – I understood what you want to say. But the question reads ‘Find the area of the PART OF THE G-A-R-D-E-N enclosed by the road.’
    (x-6)^2 is the area of the garden. The rest is the road, isn’t it? :/

    And since ‘576’ was not given in the options, i marked 900 and it was correct.
    But then….

    Um, let it be.

    Thanks, though! 🙂

  9. Vaishnavi – Yeah, you did the right thing. The exact answer is 2.87 days, I made this one so that you guys understand how ‘options’ work. In the Multiple Choice Question format, it is all about the options. The answer IS there in one of the options. Sarang had argued that 576 is the answer of question 10, but 576 was not among the options at all. MCQ’s make your work easy, use them to your advantage. Go for the closest option.
    And yes, Anjali did get rank 491. She chose over NITs and DU to come here. She’s real hardworking, and knows maths more than any of us. All of us in our batch respect her for that. Many in our batch are winners, both in CLAT as well as in some other exam. (me also :-P). This kinda gives you inspiration, doesn’t it?

  10. Yes, maybe i calculated it twice.
    I got the simpler method now. Thanks to you.
    And now I really think my question was dumb. But thanks for not giving up until i completely understood it.

    And as your Math teacher said, I at least know how to solve this question wrongly, so I wont ever repeat such a mistake again. 😀

    Amazing dedication you guys show re.
    Thanks again! 🙂


  11. Sarang – it’s all fine. For me, what matters is the feeling when people like you get their doubts solved. All the ohter ppl – Send in your queries to the ClatGyan ID!

  12. Hehe! Anytime. 😀

    And well, I was wondering where would you guys be after some 6-7 months from now.
    As in, If all the people following this site, make it BIG ( I SOOO hope every one does) and enter amazing colleges, you guys would be the real stars, you know.
    And CG would be the new LST. 😀

    Amen! 🙂

  13. Sarang, man, YOU gotta go spread the gospel! If you liked the site, tell about it to every law aspirant you know!
    And we’re not looking at replacing LST. please. LST is a coaching provider, and we are an internet resource for the CLAT. We cannot give you the kind of material LST does. I suggest you use CLATGyan to SUPPLEMENT your LST material and other books for CLAT. In fact, in our batch, around 85-90% of the non-foreigner quota are LST pass-outs. And LST professors have seen our site and have commented encouragingly on it.

  14. Sarang – If you liked our website, spread the word! Tell all the law aspirants you know to visit CG!

    And Please. We are not aspiring to be like LST. LST is a huge network of lots of professors who provide class room coaching.

  15. LST is a coaching provider. And so are you.
    Sure as hell you cant give us the ‘material’ as they do, but then come to think of it, coaching/guiding/training/teaching people without any kind of material and teachers, is tougher and more commendable. 🙂

    And yeah, I keep posting links of some articles to law-aspirant friends of mine.
    They REALLY like the work too. 🙂

  16. @ Sarang… Stop praising, start studying! .. We’ll be happy only if you make it to a good NLU and not when you praise us with these kind of fancy words. (No Offense… But, this is little too much). Thank you!

  17. Eh Anjuli you think a lot re…..
    Simple method see here (By the way, logarithm won’t come in CLAT)
    Factorise 32, to its factors by prime factorization. Multiply two by itself five times, you’ll get it.
    Similarly, if you have 81= 3^N, here 3x3x3x3=81. Therefore N=4.

    Always follow what I call the ‘Army'(for lack of a better term) rule – ‘The most difficult questions have the most simple solutions’.

  18. please help me whenever i get a math.. question i find my self unable to solve them.. it takes more time than necessary …. what should i do ? i want to get a good nlu.. please help me i have less time. and how can i summaries all the current affairs..

  19. 23 / 25 but I am sure the ones I got wrong with are wrong questions. Here’s how :

    Question 5. 60/21 is approximately 3, not 2.

    Question 19.
    First day (F) plus Last day (L) = 42.
    L – F =30
    By simultaneous equations, 2L=72 => L=36. And hence, F = 6. NOT 16 or 12.

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