GK Doses

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The verdict on Ayodhya: a historian’s perspective

A Reading On Africa’s “progress”

The Second Demolition – Nivedita Menon

“The Consistent Judicial Wrongs on the Muslims of India”

Equal inheritance and the Hindu Marriage Act

What is the Enemy Property Bill-Amendment Saga About?

The Babri Judgement: Threat to Secularism?

Sri Lanka’s 18th Amendment, A threat to Sri Lankan Democracy.

CIC’s Ruling Raises Hopes for Transparency in Governance

DN Jha and the History of Babri

Information as a Right

One For the Ladies!

Eco or Posco? [Make a note of the committees and the various acronyms and names]

Judges’ Retirement Age: Protecting the Lawgivers?

Suicide bombing: Islam or Foreign Occupation?

5 Zombie Ideas that refuse to die

Judiciary Upholds the Syrian Christian Woman’s Right to Property

Youngest GITMO Detainee pleads guilty
[What is plea bargaining, is it legal in India? Merits? Demerits?]

Corruption in the Judiciary: Lowering the Bar?

India’s Morning.

Pakistan’s New “Dawn”

Shanghai’s World Expo

Madban and the Struggle Against a Nuclear Power Plant

Bangladesh’s Refugee Crisis

The Samata Judgment

Jean Dreze On the Indian Middle Class

Freedom to Speak and the issues regarding Hate Speech

AFSPA: National Security Tyranny

Zimbabwe’s Blood Diamonds, India and the Kimberley Process

UID and the Privacy Debate

What’s up in our Neighbors’ Courts?

Cabinet Approves the “Prevention of Sexual Harassment in Workplaces Bill”

Public Interest Litigation: What is it?

Toolkit for a Defamation Lawsuit’s Victim

The Draft Mines and Minerals (Development and Regulation) Bill, 2010

The Irish Conflict

What does the latest Human Development Index say?

It says that Pakistan Beats India in Gender Equality

Who’s fighting over the Islands?

Manual Scavengers Demand the Government’s Apology

Brazil Wants to be Counted

The Sydney Peace Prize Winner Seeks

The Bush Screw Ups (NOT for your “awareness”, but for CLAT. These are the major USA-related incidents/events that you have to remember)

Tomas fails to scare Haiti

The Key Budgetary Terms

The Emergency Edition (Just do a quick read-through through all articles, don’t do it in one sitting)

Justice=Bullet in head?

Sedition, ’nuff said

Euthanasia of a different kind: looking at distress-murder of parents in Tamil Nadu

Ordinance Making Powers of the President

The Main features of the Right to Education Act

Right to Common Property and related issues

The Draft Legal Practitioner’s Bill (The present Act that deals with Legal practice is the Advocates Act of 1961)

Political and Civil Liability of Corruption

What is the Enemy Property Bill All about? [Read bill summary here and commentary here]

Profiting from the Poor – Micro finance’s “Success Story”

Why Single out Myanmar alone for Sanctions?

Where is the closest Dalit village?

India’s prominent corruption scandals

India’s fastest growing industry: Corruption [Must read]

The Paris Club cancels DR Congo’s debt (What is the Paris Club?)

Congo: The World Capital of Killing

Everything About DR Congo’s conflict

The Congo Rape Dilemma

NATO Meet in Lisbon – Key issues

Turkey’s Constitutional Referendum (If you are a little more interested, look up on the exact amendments – find out if they are good for Turkey, the opposition says that it is a veiled attempt at Islamization, do you think these amendments will effect the country’s Secular character? Find out if India has similar provisions – contact us and give us your views, we are very interested)

Sri Lanka’s “new” president sworn in

What’s the UN Day today?

SC sets up Armed Forces Grievances Redressal Tribunal


Lokpal Bill tabled in the parliament

Tricolor on the South Pole

Phone Tapping

NRIs can now vote

The ABC of Slum “Development”

The Historical Blindness of Turkey’s Detractors

Oh, Obama! (The author won a very important award, find out which. And what is its nickname? Also, read a few more of his articles – beautiful…)

Bhagwan Das is dead

A few landmark cases

December 13: Who attacked the Parliament?

Anti National Thoughts by Nivedita Menon (Deals with all internal conflicts that have occured yet in India, if you aren’t interested, leave the first part – but do cover the second)

Kaiga becomes operational

100 Important thinkers of 2010

On the death penalty

The world’s largest proposed Nuclear Complex gets Environmental Clearance

Lanka’s Conflict: Everything you’d want to know

Can Japan reverse its decline?

What does the JPC mean? And what are we losing to a stubborn opposition?

Listen to the Stones

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Why scrapping it won’t hurt the US Army’s effectiveness

Andhra Pradesh pilots public accountability at the grassroots

UNLF’s Meghen Arrested and Produced in Court

Who won the Hockey Gold at the Asian Cup?

What does the developing world give us?

Overthrown, dead CAR ‘Emperor’ restored of his rights

Another of the many days for women?

What eej WikiLeaks?

Jairam Ramesh gives the GDP lobby pains

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Laws, Asiya and the politics around it

Naom Chomsky: The charade of Israel-Palestine talks

Myths that create problems in fighting Climate Change

Story of Sedition

CCI Adjudicates

Should Lawyers defend terrorists?

Adivasi, eh?

The world’s a Gulag

No home for the Arab

Guess who’s Back? Shuttle returns to the Earth after mission


FIFA’s President: Seff Blatter

More on Cancun

Ways in which the INC changed India

Palestine and why it must be free

Two States, No solution

Jairam Ramesh, the “No” Minister

Bangladesh Boat Tragedy

Assange Arrest: Q&A

Belarus Votes

Euro’s Father Dies

Cambodia tries to confront its past

Kyrgyzstan has a government

ICC names Kenya election violence suspects

Bangladesh’s War Criminals go on trials

S. Pandey and Gaza’s Flotilla

Indonesia: Calamity strikes

START: Will it pass?

Harharan Dead

MUST READ: Important International Events of 2010

Comoros elects a new President

Pakistan and Blasphemy Laws

Police Reforms

What is the Jalan Committee Report?

India’s Lost Children, betrayed.

Five bogus elections to remember