Curiosity did not kill the cat, Procrastination did! – Garvit Chaudhary (AIR 17 – AILET 2017)


Here is an awe inspiring note from Garvit Chaudhary who clinched Rank 17 in AILET this year, and made us all extremely proud, at CLATGyan!

I still remember that day. I was sitting like you, going through the inspiration and motivation sections of the CLATGyan website. Gaping at their daunting achievements, I read how modestly the toppers of yesteryear described their sheer hard work. I was very much like you. I liked to go through the websites of different NLUs, just to imagine that someday I would stand at that podium and would voice my views. But I realized that just thinking would not take me there. Even letting your imagination run wild won’t help. They just serve as the sparks, to kindle the fire in you: the fire of curiosity that makes you want to know it all! I won’t keep you in delusions and will eventually burst the little bubble you’re living in. You have to work hard and by working hard, I don’t mean that read everything and anything.

Get on with planning first. You could do a SWOT analysis. Plan how many days, weeks or months you have and identify the areas you need to work on. In my case, I shied away from working on anything that was Mathematics or Static GK. In reality, they shied away from giving me marks. When you are confident enough that you have a strong command over your basics, then you can move on to attempting mocks.

Mocks are like flavors in a delicacy – the more the better. But always remember, mocks with explanations will do you good. Just knowing the right answer does not help. Because you learn from your mistakes only when you know why your answer went wrong. What was the reasoning used to arrive at the correct answer? This is also the correct way to gauge yourself.

I would advise you to regularly (or rather, daily) go through the current affairs or if you have difficulty making time on a daily basis, you should be able to quickly revise them. Take quizzes! Make it your routine. Not just for a competitive exam like CLAT or AILET but for your entire life. A lawyer must stay up to date with the recent happenings around him.

Having someone to guide you on this less frequently trodden path helps a lot. And this is something I can say based on my personal experience. They are those people who are your constant support, your wiki for all your queries and yes they do rescue some of us from the deep murky waters. I had a wonderful and most motivating mentor at CLATGyan, Harseerat Kaur.

I remember when I gave my first mock in the CLATGyan Test Series, a score of 90+ loomed over my screen. And I mailed Zainab complaining that the mock was too hard, questions seemed out of the course and the GK section was bizarre; in short, I cried out like a baby! In retrospect, I guess it was very much required given the difficulty level of CLAT 2017. Every question you solved, every news article you diligently read and revised will surely pay off. Don’t freak out because trust me, it won’t help. I know because I used to freak out over something or the other at least once a week.

For me, success meant to be a part of one of the NLUs. My dream, however, was that one day I end up writing an article encouraging future law aspirants that “If I can do it, you can surely outperform me.” Your friends and relatives will be dumbfounded when you show them your results. People always see the shine and glitter of the diamonds, not everyone knows how and where they came from. When I look back at my journey, I won’t say it was tough since I had the constant support of my father and mentors here at CLATGyan.

Have a little faith in yourself. Half the job is done when you decide to achieve something. Rest is just a game of patience and maintaining your composure. Stay curious all the time! Don’t leave anything for later. Treat Google search as your family member.

Je vous souhaite un plein succès dans vos entreprises futures!

And I hope to meet some of you in the future at NLU Delhi. Till then, you can pester me with all your queries on Facebook.

Good Luck and Au Revoir!


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