CLAT Mathematics. Both these words are quite (in)famous for the reaction they cause in the mind of young souls. CLAT, being the sole major law exam every law aspirant banks their career on (ok, maybe not sole, but definitely the most important) naturally brings a certain nervousness and fear in the heart of students, and a many a sweat on their brows.

Mathematics, on the other hand, needs no introduction. If there was a poll on the most hated subjects of all time, surely maths would figure near the top. But together, trust me, they lose all their potency. If you really want it, the mathematics section of CLAT is the easiest thing to crack you’ll find when you give the paper next year.Go ahead, read the articles and do the exercises. You wouldn’t need anything else if you do every link listed on this page.

A quick analysis of CLAT tells us that the level of maths is basic to say the least, and requires familiarity with numbers, rather than knowledge of advanced calculus. This brings us to our first point:

LOVE the numbers.

Exactly. That’s it. The secret. Presto. Voila. Love the numbers. You must have a familiarity with numbers that makes your girlfriend/boyfriend jealous. Look for numbers in everything – in cricket (score!), in the calendar (bore!), while spending your money (need more?). In CLAT, all you need is speed. And there is no better way to achieve this than regular practice. Trust me, regular practice is boring. Which is why if you LOVE your numbers, you’ll find a way to practice without getting bored. Now, how do you love something as mundane as a number [after all, it gives no satisfaction]. This is what We’ll teach you right here. The gyan for a successful abhyaan.

Cracking Mathematics!

How is it done?


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