One Does Not Simply Walk Into CLAT….


This one is to tell you what you should be doing before CLAT.

I like to believe that, more than the preparation it’s the right attitude that matters. Like my Property Law exam, it was a wonderful disaster. Our exams start at 2 PM, so I was studying really hard till the last minute, the last minute being 2:01 and then in a hurry I ran to the examination hall. As I pulled out my pen from the pocket…..there was no pen! There was a toothbrush. And then, when I pulled out my hall ticket, horror of horrors, it was yesterday’s Econo9f0c6945b0390f4821e2661358f023e8mics question paper. And then I somehow managed to procure a pen and convince the invigilator that I am a bona-fide student. I began to write, but I was so hungry and sleepy throughout the paper that I, for some weird reason kept thinking of this movie that I had watched long back. Terrible.

That is a short story on the list of things you shouldn’t be doing before the exam:

1. Last minute studies. They have never helped anyone.

2. Going hungry to the exam. Thinking of steak while solving that long legal question isn’t very helpful.

3. Not carrying a pencil, an extra one. Because one of them could be a toothbrush.

4. Not to forget that erases. Make sure it’s good pals with your pencil.

5. Starting something new – unless you have a long term plan. You know, CLAT 2017 and all that.

6. Starting something scary – If Math scared you till last week, and that fear made you not touch it. Stay with the fear, because something uglier’s waiting for you on the other side.

7. Panicking. Don’t. Period. Helps no one. Listen to good music, a better use of time.

8. Committing suicide. Not a good choice, besides pre-CLAT worry doesn’t deserve death. Results? No-way!

9. Watch Ekta Kapoor serials – you will learn something, but not Family Law for sure!

10. Debate on reservations/homosexuality/Number of OBL’s wives. Waste of time, seriously. Sleep if you want to, don’t do this, please.

11. Eat cheap roadside stuff. Unless you have an immune system that is awesome. Don’t try this. The examination centres usually have dirty bathrooms, and they don’t allow you to complete the paper inside the bathrooms.

12. Cry. Wait till the results, now is not the time, child.

13. Not revise something that you’re okay with. This can have far-reaching ramifications, India might lose out on an ISHTUD, the Legal world might lose a future jurist, OR simply put, you’ll lose marks in CLAT.

14. Console friends. Oh? X broke up? Y’s step-grandma died? B’s ex-boyfriend’s little brother’s now going out? Not now. The world’s sadness can wait. CLAT can’t.

15. There is also that nervousness that a lot of you seem to complain about. I don’t get it. If you’ve actually worked hard, you shouldn’t be nervous. If you didn’t work hard throughout, then why are you nervous now, if it wasn’t important throughout the year, it is not important now.

16. Curse the world. It’s not their mistake. Curse the ones who made the paper, that is still understandable.

17. Write stupid emails to CG that make no sense. CG shall track you down and subject you to torture that’d put Guantanamo to shame.

18. The night before NLU-Delhi, I sat on the terrace of my apartment and thought of questions that bothered me immensely. Why am I worrying about this exam? Why should I worry about such worldly trivia? Is this the best way to work for people’s rights? I realized that the choice was between being Batman and writing that test. NLU-D, cracked. And I am still looking for that cape. This is no time to answer existential questions. Just ignore that bullshit.

18 is a good number. Now take this free mock test and gain some confidence!


  1. asad sir , and the clat gyan team…..
    before i write  the exams , before the result is out , or even worse, the BOARDS RESULT IS OUT………    I THANK THE ENTIRE TEAM OF CLATGYAN…..   for atleast showing me the way , how to get through it . . 

    *i m nt saying that i m too much prepared to make it to ur college . . . . bt still…….   THANK YOU CLATGyan * 


  2. I love the playlist. I made one a few days ago – lots of Floyd, LedZep, Clapton et al 🙂

    Anyhow, just – thanks a ton for all the stuff – everybody who made the compendiums, and tests. And Aymen Mohammed – for addressing all my queries (there were quite a few) – and being nice about it (I was scared. And this was BEFORE the’Wild CGer’ post.) 

    And now I shall head back to my revision.

  3. asad sir and aymen sir and all the people who are a part of the clatgyan team…..
    thank you so much for helping us in preparing for CLAT the correct way….
    and especially the gk compendiums….. they were such a life saver for me!!!!!!!
    if i make to NALSAR,NLS or any other law college…. all the credit would go to you guys!!!!
    once again a big  big THANK YOU!!!!!
    may you become the best lawyers 😀

  4. Thanking you guys in anything less than 261178 words would be unfair to all the people you’ve been immense helpful to, but nevertheless, you’ll be getting a thousand thank you mails in 2 more weeks anyway, so here’s mine, Thank You gifts of God (and CLAT), may he bless all of you! 😀
    And yes, best of luck fellow students!!! 🙂

  5. u all are perfect boosters , i get filled with energy after reading ur articles …may be u should become a writer ..thanks..

  6. Thank you CG for everything, right from the compendiums to the answers of  my rather ‘annoying’ queries! 🙂
    You people have been an amazing source of morale booster, especially Aymen ,Asad and my mentor! Thank you once again! 🙂

  7. ” 7. Panicking. Don’t. Period. Helps no one. Listen to good music, a better use of time.”
    PANIC is my worst enemy. So, thank you SO much. 😀
    LOVE the playlist, you’re awesome. 😀 Next time, maybe a little Coldplay? 🙂 
    This post made my dayyy, it was so funny! And, yes, that timer makes me flap around like a nervous chicken. Please take it down 😛
    Also, 8tracks = lifesaver.

  8. yeah actually i was thinking the same(the wallpaper) then i thought may be i m halluciating 🙂 i must have just nt noticed it earlier:p 

  9. o man…the timer is surely going to kill me ….the running milliseconds seem to be hungry and look ready to swallow me…..yyyyiiiiikkkkeeees!!!

  10. That was amazing. Period.
    I found this site rather late in the day and there was no paucity of preparation material, so I never really got down to going through the modules or the tests.
    Yet, somehow, I find myself religiously logging in every morning just to check for this sort of article.
    They just lighten the mood when you’re getting really tense.
    It’s good advice, put across as lightly as possible.
    If my parents were to say the same thing, I’d probably disregard it, but the way you guys put it across…
    Well… Thank you.
    Thank you for taking this up as a hobby.
    It’s amazing how you guys are juggling all the shit that comes with a law school and still managing to help out thousands of aspirants.

  11. you guys should change the name from clat”gyan” to clatGOD. never knew i could enjoy preparing for an exam so much. and if i say i’m grateful to you for life, that would be the understatement of the year! (hopefully i make it to a good college so that i can write a huge article just to thank you people!)

  12. .Thanks to the whole CG TEAM…the alacrity with which u guide us is quite commendable.Altruistic motive NEVER FAILS.hope ur success story continues……..PLEASE pray for all the CG FANS.

  13. Thank you so much, CG. I’m sitting here right now, pretty much terrified about giving that exam in less than five hours, but when I read this it does make me feel loads better. Now, as much as I want to get into a good law school for its reputation, I want to do so so I can be a part of CG and of all the amazing stuff you guys are doing for us. Just… thanks.

  14. I’m not saying i prepared a lot for CLAT . I mean , yesterday there was EAMCET , and as the logic goes with all indian parents , engineering karo , MBA karo and then go the US of A . Let me be factual , after two whole years of IIT math , ratio and proportion is like a date with maria sharapova in St.Petersburg . But as usual , since MPC students like me are so engrossed in the math part of things , we miss out on the legal part . (the torts thingy still makes me think of a cake , don’t ask why). Still , i was on the clatgyan website till 2 am yesterday , and as they say , its never too late to chuck the water out of a sinking boat . That is exactly what i have been doing . So here it goes , thank you everyone who took out time and wrote these pretty informative posts . I know you have to join rock bands , get drunk and go out on dates in engineering/its equivalent course (LLb here) , but this , respect man . 

    We will see how logical and english go (did i mention i used to write poems in tenth , that a woman i knew was ready to get them published , but i said no ?) . I lost touch with the literate part of myself (the closest i’ve come to poetry in these two years is asking “what saar , koschan correct only you told aa”) . 

    Still , thank you , you have shown me a glimmer of light . Lets just hope the paper is easy and all my guesses miraculously turn out to be right , and i get to see myself as the male equivalent of samantha sweeting from the undomestic goddess. 

    Thank you clatgyan ! 

  15. just read the first comment and then it struck to me how ungrateful i would be if i don’t thank this site. Thanks for helping and removing those  impediments that stopped me from moving ahead. If and if i get into a good law college i will also keep the ritual of helping beginners alive!!

  16. Well I beg to differ sir…
    I did simply walk into CLAT

    And cracked it! XD
    Although if I had prepared I might have nailed Bangalore but oh well


    Correspondence courses are very helpful. This is the link to a correspondence course I found to be very helpful. Other CLAT 2013 aspirants should check this out and see how they benefit from it.

  18. I wonder if anyone ever attributed their success to Kabhi Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi….that’d be cool.

    Spent the night before NLU(D) same way, hope I crack it too.

  19. thanku….thans a lot to the Entire CG teAm…for all ur efforts.., it is very helpful to me….!!!
    but i need recent news…or April 2014 compendium…, because instead of reading news papers  carefully i used to spent more time on magazines like PD…, but there not a recent edition which provides too much for April 2014 ….!!! So i need it bAdly..!!! Please upload….or sent it to my email id..,:…If possible…i’ll be very thankfull to u guys,,!!!…i need it a lot…

  20. thanks a lot….a ton for all the guidance and the help… peeps are really helpful to a clat aspirant

  21. okAy, seriously? awesome alert! thank you guys so much for all the guidance that you’ve given us. although I discovered you guys a little later in my CLAT life, you have been nothing but helpful. this forum is super cool! damn, I really want to make it to NALSAR now… :p

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