Download Mock Test One (Free) – CLATGyan Test Series 2018 (New Batch)


The Test Series has been something that CLATGyan has consistently been working on since its inception seven years ago, and the same continues for yet another year. We announced the schedule, and started new enrollments for the CLATGyan Test Series – 2018 in mid-November. This mock test is the first of the series of fifteen mock tests (apart from the fifteen sectional tests that we have introduced this year) which will run all year long leading up to the CLAT. Do solve the the test even if you feel that you are not yet prepared enough to take mock tests. If nothing, it will work as a good measure to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Once you solve the mock test, go through all the questions along with the answers, irrespective of whether you could answer them correctly or not. The aim of the test series is not only to test you, but also to provide you with a galore of information. And if you like the test, do consider enrolling for the test series here.

Click here to download the test!

Click here to download the answers and explanations!

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