Test 3 (Paid – CLAT 2011 Pattern) – The CLATGyan Test Series


Okay. The third test, which is available only for the ones who paid, has been released. Procedure of accessing the test has been sent to your mail box. Let us know if you haven’t received it or have any problems during the test. You can take the test only once and if you need more attempts, mail us with a valid reason. Also, all the tests of the test series will work till 15th May, 2011. So, don’t hurry… take your time and do it when you are sure that you have peace of mind and two hours of uninterrupted time.

And… we got a Demand Draft with the name “S Suresh”. We have no information regarding the full name or email address of this person, whatsoever. If this person is you… please mail us.

For all the above mentioned purposes and questions, queries, suggestions… mail us at clatgyan@gmail.com

Here is the list of NALSARites who worked for this test

Abhijeet Saxena
Akash Joshi
Anjali Rawat
Archit Bhatnagar
Arti Mohan
Aymen Mohammed
Bidya Mohanty
Karthik Suresh
Mohammad Asadulla Shareef
Nishant Prasad
Sandipan De
Siri Atluri
Yashashree Mahajan


  1. “Tort law states that self defence cannot be used as a defence against private defence.”
    Took one full minute to restructure the maze.. 😀

  2. i have received 4th test via email in pdf format…but havnt received the 3rd test….would you people please send me the 3rd test…thnk u.

  3. sir,
    from past so many days i have been continuously mailing you regarding my interest in buying test series , but so far there has been no reply. can i get an answer here?

  4. i sent dat demand draft.in fact i discovered d blunder d very next day nd i called up Asad and i even mailed u all d details regarding d DD.but my paid series is activated so do i need to resend d details regarding DD?sry for replying after such a long tym.I was pretty busy wid my boards nd pre-boards!

  5. hiiii………… i hav got all 7 series. thans a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bt i wanted to ask Asad sir dat why does he write ‘batch of 2015″???????????????????????

  6. hey guys.i sent a dd of 1000 bucks 2 days back….did u get it???when can i get my test series??i need it fast please..

  7. aparjita…Asad is a student of Nalsar UNIVERSITY,that’s y he writes it is as batch of 2015…he is a 1st year student!! And Asad Sir(:P) i m getting really tensed here…hope u give the mocks soon.With each passing day i feel like a chicken who’s about to be butchered :S

  8. Just solved it. 110. Disappointed for missing out by 10 marks.. but anyway.
    The mock was of a high quality. The efforts you guys have put into it, commendable to say the least.

    Legal was the pick of the sections (made me smile).
    GK was a mess.

  9. is the third test an online test or can i download it also..cuz i would prefer that.

    also i saw somewhere that you have a test series of 11 mock papers which we have to pay for..if it is so, could you let me know the details..thank you

  10. I would like to take the tests. How much should I pay, can I pay online, if so please give details of the bank account.

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