Test Three from the CLATGyan Test Series 2019 Published



We have released the Test Three from the CLATGyan Test Series 2019 and it will be accessible on the online test portal (details of which have already been sent to you on your respective email addresses). The third test is a sectional test from the General Knowledge section and the questions in the test are based on Science and Geography

For a sneak peak of the test, solve the following quiz.

Sneak Peak of Test 3 (General Knowledge):

1. The Rock cut temple of Kailashnath is situated at

2. Which of the following rivers is shared by largest number of state?

3. Which among the following is known as “Coffee Port” of the world?

4. Which of the following is largest river system in the United States?

5. Who among the following is known as the first to measure the distance round the earth and also known as Father of Geometry?

6. The filament of an electric bulb is made of

7. In fireworks, the green flame is produced because of

8. The power of a lens is measured in:

9. Lichens are the best indicator of

10. Which of the following animals have teeth in their stomach?

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Before you decide on taking the test, make sure that you’re mentally prepared for it. That means you would be required to put aside around two hours for just attempting the mock. Since you will be doing this from the comfort of your home, it would be better if you create an atmosphere that makes it conducive for an examination. Keep household chores on hold and the urge to check social media at bay.

Most crucially, attempt the tests as and when they are released. Keeping them pending because you think you will take them in the last month before CLAT is a bad idea. It goes against what mocks aim to do and that is, they give you a glimpse of what your preparation is like. If you figure that out now, you have room (erm, time) for improvement and you don’t have to go through all that trauma of wondering where you faltered.

A good score for Test 3 will be around 70 to 75 (out of 100). Do send your scores to your personal mentor we had allotted and ask him/her for advice on how to strengthen areas that you are weak in. Also remember that you can only benefit from a test if you understand why an answer of yours has turned out to be right or wrong. So, make sure you go through all the questions once you are done with the test.

For all other queries or doubts, write us a mail at: testseries@clatgyan.com.

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