Alternate Strategy and the Road Ahead for CLAT 2012


Alternate Strategy.

So you did not make it in CLAT 2011 or your rank is not good enough to catapault you into a good enough law school.

You could blame the CLAT itself, your coaching centre, your god damned luck, lack of preparation or ruddy well yourself.

Lot of options. Confused. Don’t know what to do. Life has never been this bad.

Right. So hold on!!!

Albeit a little late we are here with an alternate strategy, maybe that “road less travelled” to ensure that life is not at a zenith.

Even after the darkest of nights you can see the crepuscular sky.  (Indian version: The worst of Indian roads have a level patch …well somewhere along the highway)

The different strategies that one might adopt.

  1. You have a decent score in you 12th Boards. Go to ILS Pune/ GLC Mumbai. It makes much more sense to go to these colleges that some NLUs at the bottom of the league which are nothing more than moribund institutions.Save yourself the misfortune of spending five years and hoping the N-School tag will get you a job.
  2. Your dad has fat pockets/connections. Make use of it. Take the management quota seat at Symbiosis or see if you have made the list at Jindal Law School. Amity also can be such an option.
  3. You made it to Symbiosis after some mass-gathering exercise of sorts. Go there. Go slow on the partying and the grass. Give law school a chance and you can make a brilliant career out of that place.
  4. The new NLUs that are accepting CLAT scores or organizing their own test (NUSRL and NLSJAA). If you have exhausted all other options and want to sit in a law school rather than spend another year at the LST class or IMS coaching. Take a seat. If you like it there and you feel there are good future prospects. Stick on. Give these places a chance. Otherwise attempt CLAT next year.
  5. Take a ‘drop year’. Sit it at home. This time burn the midnight oil. Slog your backside off and leave no stone unturned. See to it that your preparation is so good that even an unexpected pattern/fiasco does not surprise you.
  6. Think again. Is law really what I want to do? There are other lucrative careers and also interesting ones. Research. (B-School maybe? Preceded by a commerce or economics degree?)
  7. You could do the 3 year LLB course. Some colleges like DU Faculty of Law are excellent options.
  8. Meeting with the Maker. Very bad option. Also since you are a law aspirant remember Section 309 of IPC says that whoever attempts to commit suicide and does any act towards the commission of such offence, shall be punished with simple imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with fine, or with both.
  9. That little Paan Dukan that your parents have always kept their money aside for.

10. Light a smoke/grab a beer/watch cartoon (pick one). Take a chill^. (Not much advised)


CLATGyan shall be back again for CLAT 2012 very soon. We are only in the mentoring business. We don’t do marketing, sorry folks.

Plans for 2012 are big. We hope to expand and have a lot more people working with us.

We are always there for you. That friend on the other side, somewhere in Justice City. Just shoot a mail and we shall try to give you all the advice – from CLAT 2012 to adding that extra edge on your CV.

Till then keep your hair on. And oh yeah. We welcome the NALSAR Class of 2016. Welcome to JUSTICE CITY. Work has never been as much fun as it shall be now with you people around. Lots to do. We shall commence at the earliest.

-Sandipan De

“The road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places”. – Anon.

“When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on”. – FDR


^Disclaimer: (My personal opinion. CLATGyan does not endorse smoking, consumption of alcohol or any other addictive habit harmful to one. Smoking is injurious to health and tobacco is carcinogenic. Hell yeah. We are lawyers!)




  1. Now a days , opening a good pan shop needs an investment which equals the fees of NALSAR for a Single Year and that too in tier two city like mine. 😀

  2. If people decide to drop a year, they ought to give it much forethought. Sitting at home, maybe even studying hard, and then not getting in is one of the worst feelings.
    Joining a UG course somewhere, doing well in that, and then getting admission in the Faculty of Law, Delhi’s LLB course is a great option, I feel.

  3. Or….maybe the rank is good enough but the conveners have yet to realise that there are a bunch of students withering in the pain of a totally unneeded suspense!

  4. could you please list national law colleges in the order of their performance. this will help in making decision for the on-line councelling. is it true that nlus in north india – raipur, bhopal,patiala, patna jodhpur teach in hindi and therefore life will be hell for non north indians. how do you think Kochi law college will be any feedback from the current students.thanks.

      • Don’t lie to him.

        @Subhasri Sriram

        It is complete Hindi hegemony. In fact, in NLU-Delhi they do it in Punjabi! 😮

        I seriously want to BURN the rumor mill, if there is one, that is.

        • Even in Patiala, from what I heard.
          In Bihar they teach in what is a mixed language. UP/Bihar border waali baliya type boli. That’d go over even a Hindi speaking dude’s head. It is a conspiracy to restrict the entry of outsiders in these law schools !

          BURNING down something Aymen? Or maybe blowing it up? Let me know, please. I might be of help.

      • sir,r u sure……..v shud leave nusrl ranchi nd drop a year……isnt it gud 2 join it nd prepare 4 clat next year….v will be in touch wid law…isnt it????
        wats ur opinion abt nlu assam???
        plz reply


          You can’t expect access to resources (coaching centers, for example) in a far-flung place like Assam or Ranchi. And we don’t know the quality of the institutions either. I’d suggest you take a drop than go to these colleges. But then again, this is your call, do take a second opinion.

          • I live in Assam and Guwahati is a cool city. You will get everything you want. So don’t worry 🙂 And what’s up with you guys? – North-East is not as you guys think at least not Assam or to be more specific Guwahati.

  5. and plz give me an honest opinion
    wt is better-hnlu, raipur or gnlu, gandhinagar
    rank-469 score-127
    d place factor doesn’t matter coz i hv to relocate anyway (m frm a small town in Haryana)
    i dn wnt to go to Jindal or Amity
    Thnk u

    • so kewl, ua goin 2 desyd hu izzzz indyan nd hu iznt??????????????????

      Stop being a chauvinist and start accepting a simple truth: You are a frog in a well. The Well’s just a figment of your imagination. 

      • ds s goen nower…..lts jst drp t yaaaa…..stp t no!!!!!!

        Lets make thsi the ‘official convo lingo’ of CG. Then they’ll love it more. 

  6. sir, thanks a ton for ur post, it has indeed given me alternatives to mull on given my bad score in CLAT. with regard to the same i have a few queries, i will be obliged if you can guide me in this regard.

    1. between ILS and sybiosis which one is a better option ( give the facts that my dad has deep pockets(dont know the depth though, it would be very kind of u if u can tell me approximately how much a seat under mangement quota costs in symbi)) and i may be prone to partying as i have never done it so far, and moreover it will be away from home so…i guess u got my point… though i keep telling my folks that it is all dependent on will power and all, i really am not sure about that.

    2. between BA LLB and BBA LLB, which one is better? i have seen the syllabus of both and found major differences btwn them and i found BBA LLB to be more practical as history and pol sc can be read at home too, but accounting and business management has to be taught, but am not very sure on this too.
    would highly regard your opinion on these questions


    • 1. Go to ILS. Even if your Dad was Microsoft’s chief, I’d have suggested the same.

      2. Use brackets properly

      3. BA LLB gives you a sound grounding in the study of Law. Sociology, Political Science and History vis a vis Law can’t be studied at home. Business Management and Accounting are subjects the B. Com students study, not lawyers. Unless you want to be that glorified clerk everyone talks about, take BA LLB.

  7. aymen…how about amity law school, delhi affiliated to IP UNIVERSITY ? its amons top ten law colleges of india…please reply…

    • No idea. Sandipan might be of help.

      And really, the Magazine rankings all depend on who’s got deeper pockets.

  8. You know how pissed I got when some over-zealous ‘Rashtrabhasha’ patriots asked me to ‘learn’ the name of my NLU in Hindi? Duuuude. I am waiting to get back at them and how!

  9. AIR:-2197,score:-104…..planning to take drop bt please help me dat approximately how many students fill d form for nirma law institute and wat will b d possible cut off’….???please help

  10. droppd a year…got a rank of 2849..couldnt make it 🙁 
    plz gimme an honest opinion…should i join amity law school lknw or some state university…

  11. Material!!! 
    I am in deep thirst of study material 
    I am dying to get the same intensive compendiums and logical questions that you used to provide earlier to 2011 aspirants.
    Please give us something otherwise I will kill myself and you will be responsible for that.
    100 % true

  12. sir,i have a score of 121 and my rank is 720. all india women is 352. Do i have any chance whatsoever in jodhpur or bhopal or even GNLU? i have got selected for symbi pune (ba llb) ..and i had a 93.5% in my boards (ILS an option for me) ??

    • ILS definitely in. Find out when their starting with the application process. I heard it might have already started. Also, try GLC Bombay. With your percentage, shouldn’t be too difficult.

      GNLU is not on the cards, as far as I know. So aren’t the others you spoke about. Just an opinion from experience.

      I’ll let one of the admins give proper advice.

        • DO NOT TAKE AIL even if you have to sit at home for a year.

          Between ILS and GLC, I can’t really say. Don’t really know any one in GLC. You should go around taking opinions from people who are studying there. That’ll give you a better idea.

          With your percentage, since I know of ILS’ last year’s cut off, it should be a cakewalk. GLC admissions start real late, so you’ll have to wait a while. Find out about last year’s cut-off for both vis-a-vis the general 12th boards results. You’ll get a fairly good idea.

          • between ILS and GNLU???
            and should i take ILS or do Pol Sci. (hons) in a good DU college and give CLAT again next year????

  13. sir/mam!!  i cudnt make it to CLAT ..i have this option of IPuniv  or NLU-O. what shud i do?
    IS IP a okay choice(obviously cannot compare it with CLAT colleges) but still…??
    will it be okay if i choose to go to IP and give clat2012???

      • IPUniversity Faculty of Law is a good choice if you are from Delhi. Since they do not provide any hostel facilities you have to stay outside. Same is the case with Amity University(IP). Both are good, provided you are from Delhi. NLU Orissa has come up really well within the last three year’s period. Generally education standard is good in Orissa. But you have to choose among these depending upon your home place and what are your priorities.

  14. i am preparing for CLAT 2013 and i live in Mumbai. so can u tell me any classes for CLAT preparation in mumbai and also recommend me some books to study and prepare . thanks in advance!!!

  15. hi, i wanted your advise on something. if im getting glc mumbai and nlu orissa, what should i opt for? ,considering the fact that i have heard alot about nluo’s bright future. also nluo being a national law university, it’l have value.

  16. sir i was asking would i be eliogible for clat or 3 year law programme if i complete my ? sir please reply as it is a situation of confusion for me?

  17. Hello, I am already a student at GNLU. Worked for a month and a half, pre-CLAT and got into GNLU ( Through no reservation shit or anything). Is re-appearing for CLAT to get into NLSIU/NUJS/NALSAR worth it? Coz, I’d rather work on my internship/party than study for CLAT all over again, if my prospects post graduation ain’t going to glow tremendously. Need your insight.

  18. Hey there my own beloved! I need to point out that this article is brilliant, awesome authored and will include just about all critical infos. I’m going to search added discussions in this way .

  19. Some people say that ils have no good hostels,food,and stray dogs so…is it true? I should join this college or not?

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