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Belling the Legal CAT….

Hi friends,

So you have decided you want to be a lawyer. Maybe your inspiration was Boston Legal, John Grisham, or how about the black robe? Maybe it’s just the sky high salaries offered?

Now that you have decided to take on this creature called CLAT let’s get into the mode of things.

Let’s give you a bit of a historical brief:

Until the year 2008 all the premiere National Law Universities used to conduct their own admission entrance tests. In the same year the NLUs got together and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (you would be able to draft one such yourself when you pass out from one) to conduct the Common Law Admission Test for entrance to the hallowed precincts of an NLU.

CLAT 2008 was conducted by NLSIU, Bangalore, 2009 by NALSAR Hyderabad and 2010 by NLIU, Bhopal.

The latest edition would be conducted by WBNUJS, Kolkata.

Now with all their socially sensitive measures that they undertake it is expected that NUJS will set a paper which stresses less on English and General Knowledge which are seemed as a forte for convent-educated metro background kids. What is expected is a paper which will test you on your reasoning and legal aptitude. This is where we come in.

Why are we competent to “guide” you?

First, we are students at NALSAR, arguably the best law school in the country. Ok if that speaks of bias, let’s be honest, we have constantly been ranked number two after the law school at Bangalore.

Second, we are people who have cracked CLAT ourselves boasting double digit ranks of 14, 52, 69, etc. We have in our midst All India Ranks 2 and 4 in the NLU Delhi entrance test.

Why are we doing this?

Well gyan is a word that always meant boring lectures and preaching from the pulpit. To me “gyan” always makes me visualise my school assemblies and us being subjected to pedantic lectures and harangue sermonising.

But gyan here is a friendly advice by people who were in the same shoes not so long back. Our sole purpose behind this site is to become friends with people who are doing the same thing that we did some time back.

Let me tell you from my experience I always felt the need of a friendly advice on something in my preparation. Someone to tell me things in our lingo and explain stuff in a friendly and peer-to-peer level interaction. A need that no entrance coaching centre can fulfil. You will want to know about law school life, placements, etc. Basically the fun stuff which no one at a tutorial actually knows of let alone have the time to tell you. We are here to tell you everything – from the ragging to boozing. All aspects of law school life.

In the process we will become friends and render such advice to you that shall leave no stone unturned to see you as our juniors (don’t worry we won’t rag you). So we are basically that buddy of yours who can give you all the law school trivia yet help you in your preparation to reach a goal that has been common to all of us. Something let me assure you, you will be in dire need of when you get into the mode of CLAT preparation.

We don’t profess to be experts but we have had the experience so somewhere we are capable of guiding and giving you a little bit of friendly gyan to crack CLAT.

We will be dealing with all the entrances other than CLAT too viz. NLU Delhi, Symbiosis, NLU Orissa, etc. We will tell you when the notification is out, how to go about doing everything and what to do and more importantly what NOT to do.

Academics shall be taken care of by a panel of my esteemed colleagues who are budding lawyers themselves and have sailed though CLAT with ease. The things that set us apart from any such other site is that we shall be visible to you. You shall know that the person on the other side giving you the gyan is someone who has “been there, done that” (feels nice to say it).

We shall answer all your queries within a day and you can get on personal terms with us and ask us anything and any random thing that comes to your mind.

Please visit the site as frequently as you can keep in touch with us to be an NLU student.

See you soon,

The CLATGyan Team


  1. cud u plz plz nw update n guide d ones who’ll b appearing fo clat in 2013..reely need uh help..em a fresher..damn..hw 2 strt up wid..em reely vei desperate fo clat..wonna clear it n hit d top AIR..NLSIU is my me to turn it in2 a reality…:)

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