Announcing: The CLATGyan Intensive Training Program – 2014


Hey! What’s up? Why did you come here? You bumped in here quite randomly? No, wait! you followed a link that was posted on some Facebook page/group? Or did you come here after a mail suggested that something new has been posted on the website? Anyhoo, what are you looking for? Some gyan on how to make it to one of those law schools that all the coaching centres claim they could send you to? Aaah, you are nodding your head, I see. Maybe you came here thinking that we, the huge (albeit random) bunch of people writing from a village called Shamirpet in Andhra Pradesh Telangana, have something to tell you about what we did to make it through CLAT and reach this place? Maybe you are already in college then. In which case, I suggest that you leave this page at once, for it’s only going to waste your time. No? You’ll stay? Maybe because you are taking CLAT next year? It’s such an odd place. This internet, isn’t it? We write and post things, that we are never certain, are going to be read. But, we still do. It’s been quite some time since we started doing this. Come next month CLATGyan will be celebrating its third birthday. It’s a happy moment for us, and hundreds of our ‘CG kids’ who have, and still continue to, rely on this humble venture. We’re now, the oldest and still the only completely free website that deals with Law School entrance preparation.

When we were preparing for CLAT, we had this intense urge to meet or talk to someone who had already “made it”. The coaching centres we went to only summoned the CAT/B-Schools faculty to teach us stuff that might not even be of any importance. Sometimes, they didn’t even know the paper pattern, you know! But, we managed somehow. We will admit that it wasn’t a cake walk, but we still managed it. And this lack of support and sense of direction to tell you if you are doing what’s supposed to be done or are unintentionally preparing for CAT is what we thought we should attempt to fix. Attempt, we did. How well did it work? Well, at the risk of sounding exactly like those very coaching centres do, take a glance here, here and here. Yes, we’re done gloating for the day. Not yet? In that case, you should read up on all the ‘yay-we-made-it!’ stories that are published on this website. But now, we’ll tell you what we have on our mind.

We are looking to start a tiny intensive training programme. Why tiny? Because we are not looking to enroll more than 20 students. And intensive? Yes, very. Imagine a 12 year samurai-training program squeezed into a month, multiply that by 10 and leave only 60 hours in it. We will leave you so absolutely exhausted that solving the CLAT paper will look like cakewalk. We will not allow you to leave the class pretending that you’ve understood. We will attempt each and every strategy in the history of teaching strategies till you are through understanding a concept, however small it might be. We’ll repeat it all like those Telebrands ads until you (not we) are convinced that you have understood. There will be 60 hours of classes that will cover everything that CLAT could possibly ask and what the question paper setters think is important. How do we know what’s important and what’s not? Didn’t we tell you that many of us have been involved in the CLAT affair since 2009? We’ve seen enough of CLAT trends to second-guess what the question framers have in mind, which we honestly believe to be quite erratic. Why? That’s a story for another time. So, this programme will start in the second week of March and will go on until a day before the CLAT. Due to logistical considerations, we are doing this in Hyderabad alone. Why cannot we do this elsewhere? Because everyone who’s going to teach in that programme will be a NALSARite, who also has his/her own hectic life down here. So, if you are from Hyderabad or if you could come and stay somewhere here, it’ll be convenient for you as well. All good? So, what all does this course involve? Everything! From basic theoretical material on each of the topics that CLAT has ever asked to hundreds of practice questions and more than ten practice tests. How are we going to go about that? That’s our headache and shouldn’t bother you, really. You could trust us with our pedagogy and methodology. Well, we would trust us if we were you!

How big a hole will this make in your pocket? Not big, if the market prices are anything to go by. So, what now? You need to mail us at and we will send you the payment details. What! This early, you say? Yes. We’re taking only twenty souls, remember? Also, we’ll embrace you under our personal guidance right away so that you aren’t caught off guard with tons of information being thrown at you during the classes. If there’s something you want to know, you could shoot your queries/questions at the same email address.

All the very best!


  1. Hello,
    CLAT 2014 is coming.oh no.!!
    I need to prepare alot for preparation.but it is only in hyderabaad…:( now? Can you suggest me CLAT 2014 sample papers for CLAT preparation. and ya also give me complete details about your course.

  2. There has been no reply to the mails to “” regarding the CLAT 2014 Intensive Training Program.Please consider.

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