General Knowledge Section – CLAT 2015


We’re still updating the questions, so please do let us know of any questions you remember and the right answer option in the comments section below, and we’ll update them accordingly.

1. What was the ‘Give it Up’ campaign for?

Launched by Prime Minister Modi, asking people who are well off to give up their LPG subsidies.

2. Rupay was adopted by which bank in collaboration with IRCTC?


3. Garuda Shakti III was a military exercise between which two countries?

India and Indonesia

4. Which state is slated to host the 36th National Games?


5. Where is the naval base for Project Varsha?


6. What is the expected capital of separated Andhra Pradesh?


7. Attukal Pongal has made its way into Guinness book of world records. Which state does this festival belong to?

Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala

8. Who won the Malaysian Grand Prix?

Sebastian Vettel

9. Who prepares the Global Business Index?

World Bank

10. Which country has recently banned commercial surrogacy?


11. Which Indian cricketer has been inducted in the ICC Hall of Fame?

Anil Kumble

12. Who won the Men’s Singles Title at the Swiss Open?

Tennis – Pablo Andujar

Badminton – Kidambi Srikant

13. What is a Snickometer used for?

Used in televising cricket to graphically analyse sound and video

14. Who did ISRO give the ‘Space Pioneer’ to?

Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), Mangalyaan Programme team

15. Tyler Prize?

Jane Lubchenco and Madhav Gadgil

16. Chronological order of Quit India, Civil Disobedience, Khilafat and Home Rule?

Home Rule, Khilafat, Civil Disobedience, Quit India

17. Where are Lysosomes found?

Golgi bodies

18. Jnanpith award, language?


19. First Indian city to be Wifi enabled?


20. Largest e-commerce company?

Amazon (?)

21. The protein ca-125 is used as biomaker for detection of which type of cancer?

Ovarian Cancer

22. Prime Minister Modi released stamps to commemorate the 175th birth anniversary of ?

JRD Tata

23. Turkey and Greece are trying to resolve their dispute on?

Aegean sea

24. Winner of the Indian Open Golf Title?

Anirban Lahiri

25. Prime Minister Modi recently inaugurated the first of the eight Coastal Surveillance Radar Systems on his tour of three Indian Ocean countries. Where was this inaugurated?


26. ‘Circle of Friends’ is a collaboration between WWF and?


27. A television channel for agriculture was announced in the budget. What is this channel called?

DD Kisan

28. Question on the Astra Missile (?)

It is an Air to Air missile

29. Percentage of FDI in the defence sector?


30. Headquarters of the National Corridor Planning and Development Program?


31. The city of Ufa is in which country?


32. What is the name of dance form which was originally performed solo but now in groups?

33.  Among excise duty, sales tax and income tax, which one of these is a form of direct tax?

Income Tax

34. Recently,  which country became the first member country to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) to submit its action plan on Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC)?


35.  Question Series on Finance Commission (?)

36. The ISRO has developed a “Flood Hazard Atlas” by mapping flood prone and vulnerable areas in which state?


37. Reservation for women in the police forces?


38. Chief of cyber security?

Gulshan Rai

39.  Recent case regarding maintenance to the woman during iddat period?

40. Online grievances reporting portal for NRIs?


41.  Who was called the Plato of his tribe in Indian history?

42. Question on Sachin and Binny Bansal?

They founded Flipkart.

43. NJAC is the __ Constitutional Amendment, headed by?


44. Match the following – naval bases.




  1. Q18 Bhalchandra nemade who recently won the jnanpith award is a famous author in which language? Marathi
    Q9 who releases the Ease Of Doing business report? World bank 

  2. The question was sonething like which bank has partnered with IRCTC for RuPay card transactions. The answer is Union Bank of India.

    The question on Astra missile was basically which air – to – air missile had been launched. 

    And the Andhra Pradesh capital is Amravati. 

  3. the finance commission question: which statements are true-
    1. the 14th finance commission is headed by YV Reddy
    2. its period is 2015-2020
    3. the first and 13th finance commissions were headed by KC neogry and V Kelkar respectively
    Answer: all of the above.

  4. Hi,
    Questions 37 and 39 were definitely in the legal aptitude section. Q 37 is wrong, the real question asked to select the correct option which was : Reservation for women in direct recruitment in Non-Gazetted posts in police forces of all Union Territories including Delhi Police. 
    The options varied by including gazetted posts and excluding Delhi.

    I’m not sure about Q. 35 being in GK. It mentioned :
    1. Finance Commission is formed under Article 280
    2. YV Reddy heads the 14th Finance Commission
    3. The operation is from 2015-2020.
    4. I don’t remember…
    The answer was all are correct. 

    I should be getting 30-35. Were these questions really simple?

  5. I believe two of the questions were –
    A). Who heads the National Legal Services Authority (nalsa) – a). CJI b).H.L. Dattu c). Oldest member of SC other than CJI d).  T.S.Thakur
    B). Which one of the following is the oldest stock exchange in India? a). Delhi b). Calcutta c). Bombay d). Madras 

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