That is one announcement you wouldn’t want to see on this website, no? Well, let us calm you down, we are not shutting down. But we might. Do you know why? Because our pockets have too many burnt holes.

No, this doesn’t mean that we are going commercial. We are not going to be examples of “good things gone bad”. You’ll have your free articles, your Compendiums, your doubt clearing and everything else that makes CLATGyan better than the rest.

No, it also doesn’t mean that we’ll have Asad’s photograph popping up all over the website asking you for donations.

So what is this all about?


Yes! We’re starting our own Test series! 12 of them. Of these one each on the patterns of NLUO, Symbi and NLUD. Sounds good so far? It gets better. Apart from the 12 you already pay for, CG doesn’t forget that it is, well, CG. So, like old (funny, we just started two months back) CG isshtyle – we give everyone 3 free Mocks.

What’s the catch, here? For the twelve, you pay. Not so nice, how un-CGish of us. No, we aren’t making profits out of this, the price is just Rs. 1,000/-. Its too low compared to other mock tests series out there whose main aim is to earn money. And yeah… one more thing… All the mocks shall be prepared by NALSARites only! . The mock test series will start from the first week of February and you’ll be sent one mock a week. All the mocks shall be online ones.

So, here’s the question: Are you interested? Pleej let us know at or 0-9440138873 (dont add that 0 as prefix if you’re from Andhra Pradesh) or by any other conventional mode of communication.

The CLATGyan Team.


  1. Apoorva, I’ve taken your name and mail address. I’ll mail you the payment details in the last week of December. The first mock would be somewhere in mid-jan.

  2. Someone recently told me that people visiting the website regularly are called “ClatGyaners” and what you do here is called “ClatGyaning”.

    Please let other CLATGyaners know, and also let non-CLATGyaners know about CLATGyaning.

    Take the CG SUB-Tests today.

    SUB – Save us from Bankruptcy 😛

  3. sir,i m very much intrested in this mock series and have full faith in clat gyan even i m preparing for clat according to it only ,,plzz tel me how mock tests wil be available and how we have to make payment for it ???

  4. i m interested in ur mock test…….please start it as early as possible…
    n ya please dont ever think of stutting CG……..if u all are facing financial dificulties….then please let us know……i am truely devoted to this website n ready to do anything to help this website……..:)

  5. thanks a lot CG team………… for students lyk me, u ppl are godfathers!!!!!!!!!!!!!……… i was desparately looking for a reliable source of test series( with OBVIOUSLY affordable fee)……… and BINGO!!!!!……. i found it here………. i’ve sent d draft……… plz let me kno if u get it……….. A BIG THANK YOU once again………….

  6. Sooo, will you have the Test Series for the current aspirants who will be appearing for CLAT in 2012? Because that would be great!
    Let me know. Thank you!

  7. hey i want to sign up for the mocks and i already sent an e-mail but i still didn’t get a reply! could you tell me how to do it asap? please?

  8. hey i want to sign up for the mocks and i already sent an e-mail 3 days ago. could you please tell me how to do it asap? please?

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