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[Written by Akash Joshi (Class of 2015 – NALSAR) circa November, 2011.]

We are a bunch of first year freaks who’d like to help all the people upto the age of 20 qualify the CLAT and fill the corridors of the NLUs with people across the territory of India. Now, that’s precisely what we aren’t. Neither can we CLAIM to make you qualify the CLAT nor can we boast of 10/10 or 20/20 results in top national law schools. What we CAN possibly assure you of is a sincere and dedicated BAND (is that what you’d like to call it? Or leave it, call the group whatever you want) who have had a firsthand experience at the exam you’re about to take. We can arm you with the resources and facts (loads of it) and it is upto you how to utilize it because we are not going to stand on your heads and coerce you to take examinations and quizzes and tests. And mind you, when we aren’t doing all these things, the pressure to perform well is all the more!

As to the origins of this effort, let it be described in the most romantic manner. It was a day of heavy rains and shiny green leaves. The road was strewn with orangish-red maple leaves (the ‘Mohabbatein’ ones). Okay, it wasn’t. Just rain and leaves it was. But it was a pleasant day to go out and do things. But amidst all this, there was a man (and a board of directors) who cared not of the rains or the leaves but in elucidating his idea of what exists in front of you as What followed post his putting forth the idea was discussion and objections, but in the end what mattered was that someone actually had that zeal and enthusiasm and the idea of such an enormous enterprise and what poured in was encouragement and support from the audience. The man (who turned 17 this year) is a first year student (Roll no. 42) of NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad – Mohammad Asadulla Shareef. (Asad)

The story of CLATGyan from an idea to a complete working website with such a large following is a long one. The working of a growing enterprise like CG itself requires a lot of people’s commitment and encouragement. CG got neither of it in the beginning. However, thankfully Asad’s batch mate friends (and also, now, colleagues) didn’t ignore the oft-ignored eccentric optimism inside each one of us. And it was this commitment alone that led to the designing, coding and pre-launch material. Considering it was the first semester for everyone, the pressure to waste time and be aimless was enormous. As in enormous in caps lock – ENORMOUS. But NALSAR has enough sign-boards and direction indicators, not necessarily on the roadside.

In the Ramadan of 2010 (significant for the reason the routine of Iftar-work-Saheri, [pre-dawn meal] routine non-stop), CG began taking shape. We’ve come a long way since then. From the time when there was a blog-like interface, from the time when each decision would be labelled “biased” and “prejudiced”, to now, when everything’s “all good”, we’ve indeed come a long way.

CG was launched amid unanimous support by the batch and active contributions by a dedicated set of contributors who’d take time out of their busy schedules (around the time when they had their project rough draft submissions going on, followed by Mid-Sems) to chip in something.

The idea behind CG was something of an enigma even to people working on it from the very beginning. But we guess, CG, as a concept wants to be that someone who we needed as Law School aspirants. Someone who would not care about the money in your pockets to be able to help you, someone who has no vested interests in your doing well, someone who’d be impartial, honest and encouraging – all at the same time. The idea was to give aspirants that “missing something” – constant guidance (both on the subjects and off it), extra information, that honest feedback that we missed on, and most importantly – that assurance of “having someone to talk to”. We wanted to give that sense of assurance that we didn’t have. That sense of belief.

Today, CG runs because there are committed individuals working behind it, constantly. Begging others to contribute, editing, researching, and reaching deadlines, even sacrificing weekends (and vacations). And it is because of them that CG today is CG. There are also people dealing purely with non-academic areas – design, counselling and news. Essentially, whatever CG today is, is because somewhere in the middle of nowhere (A.k.a Shamirpet, let your illusions be dispelled. That’s where NALSAR is, not Hyderabad city), a I semester student is working hard for that student somewhere in another part of the country who is confused, worried, or well, simply too hard working. Meet them:


Mohammad Asadulla Shareef (Founder and Chief Administrator)
Aymen Mohammed


Mohammad Asadulla Shareef (Asad) – (Managing Editor and Editor for Legal Reasoning Section)
Soumya Cheedi (Editor, General Knowledge)
Tanisha Pande (Editor, English)
Nishant Prasad, Yashashree Mahajan & Archit Bhatnagar (Editors, Logical Reasoning Section)
Pranav Agarwal (Editor for The Window Section)


  1. Clat gyan simply rocks !! it’s not jus me saying this but everyone who visits the site because you guys have made things soo very simple for all the aspirants of CLAT.
    thank you all once again !
    CHEERS to clatgyan ! 🙂

  2. Here is an important reminder to CLAT GYAN Team and other aspirants of CLAT 2011. You should try to reach all the aspirants of CLAT 2011 by prominently displaying on your website with regard to the provision of 20% reservation provided in the admission of this prestigious NALSAR University. the Goverment of AP was kind enough not to impose any other restrictions with regard to domicility in the state of AP. This 20% reservation is thrown open to aspirants/students allover India in view of its National Charecter. The Ap State Legislature Amended the Nalsar Act by making a special provision enabling all the students who appear for the qualifying examination i.e. 12th Standared Intermediate or any equivalent examination in the State of AP irrespective of the domicility or state without any restriction on staying or studying in State of Andhra Pradesh. so therefore all the aspirants should make a note of it without any confusion with regard to eligibility to qualify for 20% AP State Reservation. Kindly refer to the Nalsar Website for any further clarification and your CLAT GYAN Team may also confirm the same from the NALSAR authorities. I wanted to Address on this issue specifically so that the 20% State reservation should not be misconceived or misinterpreted. So therefore let all the aspirants ALLOVER INDIA be aware of such wonderful facility or opportunity. So make the best use of it by appearing for the qualifying examination in the state of AP if you can. I am sure many of the students may not be aware of such a provision if they are too keen to enter NALSAR university. Hope you would propagate and publicise this before embarking on other aspects of the CLAT EXAM. Allllllllllllllllllllllll the best ………………………………

    • Yes people, do your 11th from Raipur or wherever, come to Hyd, and do your 12th from here. State board is a cakewalk, btw.

  3. Yaa…I second Mohit on that..Clatgyan is really…very good and important as well..and If I get through..Il try and make a ‘significant’ it as well.. 😉

    And I loved that line below Asad’s name..!! 😀

  4. Kudos to Clatgyan!…You guys make us want to make it to NALSAR next year,so that we could contribute to clatgyan…Thank you so very much for being there for us =)

  5. what an absolutely brilliant way of talking about ourselves and fishing for compliments….

    seriously tough great work aymen and AJ….you made us sound like superheroes…

  6. Nice work people… keep it up!…. I wish this was there when I had written CLAT… i belive, the first yearites are the best people who can talk bout such competatie exams!!…. i had a similar wish if I had cleared CLAT!…. anyway, nice work Asad and guys!!… Asad, would love to help you guys, do tell me if you need any!… All the Best, Keep it up!..

  7. I wonder what LST and IMS guys are going to do. Would turn out to be quite a joke if they approach you for *Module Consultation*. Keep up the good work.
    And here is hoping that CG lives forever & God blesses CG family with ohsum future.

  8. Thank you for your good wishes. But, I don’t understand why everyone is comparing us to coaching classes. We are NOT competing with them, we are complimenting them. Use ClatGyan as a supplement to your classes material. If you don’t go to classes, use CG after you go through the various books like Universal etc. etc. etc.

    • @Karthik – I think we aren’t people complimenting a coaching centre that charges you 20, 000 bucks for pathetic classes. No. We play a complimentary role to a person’s prep for Law School – not the riff-raff of “first crack CLAT”. Coaching or not, we’ll always be there for them. CG plus a little self-effort should be enough for them to crack CLAT.

  9. I din really mean to compare you guys to coaching classes, what i meant was I hope coaching classes people dont approach you to HELP em. 😀 (Praise, actually) And, yes, I am aware of the fact that you wont give in to their demand, regardless of their offer. (praise again :D)
    Umm, I use CG’s GK Compendiums before going through PD & CSR. It aint wrong, is it? (Praise yet again, haha, cheers!)

    • Sidhant – We aren’t people of unimpeachable integrity. If money comes, we’ll go.
      But rest assured, CG will always be not-for-profit.

    • @Sidhant Chandali
      The great Sindhant Chandalia is on CG? We are honoured!!! You are inspiring me to write for CG even though i am neck deep in my internship work. Chandalia..Hope to see you in NALSAR

  10. @Aymen – I don’t think you read my comment carefully. I have only dug people who compare us to LST et cetera. Not saying that, ‘do coaching only then come to CG’

  11. I m in 11th class n m preparing for CLAT………i feel so relieved that i found your website……its really HELPFUL…………n MOTIVATING……gr8 work ……best wishes 2 all of u!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hey guys, Kudos, as so many others have echoed, to all of you for the wonderful efforts that you are making to bring some much needed respite to all of us who aspire to perform with flying colors in the CLAT. It is truly remarkable and heartening to know when I’m sitting at my desk here that there are some people who are there to help.

  13. i actually admire and respect the “not-for-profit” agenda 😀
    i would rather pay my LST fees to u guys coz u have helped CLAT aspirants like me more in 2 months than LST has in 2 WHOLE years!!

    And it IS much more reassuring and encouraging to interact with the CLATGyan team, u guys are the BOMB! (sorry, couldnt resist that :P)

    CHEERS!!!! 😀

  14. hey dats true u all have really made my preps easy n interesting……….
    u guys really rockssssss………
    n ya hopefully if I get through i’ll be happy if i cud be of ny help……. 🙂

  15. hey,thanx to a friend of mine who told me about this’s simply superb.but unfortunately….i got to know about clatGyan just 3 months before the exam(well…better late than never)

  16.     Awesome blog . luvd it   Well , i know i am too young to start , but i wanna do everything possible to crack CLAT , it is an obsession . i am a 2013 aspirant . i wish CLATGYAN cld help me out start the preprations 

  17. after reading some articles on this site ,i became a FANof this site. and the purpose is simply awesome helping someone in any part of india …after reading this i will surely visit read get help from this website on daily basis till i clear clat and get admission in NALSAR …… i am science student (biotechnology) ………..? one question from which Compendium i should start studying for clat 2012 also does event happeing just two day before days of exam also come in as question paper?..also i preparing for “cet “set “ailet “clat “lsat india (Upes)”

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