Cracking the GD & PI of Symbiosis Law School


CLAT, AILET, LSAT etc. You must have given all of these entrance exams. They’re all similar. They select the candidates on the basis of marks and marks alone. The more marks, the better. Anyone with a decent skill at memorizing and reading fast could make it through any of the law entrance exams but for one. Symbiosis Entrance Test (Called SET in a monosyllabic tone).

Symbiosis Law School, both at Pune and Noida, selects its students through two sequential stages. The first being the exam itself and the second being the Group Discussion and Personal Interview. The latter stage is when you’re supposed to ostentate the lawyer in you. This is when you get to imitate Bobby Donnell or Allen Shore. To keep it simple, all you do is SPEAK, in a polite, welcoming, kind and professional manner. And almost all of you must be knowing the basics of a Group Discussion or a Personal Interview. Being polite, letting others speak, positive attitude blah blah blah. (See here) These are there in every Group Discussion. But, what actually happens in Symbi is what I’m here to talk about.

Group Discussion

Around 8-10 students will be made a group and will be asked to sit around a table along with two co-ordinators. These co-ordinators will give you a topic and around 5 minutes for you to jot down whatever you can think of regarding the topic. The topics are mostly related to contemporary issues. The topic which was given to us during my group discussion was “You are what you wear”. Such abstract topics are rarely given, but when you get one, make sure you explore every nuance of it. Few of my friends got “Kasab – Should he be hanged?”, “Should capital punishment be banned?” and “Should right-wing politics be abolished?” etc.

Once this time gets over, you will be asked to start the discussion. It will make a good impression if you take the initiative to start. But before you do so, obtain permission from the co-ordinators. “If it may please, I’d like to start” would make a brilliant commencement. Try to frame the discussion and draw lines. Tell everyone what exactly you’re now going to discuss. But, in case someone else starts, worry not. Just listen to him/her. Also, while you’re talking, do not stare at the co-ordinators. Look at everyone like you do in the late night chin-wagging sessions. And most importantly, do not lose your temper. If someone’s not agreeing with you, let them do so. You need not bang your head and bleed for that. After all, what counts is your way of putting the arguments and the level of confidence you have.

The discussion will go on for 15-20 minutes. And at the end, each of you will be given 3-5 minutes to summarize the whole discussion. Here is when you should look forward to compensate the mistakes you might have committed earlier. Once you’re done with your turn, don’t slumber. Listen to others. At least feign to, until the whole discussion is over and you’re asked to leave.

Personal Interview

Generally, the Personal Interview takes place after the Group Discussion and by the time you start it, you’ll not go berserk with nervousness. You’ve spoken in front of 10 people and you’ll now do the same in front of 2. All you’re expected to do is answer all their questions in a precise manner.

Once you’re called, enter the room, wish the interviewers, give your file to them and introduce yourself. Your name and the place you’re from should be enough for the intro. Sit in the chair only when you’re asked to and for every sweet thing they tell you, say “Very much obliged” or at least “Thank you”.

You will be then asked a few questions. It’ll seem like a friendly interaction rather than an interview. Be ready with the answers for the basic questions such as “What made you choose to study Law?”, “You want to build your career in?” etc. Answer each and every question with a smile on your face. Don’t speak unnecessarily. Short and simple replies will get you through. Once you’re finished with the interview, wish and thank them. This marks the end of the second and last stage for the admission into Symbiosis Law School, arguably the number one private law school of India.

The first merit list will be released on 11th of June at 5 PM. Till then, just hope and pray.

“Hope is the only universal liar who never loses his reputation for veracity” – Robert G. Ingersoll


  1. A day before my Birthday? Damn. That’ll earn me either an iPad-2 or get me kicked from the house.

    I am not nervous.. But I’ve got to prepare a lot.

    Can you give us some relevant topics, Asad?

    Like Pleaaaaaaaassssseeeeeeeee!! Preeeeettyyyyy Plllleeeeaaassseee!!!

    This too, shall pass.


  2. last year my gdpi topic was-Important of tradition in real world, fuck I could not speak anything on that topic, still they chose me..

      • that would be very rare case. after 10-15 minutes of discussion, they do ask the person who hasnt spoken once to speak up. Or probably they’ll ask you to summarise first. In any way, you have to listen attentively.

    • Symbiosis guys don’t know the concept of merit list or selected candidate list or anything….. All u gotta do is login, if u are selected or in waiting list they will send u a letter on the email address….

  3. well, what they asked us in the gd was whether a caste based census is constitutionally valid.
    and its better if you take the minority opinion..
    all people in my group went berserk against caste- based reservation, and all i had to do was explain how much of a blessing it was..( even though i dont like it 😉 )
    and i did great..
    so remember to side with the minority.
    pi is just too easy..they’ll ask a couple of personal questions and let you go..
    best of luck to all..

            • i heard that last year they choose upto 800th rank and the person with 800th rank had a score of 92.      people who appeared for symbiosis last year also they say that this year’s paper was a li’ll high compared to last year’s… so, if they reduce the cut off n follow the selection in the same pattern by selecting 800 students, then what should be the minimum score if last year it was 92.

              • Last year, they had called more than 800 people. Both Pune and Noida kids were listed in one list. Now, there are different lists coming up. Also, the competition and standard of the paper this year is different than last year. Never compare these two!

                • o.k… but tell  me one thing!! the list that noida will be showing (as per u say that they’ll show separate lists) would consist only those applicants who have crossed their (noida’s) cut off or only those who’ve applied for noida???

                  • n asad sir, i heard people saying in delhi that those who’ve scored 80 or 85+ would get a call. is this correct??

                    • Honestly speaking, people with 85 stand no chance in Pune.
                      and You haven’t applied for Noida, so you won’t be called.

  4. hey clatgyan…really needed yr help..
    is symbi pune better or noida…I know pune iz better…but my ‘special’ friend got thru noida, not pune…..and i got thru both..

    so is it okay…to go to noida rather than Pune.
    eagerly awaiting ur answer

  5. hiii,,,asad can u plzz..tell whether SLS Pune is AICTE accrediated or not….n if not than wud be eligible for IAS n other gov. services after passing oout from there..(plzzz…do reply coz my uncle told me dat all they provide u is a diploma n then u cant go for IAS n all….)

    • Sorry, I know you’d asked Asad but that’d taken another 4 hours.

      SLS Pune is not AICTE accredited, the reason is SLS Pune is a LAW SCHOOL. AICTE deals with Technical institutions. However, SLS Pune, as far as I know, is recognized by BCI and that is that we need. Your uncle’s mistaken, the degree you get is BA/BBA LLB, which IS NOT a diploma. You will be eligible for all UPSC exams. 🙂

      • Also, Symbiosis International University is a deemed university… of course recognized by the UGC. You’ll not have any problems with its degree for UPSC exams.

        Maybe your uncle is talking about the various diplomas Symbiosis Law School has. But, the entrance exam you wrote was for BALLB or BBALLB, which are valid graduation degrees.

        • Thank u Asad & Aymen for d vital info…Though I’m quite sure to get thru SLS Pune with a score of 105 anf defence quota I’m still awaiting d Clat result…… thanks once again 🙂

  6. I got 98 in SET, so I am qualified for the GE/PI round (#747)
    but at the same I am worried about the selection (the topper got 128)
    are there any chances of me being selected at SLS-Pune?
    plus, do tell me when will the GE/PI schedule be out?
    I am trying since 2 pm
    Thank you!

      • My daughter got 101 marks in SET but applied only for Symbi Pune and not for Noida. She was not called for GD/PI. Therefore, your GD/PI was for Noida only and not for Symbi Pune

    • You will wait for the results of your remaining examinations. I’m assuming you gave more.

      And if you don’t get any of them then you will apply for a DU college if you have a good enough percentage in your Boards.

      And if you don’t want a DU college you will join a Tier 4 law college that accepts CLAT ranks. I’m assuming you will get at least a rank below 5000. 

      If none of these work out you will sit back at home for the year and prepare for law again. 

      I hope I was helpful. 

      • Well , I got 85% acc. 2 de best 4 subjects as per the criteria 4 DU..! ..I want a good DU college , but i dont think mere 85% wud serve my purpose..The best 1’s even the gud 1’s like MIRANDA HOUSE goes with atleast 92% as the cut – off. , although the list would be out by 16th of June..
        hoping 4 de best , with my fingers crossed..!!

        • See 85% is actually good enough for some of the South Campus colleges at least. But it all depends on what course you want.

          I have a friend who’s doing Psychology Hons. from Kamla Nehru which is pretty good. I have a few other friends too who are 80%-ees and with a good DU college.

          Let me know if you want to get in touch with them.

          Anyways best of luck for your law aspirations.

          Happy to help, like our friends at Vodafone. 

  7. Listen, you Peeved Pee kid.
    He asked Asad, and not you, for help. Who are you anyways, eh? Some random kid like him only, right?
    Do you know how cocky you are? And how badly you’ll be ragged the moment you enter any law school? Assuming, by the slightest of chances, that you do.

    You would be more helpful if you’d sit quiet in a corner with your finger on your lips.

    • Kanak ,it was my mistake I just took Asad’s name 2 answer my query , but ii doesn’t mean tat no 1 else cud answer it, I m thankful 2 PEEVIE tat he stood 4 de help..!!!..
      Thanks Peevie.., and you need not criticise him buddy..!!:)

    • Listen Kakan Kumar. Or Ekta Kapoor’s illegitimate kid. Or whoever you are,

      I gave an apt reply. It is for the person who I replied to judge if what I said proved helpful or not. 
      Random, yeah right. Random might be a work you associate with yourself. 

      Yes, I am cocky. I don;t mind getting ragged. Slightest of chances? Seeing I already have 3 respectable law schools already in the bag and the jewel coming in tomorrow most probably… no play of chance. 

      Sit in a corner and slightly? In an alternate reality. 

      It’s okay. I understand your issues. 

  8. Alright. Mr. Akshay Ralhi (nice name… I’d rather call you this instead of Peevie Juice)

    Please name the three respectable law schools which are already in your bag, Monsieur. 🙂

    • Aah Asad. The Dark Passenger. 

      A little secrecy. Let’s wait for that till CLAT is out. I don’t want to jinx it. Call me superstitious but at this point of time I don’t really care.

      And please if you can, stick to Peevie Juice.

      • Hmmm… I’m not that eager to know what you have in your bags. What is making me so anxious is the eagerness to know the names of the three ‘respectable’ law schools apart from the ones which are in CLAT.

        NLU Delhi must be the one, but… you, unfortunately, didn’t get in (Scored 74)
        Symbiosis or ILS must be the others, but none of them are out with their final lists.

        What are the three respectable colleges you are talking about? Also, I hope they’re Indian!… Don’t tell me Oxford, Harvard and Yale!

  9. Yes. Jobless indeed. I don’t mind taking time out of my hectic schedule to find the three respectable law schools. Also, do get back… I’ll wait. Good Luck for CLAT Results! 🙂

    • I can’t believe myself. CLAT is screwing with my head. I meant *if wishes were horses…

      Blonde moment. 

      I’ll get back man. For sure. 
      Thanks for the wishes. Much obliged. 

  10. And yeah. Correction – 79 in NLU D. Not much of a difference, but still.

    Bleeding with the loss that NLU D was in spite of the expected results… it’s just like pouring salt on my wounds. 

  11. You know there’s this brilliant song I listened, 
    It is in the Dari language (the national language of Afghanistan).

    It goes like this; ‘Peevie sanam jaanem, anaar-i-sistanem.” I look for Peevie, his cheeks which look like pomegranates”. Aa ja, tu.

  12. could you please tell the probable topics for the GEPI i am too scared for the same and what are the questions asked in the interview of symbiosis i am appearing for GEPI in both bba and law but i am nervous for both please help me out with suggestions or comments people
    i ll be highly obliged to everyone who comments…………………………..

  13. sls pune has asked the candidates selected for the gdpi to wear formal clothes.what exactly should one wear?is it necessary to wear the western formal attire that is trousers and jacket and blouse?

  14. SLS Noida hasnt specified anything!! Wat documents do we have to take…formals or semi formals to wear??? Asad pls do tell !!

    • SLS Noida has asked students to wear strictly formals … u can check it out on the page where you got your selection for GDPI…below your reult there are certain instructions about wat to wear wat documents to bring and also there is a form which u hav to fill before u go there read them carefully….if u dnt get it then reply back…

  15. hii clat gyanners
    those who hv given their symbi gdpi. plz post the gd topics and interview questions which were asked/given to you in the symbi gd and pi.

  16. Lol…i have gone through GD and PI and some other tasks during my NDA SSB . Its really fun…glad i cleared it…

  17. hello every1..can any temme me about last years topic for GDPI…. i have scored 105 and d results for GEPI are not out yet..guyz plz do d needful..

  18. i didnt receive any call letter yet ..i scored 
    Logical Reasoning   25.00  
     Legal Reasoning   17.00
     Analytical Reasoning   23.00
     Reading Comprehension   23.00  
     General Knowledge  17.00  
     Total   105.00

    how much did u guys score

  19. even i didnt receive ny call letter yet…my scores are
    Logical Reasoning   21.00  
     Legal Reasoning   16.00
     Analytical Reasoning   25.00
     Reading Comprehension   26.00  
     General Knowledge  13.00  
     Total   101.00

    • i think they are not givin call letter u have to check it for urself at their websites… if u have applied for sls noida also then check-
      pune aint out yet

    • Short listed candidates for GD/PI will be published at 5.00 pm.Please check after 5.00 pm

  20. is there any1 who is in group -N1YE3 for pune selection ??
    venue-Symbiosis Law School, Noida,
                  Block A 47/48, Sector -62

  21. and is there any1 for noida with same group nd all –

    GD/PI Venue Noida
    Batch ID C 31 N
    Group ID C31cN
    GD/PI Date & Time Wednesday May 30, 2012 from 02:15 pm to 03:45 pm

  22. Do they ask about cases in the GD/PI? I read on a blog that they were asked about some cases and people were stumped.

  23. GD/PI Venue Noida
    Batch ID A 39 N
    Panel ID P1
    Group ID A39cN
    GD/PI Date & Time Monday May 28, 2012 from 03:55 pm to 05:30 pm
    has anyone else got the same timings and batch?

  24. Hey Asad, what kind of topics are they going to ask this year… Well I hope they ask for something that I can speak in. Jeez… This page is kinda intimidating. All students out here got better scores than me… Please guys take mercy on me… And Best of Luck to you all. If I don’t get through I hope you do…

  25. hiiii… need some urgent help!!!i gt 113 im symbi n107 in clat.r dr any chances of me getting into clat(rmlnlu is third on my pref. list)?????? also m a bit dubious abt sls pune(the fee!!) n iv gt 86% in brds …commerce u i stand a chance for du??? plz advice me on any odr crs in du (except bcom) ,if i can get one?????URGENT!!!!!

  26. is sls noida better for taking admission .i am bit confused.about its  future and placement…plzzzzzzzz tell.. i vl be thankful to u….

  27. hey.. i scored 90 in set nd i have an SC quota too….i’ve been called for the GD/PI
    r there any chances of my selection….????
    plz help m in deep stress….!!

  28. I have been ranked as 39th in the waiting list (general) category for SLS Noida, is there any possibility of me getting into the college ???

  29. ASAD sir ,can you  plz tell me how much sc candidates leave sls noida last year .and what last rank that have been selected for admission in sls noida. I am sc candidates i got 42 rank in sc category in sls noida should my chance for selection in waiting list.plz tell me.

  30. LOL i got  admission today. my rank was 118 in the first merit list. 😀
    Although i’ll probably refund coz i am already through amity ip.

    • how did u get admission in amity ip.. what is d procedure…even i had given ip law entrance..pls temme ..i thought it was based on counselling!!..

  31. Sire/Madame :p
    can anyone please suggest some expected topics to be read before GD/PI….
    Very much confused for the preparation…
    please help…

  32. hello, plz can anyone tell me about how many students weree selected last year for gepi of symbiosis {bba under graduation}and also questions asked

  33. What are the girls supposed to wear in the ge/pi of sls,pune? I mean to say what do they exactly mean by a ‘strictly formal’ dress code?

  34. Hey.. I scored 99 and have been selected for GD?PI.
    I don’t know how to find out my rank though. Can someone please tell how do I find out?

  35. I got 96 marks in SET – 2013 law. I was selected for GD/PI in SLS Noida.
    My rank in GD/PI in general catogary was declared 678.
    Do I have a chance of admission in SLS Noida now ?
    Please Reply Fast!

  36. Should i go for GDPI in formals ?
    Or a pair of jeans and a shirt will do ?
    I went for christ GDPI in a Tshirt and it was terrible.

  37. hie the cutoff depends upon the college!! the children who score more than 70 are considered for the interviews

  38. , even today should i check  this link ??? please somebody reply !!! and it is at 5 00 pm today if i am not mistaken right guys ? well all the very best for all of you all for the PI-WAT short listed candidates !!!!!!

  39. Does anyone know what the PI-WAT section of the Symbiosis admission process entails? Not really worried about it but I’d like to have an idea beforehand. What is the Writing Ability Test generally about? 

  40. My waitlist no. is 11. Iam in the SC category and I applied for symbiosis pune! Do I have a chance in  the second merit list? 

  41. I have 177 waiting in symbiosis pune’s second list and 122 waiting in symbiosis noida… Do I have any chance to get through it…I am really worried please help me out!!!!!!

  42. Just wanna know if I require to take original  documents for PI WAT.Cos they need to be submitted at Christ lwa coll.Pl let me know.

  43. I just gave the SET and hopefully I`ll get thrugh…cn i get some ideas bout d topics dat cud be given dis time ?? anyone ?! 

  44. Received a score of 103 in SET.Got interview from Pune and did good in Interview and written ability.But i am worried about chances of making to Pune because of my low score in SET.I have not applied to Noida or Hyderabad

    • You will get into sls hyd for sure. 100%. That to in scnd list itself you wont have to wait for long. Don’t worry buddy start with your college shopping. 😀

  45. I got 133 rank in first waiting list for symbiosis noida. Total seats 60. Do i stand any chance to get into sls noida? Please tell.

  46. Amity ipu or symbiosis Pune , which is better? My IPU rank is 1386 and in symbiosis Pune my waiting list no is 170. 

  47. Hi I have been wait-listed for sls pune rank 8 (defence category) in second list for bba llb 2016 what are my chances to get select? 

  48. I really need help in preparing for PI and WAT kindly help and also tell me how hard is to get through SLS Pune? I really am looking up to join this college.

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