The Customary ‘Thank You’ Note


It’s been five years since CG began. For us, this time was marked by highs – lots of them – Mock Tests, amazing CG results, knowing that you are contributing something, something, at least. In spite of the hectic schedule that NALSAR graced us with, we managed to put up the current affairs compendiums and the monthly GK mock sets. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without those kind souls who sacrificed their free time – the tiny breaks that NALSAR gives intermittently. They, quite possibly, skipped that Dhaba trip they earned after slogging for exams/projects/moots, only because they wanted to contribute to the CG oeuvre. Some of them have also mentored CLAT aspirants and we acknowledge that their much-needed advice helped you sail through the preparation period. We are also grateful for those ones who didn’t hesitate to help us, even on a short notice.  The following first years, in particular, need a special mention along with a lot of thanks.

Aakash Puttige
Apoorv Singh Chauhan
Chandini Raj
Jayavardhan Joysula
Jyothsna Gurumurthy
Komal Khare
Lovish Garg
Manjushree RM
Matthew Kurian
Medha Damojipurapu
Parika Kamra
Pranshul Joshi
Prateek Surisetti
Rahul Joshi
Shashank Tripathi
Shubham Patsariya
Shubham Sancheti
Sunishth Goyal
Surya Meena
Vidushi Sanghadia
Vishal Vishwas

You guys make an awesome team. We hope you stay associated with CG for the next season as well. (:

Balaji, Harsha, Lokesh, Raji and Zainab.


  1. There’s a chance of my making into NALSAR( that’s a dream come true!! Literally. )
    But I’m definitely in for nujs 🙂 you people are heroes to many out there, I’m one of them. Love ya. 😀

  2. Thanks a ton to you guys!! Persevering for five years with the noble motive of helping your juniors crack CLAT is indeed a feat. It is all thanks to clatgyan that i got an all india rank of 120, hopefully getting into NALSAR this year in my first attempt. MAJOR RESPECT BOSS!!

  3. Hi, I secured AIR 2 in CLAT this year and I would like to thank this website. Your current affairs modules were a great help!
    Respect for this initiative.

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