Entries for the CLATGyan Blog Post Writing Competition – 2016 | Results on 30th June, 2016


The results of the CLATGyan Blog Post Writing Competition 2016 will be based on the most number of likes on the post on our website. The ‘like’ button that is linked to one’s Facebook account will be visible at the bottom of the page on which a participant’s post is on.

There is the Most Popular Post (post with the highest number of likes) and the cash prize is ₹3000. The post with the second highest number of likes wins a cash prize of ₹2000.

The likes on each entry will be counted till 7 pm on 30th June, 2016. The participants are allowed to share their entries on Facebook but only once on the CLATGyan Facebook Group.

We received an overwhelming number of entries and the following is the list of all the entries that were published, in the order of publication.

  1. Empty – Akash Narayan
  2. The Now – Ankita Varma
  3. I’m (NOT) a Mediocre – Nishtha Tripathi
  4. The Weight of the Wait – Anupriya Dhonchak
  5. Peace – Aditya Sheode
  6. Chasing – Ritika Matta
  7. The Immature Government – Jay Trivedi
  8. Father – Janvi Gupta
  9. 8 Things to do After CLAT – Varshini Sunder
  10. It’s The Other Way Round – Pranjal Jain
  11. My Two Cents on Quizzing – Bimit Agrawal
  12. An Unsuccessful Attempt – Aadya Singh
  13. The Pursuit of Happiness – Wilfred Anthony Synrem
  14. Education in India – A Farce! – Akshita Das
  15. Why is an Indian Parent lied to? – Mrinaal Datt
  16. We’re SO Weird – Priyamvada Singh
  17. The Sky is the Limit – Sruthi Jaganathan
  18. A Patriarchal Indian Society – Prithvi Joshi
  19. And again, the Kumbhakarna died… – Anmol Kanodia
  20. What Matters – Tamanna Gupta
  21. A Year of Lessons – Aparajita Kaul
  22. When in Grey, There’s No Applause – Sneha Sanyal
  23. Matters of the Soul – Parnika Thummala
  24. Ambassadors of God – Shubham Singh
  25. Walking the ‘Holy Path’ – Arbina Dey
  26. Page 363 – Karan Vijay
  27. Sunrise at Midnight – Anonymous
  28. Why Law? – Mohammed Imran Khan
  29. An Unusual Calling  – Swastik Sanyal
  30. Life After Not Making it to Your Dream College – Rohit Sharma
  31. A Dropper’s Diary – Prerna Seerwani
  32. Why GLC? – Shivam Jain Kakadia
  33. Be Careful What You Wish For – Soumya B.
  34. Vagabond Lover – Isha Sheroff
  35. Ambedkar Bhavan – Rongeet Poddar
  36. Finding Myself – Smriti Das
  37. Expectation v/s Reality – Nikhil Bhatt
  38. The Twinkle in Her Eyes – Snigdha Singh
  39. Never Back Down – Samarath Singh Rajawat
  40. An Attempt at Cultural Sensitization – Ayushi Goel

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