General Knowledge Section of AILET (NLU Delhi) – 2014


1. India entered into an Extradition treaty with which country recently? Bangladesh

2. Which of the following countries are not part of the United Nations (Taiwan, Greece, Australia, Portugal)? Taiwan

3. Which of the following is not true for NATO? US is the ex officio chairman of NATO

4. Who won the Malaysian Grand Prix 2013? P.V. Sindhu

5. Who won the Golden Shoe for the third time? Lionel Messi

6. The parliament voted to remove which judge recently? Soumitra Sen

7. Which country impeached its Chief Justice? Sri Lanka

8. Clove is which part of a tree? Flower bud

9. Which color signifies the highest temperature of an object? White

10. How many states form the European Union? 28

11. The airbag jacket of a car driver contains which compound? Sodium Azide

12. Indian Air craft carrier launched recently? INS Vikrant 

13. Jasmine Revolution is the revolution in? Tunisia

14. Which year was recognised as the “Water Co-operation year” by the UN? 2013

15. Who was the first Law Minister of India? Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

16. The longest of all the borders India shares with the countries is with which country? Bangladesh 

17. Name the founder of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg

18. Who is the present Chief Election Commissioner of India? V S Sampath

19. How many high courts does India have? 24

20. Who received the Indira Gandhi prize for peace, disarmament and development in 2013? Angela Merkel

21. Which is India’s second most populous city? Delhi

22. ‘Bitcoins’ are a Cryptocurrency issued by? None (It’s a virtual P2P currency and isn’t issued by anyone)

23. Shashi Kant Sharma has been recently appointed as? Comptroller and Auditor General of India

24. Who is the oldest woman to be Ranked One in Tennis? Serena Williams

25. Recently, the Supreme Court rejected a patent for a cancer treatment drug of which company? Novartis

26. What is the highest award given to sportsperson in India? Khel Ratna

27. Who was given C. K Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award in the year 2013? Kapil Dev

28. The Constitution of India lists down how many fundamental duties? Eleven

29. How many years has it been since the Internet came into being? Thirty

30. What is the maximum amount of fine that can be imposed under the Right to Information, Act? Rs. 25,000/-

31. Which country’s chief justice was impeached recently? Shirani Bandaranayake (Sri Lanka)

32. What separates India into two halves? Tropic of Cancer

33. What causes mist? Condensation

34. What did India import in maximum quantity, from China, in the year 2013?


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    • no it is INS Vikrant . Vikramaditya was an aircraft carrier but in 2013 it  entered into service with indian navy.

  1. How many high courts does India have? 24. 
    Who received the Indira Gandhi prize for peace, disarmament and development in 2013? Angela Merkel. 

  2. 11th one is wrong it was not in the options.It is most probably sodium azide, can someone please check and confirm.

  3. What has Shashi Kant Sharma been recently appointed as?
    The current chief election commissioner of the country?

  4. Shouldn’t no. 12 be INS Vikramaditya? Because as far as I can remember, the question was which air craft carrier was inducted recently.

    • Exactly, and the question did not contain the words indigenously built- however both Vikrant and Vikramaditya were inducten in 2013. :/ So which is the right option?

  5. oldest woman to attain grand slam title is Serena Williams

    what is the maximum limit of fine imposed under the right to information?
    answer- 25000/-

  6. Q. 6
    ans should be none of these because no judge has been removed, only proceding are initiated against jst. saumitra sen

  7. which country’s chief justice was impeached recently?
    answer- Shirani Bandarnayake from Srilanka. She served as the 43rd chief justice of Srilanka

  8. I think the question was not “what divides the Earth into 2 hemispheres” but “What divides India into North and South part” the answer to which should be Tropic of Cancer.

  9. It was what divides India into two halves not the world. The Sri Lanka question has been repeated.
    What is bitcoin?
    a cryptocurrency by japan
    b cryptocurrency by usa
    c cryptocurrency by some other country’
    d. none

    The answer is of course none because bitcoin isn’t issued by any country. It’s a P2P currency.

  10. Also, the question was for CK Nayudu Lifetime Achievement Award for 2013 not 2012. The answer then is Kapil Dev.

  11. The highest award given to a sportsperson should be bharat ratna i guess…i mean i can b given to sportsperson now :/

  12. Wait, the question was not “Which aircraft carrier has been launched recently” but “Which aircraft Carrier has been inducted into to the Indian Navy recently?” the answer to which should be INS Vikramaditya. 

  13. Dude they asked which is the most populous city in the world not india

    And the answer is vikramaditya

  14. no.6 when u say parliament- it means both the rajya sabha and the lok sabha right? as is that the constituents of the parliament- the lok sabha+ rajya sabha+ president. Hence, I thought that as Jus. Sen was voted to be impeache only by the Rajya Sabha and not by the Lok Sabha, afetr which he resigned, it wouldn’t be fair to say that the Parliament voted to impeach him. Please comment.

  15. Also, The question about NATO…See this link people-
    Turkey is a member, it has 28 members and US is indeed the Ex-officio member- however if u look carefully, it is not just a collective defence organization in Europe- Non Eurpoean nations like USA and Canada…so what do you guys think the final answer is?

  16. That no. of fundamental duties question was from legal knowledge ..1 question I could remember were..In which state is uniform civil code applied applied..And the answer was Goa

  17. And one was..which of the following is not a constitutional body..and the answer was Planning commission

  18. For me, it was CK Nayudu in 2012 and the oldest woman to have won a singles Grand Slam. I guess this time, there are few differences in each set/paper.

  19. In my question paper the question was which divides the world into northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere.

  20. can someone tell me whether its vikramaditya or vikrant?
    i marked vikrant as the question said nothing about the aircraft carrier being indigenous.

  21. There was a question about picking a UNESCO World Heritage Site out of the given options as well, the answer for which was the Sundarbans.

  22. The air carrier question, Im pretty positive about Vikramaditya, because they asked ‘WAS INDUCTED RECENTLY’. INS Vikrant is indigenous, sure, but its under construction which is due by end of 2016, so it’ll be inducted most probably by 2017 or later. But there definitely was ambiguity in the question, I guess they merged two different questions or something, there’s a possibility both are correct.

  23. Okay so according to this i’m getting 21 right… 🙁 The ones I guessed I don’t really remember…what according to you people should be the nominal score ?
    Thanks .. 🙂

  24. they asked about the world’s 2nd most populous city i.e. BEIJING and not india,s 2nd most populous city !!

  25. actually, the question was (which is the recently inducted aircraft carrier??)
    not the ingenious one… 

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