General Knowledge Section – CLAT 2014


1. Name the 23rd Governor of the Reserve Bank of India. Raghuram Rajan

2. Which edition of the Lok Sabha elections are underway? 16th 

3. Which of the following ancient scripts is written from right to left? Kharosthi 

4. When was the Reserve Bank of India established? 1st April 1935

5. When was DRDO established? 1958

6. Under which Mughal ruler did the East India Company establish its first factory? Jahangir (in 1615)

7. The United Nations celebrated which year as the International Women’s year? 1975

8. Malala Yousafzai is a national of which country? Pakistan

9. Who headed the 7th Pay Commission? Ashok Kumar Mathur 

10. Who was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature – 2013? Alice Munro

11. Who was the first Jnanpith awardee? G. Sankara Kurup

12. How many Bharat Ratnas have been awarded till date? 43

13. Who was awarded the Dadasaheb Phalke award this year? Gulzar

14. Arrange the names in the chronological order of their visits to India (Fa Hein, Huein Tsang, Megasthenes, and I-Tsing). Correct order: Magasthanese, Fa Hien, Huien Tsang, and I-Tsing.

15. Which planet has maximum number of natural satellites? Jupiter (67)

16. Who is the present Chief Justice of India? Justice R M Lodha

17. Which gas is lighter than air? Hydrogen

18. The WTO summit in the year 2013 was held at? Bali, Indonesia

19. Find the wrongly matched international organisations and their headquarters. United Nations Industrial Development Organization – Geneva

20. Name the first woman Chairman of the State Bank of India. Arundhati Bhattacharya

21. Who is the Prime Minister of Italy? Matteo Renzi

22. Which of the following was not a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Justice HR Khanna

23. Name the highest gallantry award in peacetime situation. Ashok Chakra

24. Who is known as the ‘green judge’? Justice Kuldeep Singh

25. Who has been awarded the Arjuna Award for Chess? Abhijeet Gupta

26. Match the following – The correct answer from the given options is: VS Sampath – Chief Election Commissioner; Madhava Menon – Founding Director of NLSIU; Justice RM Lodha – Chief Justice of India.

27. Viruses such as Parasites, and DNA are living or non-living? Both living and non-living

28. Who is the chairperson of 14th finance commission? Y.V Reddy

29. Who is the chairperson of 20th law commission? Justice Ajit Prakash Shah

30. Planet which no longer belongs to the solar system? Pluto

31. Which satellite was launched on the PSLV C24? IRNSS-1B

32. What is the IMF’s growth rate prediction for India? 5.4 %

33. Who was the first person to translate the Bhagwada Gita into English? Charles Wilkins

34. Who was the first attorney general of India? M C Setalvad

35. Who was appointed as the brand ambassador of CRPF? MC Mary Kom

36. When is the Law day celebrated? 26 November

37. What was the first major newspaper in India? Bengal Gazette (1780)

38. Which of the following are solubles? (Water, Chloroform, Ethanol, or All of the above).

39. What causes the change in colours of the stars? Surface temperature

40. The first five year plan was based on what model?  Harrod–Domar model

41. What does Buddha’s Bhumisparsa Mudra signify? Gesture of touching the Earth

42. Who is known as the father of modern genetics? Gregor Mendel

43. The Civil Disobedience Movement began from? Sabarmati Ashram

44. Which of the following does not favour Balance of Payments? Increasing export tarrif

45. Which holds office at the pleasure of the President? Governor

46. Who decides the interest rate for savings account in a bank? The banks themselves. (RBI did it until 2011)

47.Which of the following is not a Fundamental Duty? (1. to uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India; 2. to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform; 3. to provide opportunities for education by the parent the guardian, to his child, or a ward between the age of 6-14 years as the case may be; or 4. To vote in public elections). The fourth one.

48. What does ATM stand for? Automated Teller Machine

(If you know a question that isn’t mentioned above, use the comments section below and post it)


  1. Total number of winners of bharat ratna till date. . ? I guess its 43. And who won arjuna award for chess. I guess its abhijeet gupta

  2. Question was arrange in chronological order Huien Tsang, Magasthanese, I-Tsing, Fa hien?
    Ans ac to me Magasthanese, Fa Hien, Huien Tsang, I-Tsing

  3. Who is the chairperson of 14th finance commission?Y.V Reddy
    Who is the chairperson of 20th law commission?Justice Ajit Prakash Jain
    Planet which no longer belongs to the solar system?Pluto

  4. There was no question like in which city are UN headquarters located. It was a table with different organisations and their HQs jumbled.

  5. The wrong pair was  United Nations Industrial Development Organization
    Its headquarters were given as geneva but its in Vienna.

  6. Who among the following has been recently appointed as brand ambassador for Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)? i guess its mary kom.

  7. I dont know the exact words used …..but there was a question  about why the stars twinkle?ans… variations  in  intensity  of light absorbed /scattered by atmosphere ….something.

  8. The question was not “why do stars twinkle”. The question was “what causes change in the color of stars?”
    The answer was, change in chemical composition and size.

    Small stars are blue in color, medium-sized stars (like our sun) are yellowish and giants are red.

    • Its the change in their surface temperature I think,from this website
      The most important factor to a star’s color has to be its surface temperature. If you have ever seen an open flame you would understand why. A blue flame is flame burning at very high temperatures. A yellow flame has temperatures that are cooler than blue flames and red flames are the coolest of all. The same thing happens with stars. Very hot stars tend to be blue stars. Stars with an average surface temperature become yellow stars like our sun. The coolest stars are Red Dwarfs.

      Read more:

      • The composition of the star is what leads to change in its surface temperature. A star at its birth has hydrogen, helium, lithium, et al gases that get used up as fuel. First lithium gets used, then helium and so on (descending order of atomic number). Our sun currently uses helium and is thus yellowish in color. After helium will be used, hydrogen synthesis will start. This change in chemical composition will change the surface temperature in turn changing the color. After hydrogen is used, the stars size will increase enormously and will form a ‘red giant’. Soon after, it will implode for lack of energy and become a white dwarf. It will then become a black hole. 

        • First of all, stars use Hydrogen first, and that is the current stage of the sun, it will switch to helium after depleting hydrogen, and that is why it will expand, due to the increased force of expansion due to helium fusion overcoming the force of gravity.

          Also the question is about what gives the star its color, the most immediate cause is surface temperature. For example, look at white dwarfs, they are not giving off light because of their composition, but because of their stored thermal energy.

          Another example is the massive amount of light and radiation from quasars, also not related to their composition, but the massive output of thermal energy.

  9. What does buddha’s bhumiparsa mudra signify?ans…it meant something like this…Calling the Earth To Witness the Truth… was a pretty twisted one…

    • It’s actually the Harrod-Domar Model; the P. C. Mahalanobis model was for the second FYP.

      BTW, the question about the Balance of Payments, isn’t it Devaluation of Rupee?

  10. -There was a question on Buddha; the answer was option (b)
    -there was a ques on BOP unfavoring component; the answer was option (d) [increasing export tarriff]
    -Another ques was where did CDM start; Dandi
    -‘match’ the following ques on history 

  11. I think the answer given for the question no 40 above is incorrect.
    The first Five Year plan was based on Harrod Domar model (1951-56)
    In fact the second Five Year plan was based on Mahalanobis model (1956-61)

  12. The color of a star tells us about it’s age and surface temperature, the answer should be surface temperature.

    Composition of the star also helps in determining the age of the star (metal rich/ metal poor stars), but it does not determine the color.

    Even if the composition determines the core temperature (i.e element being fused) of the star, the color is still  determined by surface temperature.

  13. planet which has the most number of satellites – saturn
    chandrakanta and  2 other writer’s nam ewas given – chandrakanta is written by some khatri

  14. Question 41 was not about what its called but about its significance which is “calling the earth to witness his purity and chastity despite the temptations from Mara” 

  15. There was this question relating FD too. Which of these is NOT a fundamental duty. 
    I don’t remember the options :3

  16. there was a question like: match the following.
    The answer was, Premchand-Sewasadan
    Bankimchandra chatterjee- Durgeshnandini
    Devakinandan khatri- chandrakanta.

    also, in question number 46, was the answer given in the options. Probably it was not given, so None of the above should be right?

  17. There was a question on fundamental duties too:
    Which of these is not a fundamental duty:
    A)to uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India
    B) to strive towards excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement.
    C) some fundamental duty which i don’t remember
    D) Casting vote.

    I guess D is the right answer.

  18. Which of the following is not a Fundamental Duty?
    1. to uphold and protect the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India;
    2. to develop the scientific temper, humanism and the spirit of inquiry and reform;
    3. to provide opportunities for education by the parent the guardian, to his child, or a ward between the age of 6-14 years as the case may be.
    4. To vote in public elections

    Answer is: 4.

    • Question was which one is NOT fundamental duty, which is voting. Education is a fundamental right (Article 21-A of the Constitution) and also a fundamental duty (No. 11).

  19. Am I the only one wondering how the 20th law commissioner chief question didn’t catch my eye..I honestly don’t think that question was asked..

    • That is appearance of star from the earth, which was not asked. They only asked about the color of the star. Also, they did not ask about the change in the color of the star.

    • question was where was civil disobedience movemen started and not where dandi march started……hence it should be dandi

      • Actually, even if the question is “Where did the CDM start from” the answer would be Sabarmati, because technically since the Dandi March was first, the place where the Dandi March started would be the place of the start of the movement as well.

  20. Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi (commonly called Mahatma Gandhi) led the Dandi march from his base, Sabarmati Ashram near Ahmedabad, to the coastal village of Dandi,
    source wikipedia
    DEAR clatgyan dandi was the destination

  21. 20th law comission question was not there and there was question of match the followings with dandi march, jalianwala bagh and more. I dont clearly remember.
    Plus it was , where did dandi march start from.

  22. Hi, 

    So I really don’t know what was going through my head when I did logic yesterday. If anyone remembers the presentation question they asked, does “Tuesday, Physics, Tuesday” sound familiar?

    I only ask because some random gut feeling made me guess instead of actually thinking for a bit, so I’m feeling a little post-exam regret here.

  23. For Q.45 governed and attorney general both are correct. The article regarding attorney general clearly states that he shall hold the office at the pleasure of the president. So this is one kind of a wrong question

  24. I wonder why no one’s mentioning the question where we had match different famous people from the ancient times with the fields that, well, made them famous.
    I remember Sushruta(surgery) and Brahmagupta(Mathematics). There was also someone for Drama: I wish I remembered. :-\

  25. Asad Sir,
    I think that the answer given for Ques no. 43 is incorrect.
    The question was that, from where did the Civil Disobedience Movement start?
    The answer should be DANDI, not SABARMATI, because Gandhi started his march from Sabarmati and ended it by picking up the salt and breaking the SALT LAW of the Raj on the coast of DANDI and from there the movement started.

  26. though i know to vote is nt a fundamental duty bt even the 3rd option is not a fundamental duty nw because the age criteria mentioned in the option has been changed……. its nw 0 – 6 yrs..

  27. The remaining two questions are:
    Match the following authors and novels:
    Prem Chand: Sevasadan
    Bankimchandra Chatterjee: Durgeshnandini
    Devaki Nandan Khatri: Chandrakanta

    Match the following persons with arts:
    Vishakadutta: Drama
    Sushruta: Surgery
    Brahmagupta: Mathematics

    Also I don’t think there was any question like who was chairman of 20th law Commission, so there’s still one question missing.

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