General Knowledge Section – SET 2016


The following are the questions which formed the GK section of SET 2016. We’ve mentioned the answer beside each question, in bold. Do let us know if you find any mistake either in the questions or in the answers.

    1. Largest river island in India? Majuli
    2. Who had 355 patents to his name? Alfred Noble
    3. Official duration of the National Anthem of India? 52 seconds
    4. First Internet search engine? Archie
    5. Dili is the capital city of? East Timor
    6. Who wrote Panchatantra? Vishnu Sharma
    7. Which country will host the 2021 FINA World Aquatics Championships? Japan
    8. Which constituency does Narendra Modi come from? Varanasi
    9. Where is the headquarters of the BRICS Bank? Shanghai, China
    10. Who among the following has not won a Noble Prize? Mahatma Gandhi
    11. Mohiniyattam is dance form from which state? Kerala
    12. Name the proposed capital city of Andhra Pradesh? Amaravati
    13. The world’s largest uninterrupted waterfalls? Angel Falls
    14. Who among the following has not won the Bharat Ratna? VD Savarkar
    15. When did the President sign the NJAC Bill? 31st December 2014
    16. Chairman of Central Board of Film Certification? Pahlaj Nihalini
    17. Which Fundamental Right is not suspended during Emergency? Articles 20 & 21
    18. When was the word “secular” added to the Preamble? 1976
    19. For which system was Sher Shah Suri known for? Land revenue system
    20. Which state has the lowest literacy? Bihar
    21. La Tomatina is a festival of? Spain
    22. The Man Booker Prize is awarded for? Fiction
    23. A woman recently had a transplantation of which organ that is said to be a first? Pancreas
    24. To which sport is Matthew Hobden associated to? Cricket
    25. First country to alter DNA pattern – United Kingdom
    26. On whom was the book ‘Light of Asia’ based? Gautama Buddha
    27. Satyameva Jayate has been taken from? Mundaka Upanishad
    28. Who is the brand ambassador of Novo Nordisk’s diabetes campaign? Sachin Tendulkar
    29. Question on death penalty. Probably, name the first European country to abolish death penalty? Portugal


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