GK Section of SET (Symbiosis Entrance Test) – 2014


1. The first monorail of India was started in which city? Mumbai.

2. Name the CEO of Microsoft. Satya Nadella.

3. Who was the director of the movie ‘Life of Pie’? Ang Lee.

4. Which amongst the following is not a nominated member of Rajya Sabha – Sachin Tendulkar, Mani Shankar Iyer, Ram Jethmalani, or Javed Akhtar? Ram Jethmalani.

5. Which country recently joined the Euro Zone? Latvia.

6. When is the Commonwealth Day celebrated? 24th May.

7. The Subordinate civil court is headed by? Senior Civil Judge.

8. The doctrine of ‘Rule of Law’ was propounded by? A V Dicey.

9. Baikonur Cosmodrome is in which country? Kazakhstan. 

10. What three events does a ‘Triathlon’ have? Swimming, Cycling, and Marathon.

11. Where is Pong Dam? Himachal Pradesh.

12. Which Indian State is not connected on the Railway Network? Meghalaya.

13. Watson, the artificially intelligent computer system capable of answering questions posed in natural language is made by? IBM.

14. Which is the first State to pass the Lokayukta Act? Orissa.

15. India recently signed the green energy corridor agreement with? Germany.

16. Kethy Cross, the 1st woman umpire on ICC panel is from which country? New Zealand.

17. Which of the following language is non-Aryan in origin? Tamil.

18. The subject matter of the Consumer Protection Act is __? Protection against defective goods and deficiency in services.

19. Which is the latest construction amongst the following – Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar, Fatehpur Sikhri, or Agra Fort? Taj Mahal.

20. C.N.R. Rao, who won Bharat Ratna recently, is presently? The Head of the Scientific Advisory Council to the Prime Minister.

21. Which country gave asylum to Edward Snowden? Russia.

22. Which is the first country to legalize active euthanasia? Nethelands.

23. Which of the following countries has never had a woman PM/President? United States of America.

24. Recently, The SC directed to relocate the Asiatic Lions from Gir Forest in Gujarat to? Palpur Kuno Sanctuary in MP.

25. Name the Andaman & Nicobar tribe which is under the threat of extinction. Jarawa.

26. Thomas Cup is related to which sport? Badminton.

27. The Delhi Police is controlled by? Union Home Ministry.

28. Mangalyaan, the Mars Orbiter Mission, was launched from? Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

29. Justice Verma Committee was constituted to look into? Sexual Harassment Laws. 

30. Match the following :-

a) Adarsh Scam
b) I Dare!
c) Nobel Prize for Literature
d) Fundamental Rights

i) Rabindranath Tagore
ii) Kiran Bedi
iii) Justice J. A. Patil
iv) Constitution

a – iii; b – ii; c – i; d – iv;


  1. It’s not who controls delhi police, the question you have given is wrong.

    the verma committee is related to the rape laws. 
    Which amongst the following is a nominated member of Rajya Sabha? <- That wasnt the exact question asked. 

  2. We were to pick out the one not nominated,rather elected to the rajya sabha.
    Options were – 1. Ram jethmalani 2. Sachin tendulkar 3. Mani shankar iyer 4. Javed akhtar

  3. actual ques.- which of the following is an Indo aryan language,trithalon-3 options had marathon as a option and not #running,which of the following is #not an nominated member of RS,

  4. Yes, the question was- Who was not a nominated member of Rajya Sabha and answer was Ram Jethmalani.
    Match the following was something like;
    .I Dare
    .Fundamental duties

    >Kiran Bedi
    (2 others which I can’t recall)

  5. Match the Following was :
    Fundamental Rights
    Rabindranath  Tagore

    Kiran Bedi
    Nobel Prize winner

  6. It was some sort of a joke. Too freaking simple. I knew about a rough 27 questions of the Gk(all thanks to you ClatGyan), seriously though, I expected a better paper from Symbi. 2 questions were repeated. Drown was spelt as drawn. Punctuation and basic grammar were non existent. 

  7. actually it was who was the elected member of rajya sabha?
    match the following
    fundamental rights 
    nobel prize in literature
    i dare
    corruption???(not sure)

    >kiran bedi
    >rabindra nath tagore
    >justice xyz(cant recall the name)

  8. i am getting 19 in gk…might get more because i dont remember a few answers…
    the paper was tougher than last year…..
    what do you guys think????

  9. Ques. 4) the question is actually, Who is an elected member of the Rajya Sabha?
    Option: a) Mani Shankar Iyer  b) Ram Jethmalani  c) Sachin Tendulkar  d) Javed Akhtar

  10. what were the options for the head of Subordinate civil court ?
    district court judge ,sessions court judge and the rest?

  11. The last question.

    30. Match the following :-

    a) Adarsh Scam
    b) I Dare
    c) Nobel Prize for Literature
    d) Fundamental Rights

    i) Rabindranath Tagore
    ii) Kiran Bedi
    iii) Justice J. A. Patil
    iv) Constitution

  12. Match the following :
    – I Dare 
    – Nobel Prize in Literature
    –  (Some scam)
    – Fundamental Duties

    > Kiran Bedi
    > Rabindranath Tagore
    > Constitution of India
     Unable to recall the last one.

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