Hard Work Pays Off


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So finally done with exams. The way I feel today is something different , fresh air , sound mind , happiness all around with a tasty burger in my hands. My friend asked me how the exam was. Shocking! I know. It was shocking for me as well. Preparation of one whole year!

The day when I started my preparation I was pretty sure that I’ll definitely make it to a decent law school, in fact I was confident about the top NLUs . As I thought that law is much better than IIT for me.

My parents supported me with all their wishes and expectations. They again gave me a chance to change my life, to work hard, suggested me not to waste my time, which was my key to success.

The D-DAY, 10th of May 2015, the day when we have to show our full efforts and hard work we had done for one full year. In the morning when I woke up, I realized that the day had come for which I was waiting for the last one year and today’s exam was like a do or die situation for me, as each and everyone had so many expectations from me.  I had to give my best in this examination. But when I saw examination paper on the screen I WAS ALL GONE.. I was depressed because the paper was really very difficult for me. At that moment, I realized that I have to do a lot on my English section which was easy for me before the exam and the mathematics section which I found the toughest section was much easier for me. Still, I did 168 questions because my target was to do 160 questions anyhow and I did as I thought that I had worked so much hard for this that my luck would definitely support me.

17th of May, my first result and it was shocking and unexpected. Then my second result and same condition, here also I failed …But still some hope was there as I was waiting for my CLAT results.

Finally , the day came , 20th MAY 2015, the day which was going to decide my future , my whole life. Results were out in the night and I saw my results in the midnight.

What do I say now, my eyes was not full of tears but it was full of shame and sorrow because again, I had failed. I was not upset because I didn’t get selected in CLAT but I was sad as again I failed in the eyes of my parents. Then in the morning, my mother called me up and asked for the results, I was blank..totally blank. I wasn’t even able to say hello to her. But then somehow I managed and told her my result and started crying. I thought that she would be very angry but no, I was wrong. Mother said “don’t worry, whatever happens, it happens for good.’’ I asked her why she wasn’t angry. She replied that being angry was not the solution for anything. After this conversation, I felt like my mother was the best mother in this world. And again I had the full support of my parents.

Talking of relatives and such other bullshit! They are the world’s most intelligent and updated people! Only they know what is good and bad for us… like really, I don’t know that why these people always try to be over smart? God has given them some copyright or what that they will decide our future? Always keep aside these kind of people.

 Remember one thing – never be upset for your failure because your failure teaches you a lot , if  you really want to learn. I know that God always does well for us that is why I am still waiting for my good to happen. When I started writing this, I was hoping that I will have a beautiful ending with my best results but unfortunately, it is not!

Today I am not packing my bags for going into top law school as I dreamt but still I am happy. May be some more good things are saved for me. Always hope for the best! Never lose your hope because if you lose hope, then there is nobody to make you stand up. I always thought that I am the only one with whom God is unhappy, but no, I was absolutely wrong. There are so many other people who are suffering but I know one day each and every one of us will have sunshine in our lives, someone has this day, someone will have the other .

Now, ending up my very first writing I would like to share one big secret of my journey of failure that is keep learning anything you find good in others because, “no one knows everything but every one knows something’’. Do remember one thing more, never ever be upset of your failure, always try to reconstruct your dreams because our homes look much more beautiful after reconstruction, isn’t it?

Respect your parents, respect your dreams as well and have faith in God, I am sure one day there will a big reason for a beautiful and satisfactory smile on each of our faces.


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