Hope or Something More?


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With millions of plans in mind trying to build up and body wanting to sleep and laze around all day, there is always a thought of what all we’ve missed out on trying to stay at par with the world. We tend to forget about the little things that brought happiness to us as a child before all this competitive madness started. We went from playing hop-scotch to solving equations that made no sense. Just to pace up we gave up on learning and got stuck up with the system of rote learning. The thing that kept us going all along is “hope”, or is it?

Hope is the life force that keeps us going and gives us something to live for. Even a glimmer of hope that our situation will turn around, can keep us going. When we begin to lose hope, things can seem bleak. When we keep running into dead ends and are prevented from reaching our goals we start to feel like there is nothing to live for. If we can’t get to where we want to be and for which we have worked all our life, what’s the point? Well, that’s the magic of hope. It will still keep you afloat, no matter what the situation be.

But you know what? There’s one more thing that’ll help you sail through your journey of building yourself easily. It is doing the things you really want to, the things we tend to ignore. Taking a day off to pamper yourself or to relive your childhood won’t hurt ever. For how long have you been thinking of re-doing your room with your best friend with everything planned out and no time for execution? Well, now is the time. Now is the time for the oh so long pending dance classes. Now is the time for every crazy fantasy you want to fulfill.

There will be no other time as perfect as now. And this will keep you going on in life, this fulfilling of crazy fantasies will give you a reason to stay strong. It will rejuvenate your soul in a way that you will all of a sudden have all the power in the world to beat everyone out there, because you will be content then.

Feed your soul with happiness, and trust me that will keep you going on and on in life with a feeling of achievement even in cases of losses.

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