The Inhumanity of the Botched Up CLAT Results


The CLAT Committee has sent this mail to all the candidate today at 20:00 hours (and yeah, that seems to be their favourite time of the day to do things):

Dear candidates, The CLAT Secretariat has found some technical discrepancies in affixing of the barcode and candidate sticker. Hence, the CLAT 2014 results for UG and PG declared on 31 May 2014 stands withheld till further intimation and guidelines on the admission process. Regards Team-CLAT 2014.

Right. It isn’t going as smoothly as it should be. While it is one thing to mess up the question paper or the answers, it is quite something else to screw up the results. I don’t feel pity for those who got scores lower than they actually should as much as I feel pity for those who got scores higher than they deserve. It is still forgivable to report a low score and then fix it to make it higher after a few days. The most that could happen is a temporary period of depression. But, to raise one’s hope by throwing a high score and then stripping it off and awarding a low score is inherently inhumane. GNLU seems to be doing everything that isn’t supposed to be done.

The CLAT Committee has gone into a limbo to try and figure out what went wrong. One obvious reason for all the chaos is that GNLU overestimated its ability of handling technology. They are, to put it in better words, being what Himesh Reshammiya was in Xpose – outdoing things with a false confidence of savviness. The other reason was, of course, bad handling of bar codes and OMR sheets. They forgot that computers don’t have a spell check for a bar code mismatch. The invigilators were uninformed about what it might mean to replace the bar code stickers. For them, their purpose was only to cover the white space with black parallel lines so that the kids don’t write their initials or draw a heart with an arrow, the way they do at the walls of Humayun’s tomb.

Whatever be the reason, we just hope that GNLU ends their NaMo NaMo PM Go! celebrations and fixes up all the mess that they have created. If they are reading this, here’s some inspiration from our side. And this time, may the luck be on your side!


  1. Yes, this. Hopefully, things will be fixed soon and we’ll all end up where we deserve to be. Sincere commiserations to those who *might* lose any marks.

  2. A must read post ! Literally now if they’l deduct marks that’l again cause a great disyress -_-  God knows what’l happen next !

  3. I didn’t get the expected marks. Is there gonna be some remedy or retest. This is pure sheer and grave injustice.

  4. I knew it ..I had a great loss of marks thn what I had expected ..they had ruined me ……And now I have nothing to loose coz I have already soaked the pain only good can be done to me I wish

  5. I was shocked last night. Never expected such a bad result.

    Don’t know if my rank will stay the same, increase or decrease but I have a good 12th %ge so DU is always available if nothing happens.

    I feel bad for the students whose ranks will fall. To be give the moon then -_-

    CLAT is extremely badly organised. When I went to give the exam kids were running around trying to find their classroom even after the exam had started because the college people hadn’t posted the right classroom list in the notice board. And the freaking teachers kept talking to each other at the top of their voices while we were giving the exam and we finally had to ask them to shut up, politely of course 😛

    Just hope there isn’t a retest. I wouldn’t be able to produce a remotely decent score. I’m so out of the CLAT zone.

    P.S. You guys never reply to the mails sent through your ASK US section 😛

  6. Last night i was shocked as what i expected was not that result  not even 50% of it. But with a good person good happens after 20 hours result declaration it was withheld this was a great step by gnlu. This totally an unjustice with students which work hard and so one who does not deserve get a seat is it a justice. When i conplaint in gnlu about my wrong result they wete not ready to listen. They should knoe that students have paid a sum of money so their voice should be listen. Now expecting a result which i expect.

  7. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a guardian of one of CLAT-2014 U/g entrance exam. candidates. As per the official ‘Final CLAT brochure.pdf’, under table ‘Important Dates’, page no. 78, you have provided following details :

    Item 6. Date of Declaration of Results : 31st May 2014 (Saturday)
    Item 9. Commencement of counseling period for first 2500 candidates : 1st June 2014 (Sunday)

    At the bottom of the same page you have mentioned followings:

    If any of the proposed dates falls on a public holiday (non-banking day) or in case of any emergencies, the next working day will be reckoned as the due date.

    Prima-facie, it appears that you are very well aware that you are going to publish the result on a late weak end and you are keeping the door open for enrollment for counseling as ‘start date’, if some one furnishes the required amount of Rs. 1 lakh thru’ online or offline payment mode.

    To me this appears to be a very big ‘gate-way’ to adopt unfair means of blocking the eligible candidates and trading the seats.

    In reality, you published the results close to mid-night of 31st May 2014 (Saturday) 2014, so that very few candidates actually knew the results were out on that very night. You did not open the online payment gate throughout 1st June 2014 (Sunday). Prima-facie, an intentional approach.

    Only a few of candidates know that in a selective progressive states, the banking operation does takes place on holidays (Sunday) by a few selective private banks (like in the State of Gujarat).

    So all these steps means a premeditated approach to debar the eligible candidates on the merit and preference and to open the floodgate of corrupt means.

    I will request clarifications on behalf of all candidates and their parents to defend your position on all actions taken by you in preparing the schedule important dates.

    I am also forwarding a copy of this letter to our hon’ble minister of higher education, law & justices and consumer protection forum to be aware of this event.

    Thank you and looking forward to hear from you sooner.


    – Suresh Sharma.

  8. It was  not expected  from the counterpart of clat…….a  huge loss of 20  marks…..completly shattered us… they cant jeopardise our career like this,,,,,a wise step is needed…..
     We want justice

  9. It really is unconscionable for such negligence to occur at whatever level it did. I can only imagine the feelings of CLAT aspirants waiting through the tortuous hours or days before the amended results. But really, this post is a model of the sort of prejudging law students learn not to engage in. Such acrimony when the exact cause of the botch-up is unknown does rankle. Really now, any CLAT aspirant can tell you that the two reasons you have given for the botch-up are sufficient reasons in themselves and aren’t necessary reasons that need to be presented in conjunction. Their veracity is another matter altogether. How *did* you get so certain about how the botch-up happened? I won’t even bother with your Himesh Reshammiya comparison nor with your impression that the university is some kind of Modi fief. I apologise for showing a tiny bit of ego in the middle of such trying times.

  10. can someone please send me the corrected question paper and the answe key, i didnt have access to the internet when they were released, it would really really really help me,and what is the average rank at 130.25?

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