NLU Delhi Dates Announced


The National Law University at Delhi, headed by the illustrious and dynamic Vice Chancellor Dr. Ranbir Singh has created ripples in the legal arena. It has already set itself as a tough contender for the top brackets and can be considered as an amazing law school.

NLU Delhi is known for the high quality entrance paper that it sets for law aspirants every year. It has announced on its website ( that the admission process shall commence from 3rd January, 2011. The entrance test shall be on 1st May 2011 which is a Sunday.

In my humble opinion NLU, Delhi should be a very good option.

We shall put up a detailed analysis later on about preferences of Universities and our opinion on how to crack NLU Delhi entrance as we have amongst us people who had AIRs 2 and 4, etc.

All the best.

Sandipan De.


  1. It should be May 1, 2011 (not 2015) 😛
    @Sandipan: Please put up some tips on how to crack NLUD. I personally think that more than the difficulty of the questions, its the question solving speed that is crucial wrt NLUD exam.
    Did you attempt all questions last year? Or were you focusing more on accuracy rather than speed?
    Please do write a post clear such doubts.
    Thanks! 🙂

  2. I attempted all questions.

    It was speed and accuracy. I had solved the earlier two papers within the allotted time and I was generally very good at reasoning, both legal and logical. That helped.
    I don’t remember any of my friends finishing the paper so I think it is both speed and accuracy. My score was 112/150 I was AIR 2 whereas Advait topped the exam with 113/150. So you do need to get the maximum possible in the least amount of time.

    • I loved NLUD’s paper. Mostly because it had proper General Knowledge. What fun.

      And Math, I completed it in 2 minutes, I think.

      That was how my last 20 questions’ answers looked like.

      Of course, I got through the second list, Rank 13.

  3. hehe i like the way aymen describes the math part!can we afford to go easy with static gk this year?i know a lot of people have asked you guys a lot of queries with regard to gk..but i just wanted to know..sorry

  4. With the amount of tie ups in rank only the top 80 serial numbers get a call so even with a rank of 9 you won’t get a call. This rank thing is misleading with so many ties.

    I would suggest all aspirants to get hold of answer sheets and practice ‘bubbling’. It helps.

  5. ^
    I highly doubt our board results will have come out by May 1. At least where I come from anyway.

    Also, slightly irrelevant, but is it possible to know where the exam centres for CLAT and the NLU-D entrance will be? Which cities?

    • They ask for your Board results after your AILET/NLUD results are out. Gives you ample time to get your results (and send it the way you like it!)
      And no, you don’t get to know the centers before hand.

  6. hi,i was just going through the previous years’ question papers of the last year’s paper,in the logical reasoning section almost all the questions are from CR.all of them are the passage related questions.they are very time consuming.i consume a lot of time in these passage related CR questions and i am not very good at them either.can you suggest some book where i can practise them? not been able to find any.and also,i heard that nujs emphasises on science related this true?if yes,what exactly are we supposed to be studying?are we supposed to go through our high school science text books?

  7. hmm sorry to bother you again..but where exactly do you get the solutions for the 2010 nlu-d paper?i have the solution set for 2008 and 2009.

  8. Nope. Im pretty cool with that. CR isn’t very difficult. I’ve problems with AR and Maths. AR – I take too much of time to solve ( at times) and maths – I can’t solve. Dunce.

    • Premangsu, you’ve company. Although I must take pride in my AR skills, practiced like crazy. Buy MK Pandey, please. Sit with it for an hour. It is the best book for people like us.

      As for Math, I got lucky. You won’t. Please work hard. Please?

  9. Yeah man..I bought that book a couple of days back. And as I am done with the basics (well..most of them)..practice is the only thing that I am going to do for the next few months.

    Work hard I will…oh yes..I will.. 🙁

  10. math..oh ya even i hav problems wid that..AR is ok although i still need to practise a lot and MK Pandey can you tell me the publications?

  11. NLUD dates announced!!!! 😀 i dont know why i m having this feeling that my life is now going to change…..i mean, duuude, NLUD’s dates have been announced, NLUD dude NLUD !! dude its in DELHI, i mean DeLHI dude DELHI !!

    • after reading all the above posts i feel i am in serious need of guidance. i have taken an online course of m.a. rashid of and i am on with it from last two months there is no one to guide me on how i should prep. for clat or nlud . i am doing maths and logical reasoning from r.s. agarwal . i did around 3000 ques on constitution and legal gk but after 2011 clat notification its useless. it will be great if you guys can tell me on how i should go now.

  12. 😀 Nice to see some refined enthusiasm here.

    Are the solved papers by wadhwa publications better than MK Pandey by any chance?

    Whenever I land up on such forums I have this ultimate desire to ask lame questions. ”Do you think I’ll make it?”. I suppose it’s the same with many other aspirants. Then I realize it’s my hard work that’ll answer such questions and nothing else. So I shut up and resume studying 😛

    Good Luck guys.

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