An Open Casement


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As Aristotle once quoted, “Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end” and so does life. The alpha and the omega cannot be reminisced but the “Middle” always stay afresh in the mnemonics.

The window of life expands with experiences and every experience has its own intrinsic value. When I sit to write this blog I recall all the events of variable tinges. I had been everything I enjoyed to be, from being notorious to being meritorious, playing truant to being punctual, from violent scuffles to meditative junctures. Why these unalike scenarios are so imperative for me is because they are my most esteemed mentors. The belief is to see the abyss and the acme in this life so that nothing is left to regret for not being seen or felt.

We grow everyday not only by our physical appearance but also with our life experiences. People who disparage the outcome of a certain event become vulnerable to commit the fallacy again and then the repercussion is unbearable. The most commonly followed anomaly of our ages is to seek material contentment and belittle the empirical values of anything that occurs in front of their eyes, and that is when the window narrows and eventually causes smothering. What is most inevitably required is to keep the window ajar so as to make the advent of bliss and the exodus of forlorn from the cerebrum more easy. A feasible way to live a satiated life is, “Keep the Window unlocked and if possible wide open”.

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