The Paradoxical Organ Called ‘Brain’, by Nishitaa Kaushik


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See, the human mind works in funny ways. It has the uncanny and unmatched ability to mystify and complicate relatively simple stuff. Like falling in love, or finding The One. If you ask me, really, all it takes is two individuals willing to take that leap of faith and say, “Hell yeah, I love you”. All the remaining jazz: the heartbreak, the guilt, the adjustments, the tiffs, the compromises, the separation pangs – they’re all mere remnants, by-products of something so profoundly and abysmally beautiful.

Pouring gasoline on the already-ready-to-rage fire is another equally unfathomable organ: The Heart. This ineluctable organ has, by far, the most distinguished dexterity of just wreaking havoc, of rendering one a mad-man, even; of driving one into the depths of not just insanity, but also despair. The working of the human heart hasn’t been fully understood yet, by doctors and lovers alike. But at times, it’s best to just let these characters play their parts, and not meddle too much.

So sometimes in life, paths cross and stuff happens the way you always wanted it to happen. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to lead you anywhere. Sometimes, it’s best not to expect too much out of it, to not read too much into it, because as luck would have it, it could be good timing, or even worse, Serendipity. And that could be all there is to it. It could be the Universe’s way of saying that there’s still hope, which just makes it worse – because for all you know, it could be a lost cause. One should, at times, try not to join the dots, try not to read between the lines; to just let the glass be half-empty. Sometimes the stars in the sky could be just that, and constellations could merely be figments of an overzealous stargazer’s mind.

Being overly optimistic has never done anyone much good, and neither has being too hopeful. ‘Cause we all know what happened to Pandora, don’t we, now?

At the risk of sounding perhaps-a-little-too-cynical, I want to say that no matter what you do or how hard you try, there will always be that one person you can never be with. And whoever you are with, no matter how good it feels, no matter how perfect and understanding they seem, they will never be as good as that person. That person, who was meant to be, and yet wasn’t.


Nishitaa Kaushik is a fauji brat through-and-through, with no boundaries and an immense love for Coldplay. She has an appetite for books that can only be compared to that of Jughead’s for hamburgers (or food, really). Extremely talkative and pigheaded (or so she has been told), she has her own strong ideas, bordering on the rebellious. She is a strong feminist and an animal rights activist. 


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