Philosophical Thinking of Failure


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Life sometimes does not seem fair. I always felt that I was special, that I will achieve something that has not yet been achieved by anyone. When I was a child, I dreamt of having a Lake House where was enjoying each and every moment of my life.

I never thought that to live such a life, one needs to do a lot of hard work. Come to think about hark work, our parents have always taught us to work harder, but never have they told us to do work while enjoying it. I am not blaming them, it is the perception which has been carried over by generations. We now need to break this perception so that the next generation shall be free from such insignificant thinking.

At a very young age I came to know about the importance of Time. I started doing things which I thought was right. I left my Friends, my Love and all those activities which I thought would affect my studies. After all this, when I sat for the board exam, I wished to be in the Toppers list. But like I said last year was full of failures. CBSE Maths 12th Board paper has made history by giving such difficult questions that have never been asked in the entire decade.

After my board exams got over, from the next day, I joined a coaching institute for CLAT 2015. I thought that if I do more hard work for another 40 days, I can relax after 2 months. But this time CLAT 2015 was making history by giving such difficult questions which were never asked in the past.

And now after writing all those exams, it was time for me to face rejections. My board percentage was 82.2%, my CLAT 2015 score is 59, my rank is 6386. My SET 2015 score was 87 and this year’s cut off of Symbiosis Noida was 88.

After facing all this, I was broken and had lost the will to fight back. My family has faith in God, and explained to me how Destiny works and as to why I have failed this year. Basically, I do not believe in God but I wish that God exist for real. I always try to find Him, by means of meditation but up till now I have failed to find Him.

I always wanted to be a Lawyer. My family is full of Engineers and I am the only one who is different. I dreamt of being in NLSIU Bangalore and studying what I liked most. I still dream the same. Now again I have restored my willpower to fight and this time I will fight harder. I shall leave no stone unturned. I have seen a lot of failures and after seeing those my thrust for winning has escalated.

I wish that after the results of CLAT 2016, a blog shall be published on as the Topper of CLAT 2016 – AIR 1 Aman Tiwari.

This is me, I have never lost hope and I shall never lose it in future as well. My dreams are still the same. I will live my dreams, no matter what challenges I face.


  1. Your determination and will power is commendable. Keep it up. Give it your  best. Your hard work will definitely pay up. If not sooner then later. I really hope your dream comes true. All the best.  🙂 

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