Of Post CLAT Affairs: ‘I Still Know What You Did Last Summer’


So the entire idea of a law school was to be a baby that should have been aborted or is it a grand success in the making?

The debate over the purpose and fulfilment of the same with regard to the legal reforms in India especially legal educational reforms has been largely one that has been quite akin to the IIT-brain drain theory that we have all grown up with. With every law school-ite taking up cudgels on behalf of any one of the jarring factions it is but a complex conundrum, especially when at an important conference some ‘successful’ litigator accompanied by his panjandrum of lackeys and sidekicks indulges in a pedantic lecture to harangue you on how one is doing a great disservice to the nation that falls nothing short of dereliction of duty.375636badd5f96f8d6d0755884491de1

So, is it wrong if I want to pursue corporate law? Is One Indiabulls Centre a wrong dream to have? Is the idea of 15lakhs being my crepuscular sky after a tempestuous night something I should be ashamed of?

Surely not. It is right to dream of money. It is right to dream to success. What matters is how you get it.

Then come in the pangs of guilt. Did I do five years of gruelling law school just to serve some random family just because 150 years back there was no one else on the scene? Do I get satisfaction in the world of intellectual mendicancy or is satisfaction good enough, the wee bits derived from drafting a contract?

Career choices and the dilemma have long put people in the horns of a dilemma.

No we are no smiths, neither are we soothsayers. We do not charge a penny for this nor do we promise you anything. What am I talking about? Ranting and ravings? Sort of, yes.

So, the Window on CG has taken the onus onto itself to focus a little bit of post-CLAT affairs. So, if you are in a dilemma over what internship to do, where to apply, what to do after five years, your aptitude or just a simple unbiased person to give you some good advice, albeit loaded with cynicism, sarcasm, ravings you may mail those frantic pleas or calm letters seeking advice to sandipan@clatgyan.com. Death threats are more than welcome as Andhra Pradesh has increased the taxes on mediums of inebriation.

Ravingly yours,

Sandipan De. (S.D.)

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P.S. – Sorry for the long hiatus. Personal issues had taken the forefront. I am battling it. Just ‘keep walking’.


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