Reminiscing the Past


This poem has been submitted by Anjanesh Vatsa for the CLATGyan Blog Post Writing Competition. If you think it’s a good read, ‘Like’ the poem on Facebook (the button is at the bottom of this piece) or post a comment using the ‘Comments’ section below.

Here she was reminiscing her past,

The time she married that guy from another caste.

Blissfully happy they were after their conjugal pact,

Unaware they were about the repercussions of their act.

The news of their marriage spread,

It gave rise to an insurgence of the religious sects.

Hearing about the uproar the couple was in utmost dread,

They had no idea whatsoever of what’s going to follow next.


Thus, the hunt for the couple began,

Fearing the obvious, the couple ran.

It was not for long as they were found,

Minions of the sects pounced on them like a hungry hound.

Treacherously they caught hold of the guy,

Mercilessly he was beaten and left to die.

She was forcefully taken back to her home,

Locked and left to rot alone.


Years passed and here she was reminiscing the past,

The time she married the guy from another caste.

Here she was raising her voice and hence she said,


“Wrongs they committed in the name of religion,

Never amused by their own criticism.

Ignorant of the loop holes in their tradition,

Blind folded they were by the religious chauvinism.”

-Anjanesh Vatsa

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