Results – The Second CLATGyan Blog Post Competition 2013


[CLATGyan had conducted a Blog Post Writing Competition, immediately after CLAT 2013, to transform some of the post-CLAT joblessness into some sort of productivity. We had requested Prof. Manav Kapur, a graduate (and now, a faculty member) of NALSAR University of Law, to judge the competition, for which he happily agreed. We thank him for devoting his valuable time and wish him luck for all his future endeavours.

The competition has been extremely successful with around 200 entries being sent. We had published 45 of those, over the last two months. And with this post, CLATGyan’s 3rd season comes to an end. We’ll start with CLAT 2014 related posts soon. In the meanwhile, if you have any questions/queries, shoot them at – Asad]

* * *

This year’s posts were, almost without exception, a treat to read. I’ve been torn about which one I consider the winner—for the last three days, I’ve been thinking of an answer. Having agreed to take this up, I can only reiterate I wouldn’t have done so had I known how difficult making a decision was going to be.

I didn’t attach any particular significance to what the opinion of the author—in factual posts was. Pieces that interested me got their fair share of attention, but I consciously attempted not to mark entries that dealt with topics I considered interesting higher. How the piece was written mattered more to me—the ability to write grammatically, with what I considered an appropriate tone for an issue, was the most important factor in my decision.

The Enchanted River by Nikili Rochill came up tops finally, after a long and agonized contest between it and The Perfect Crime by Devarchan B. I really liked the way the story was written; the end was tragic, but beautifully written. Special mentions must be awarded to three pieces—Why do they Ask Me? by Aastha M., I was born this way! By Spoorti Sanamannavar, and Can We Learn! By Subhra Tripathy—it’s a pity that I could only pick one winner!

All the best to all of you! Please continue writing. I for one will always wait to read more from all of you. Thank you so much for giving me the chance to judge your work!

Prof. Manav Kapur,
NALSAR University of Law.

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