Results – CLATGyan Photography Competition 2015


CLATGyan had conducted a Photography Competition immediately after CLAT 2015, to transform the post-CLAT joblessness into some productivity. We had requested the Photo Booth NALSAR admins, Manasa M Dhar and Sindoori Sriram, now alumni, to judge the competition. Manasa and Sindoori are both passionate about photograpahy and have, time and again, captured moments at NALSAR in the most beautiful manner. We thank them for devoting their valuable time and wish them luck for all their future endeavours.
The competition this year has been extremely successful with around 20 entries being sent. We had published 13 of those in the months of June and July. As difficult as the decisions were for Manasa and Sindoori, they have picked the winner to be Priyamvada Singh. The decision with respect to the winner has been a hard one, and the entries sent in by Pranjal Jain and Abhishek Bissa, deserve special mentions. Congratulations!
In keeping with CLATGyan’s tradition of awarding a prize to the most popular post based on the number of likes at the bottom of the post (as done for the CLATGyan Blog Post Competition), this one had to be won by Jagriti Sanghi.
And with this post, CLATGyan’s 1st season comes to an end. We apologise for the extreme delay in announcing the results since we’ve had quite a busy semester right from the start.
In the meanwhile, if you have any questions/queries, shoot them to Also check out the CLATGyan Test Series, and the first and second Free Mock Tests.
Good luck, and see you in Justice City!


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