Road to Rhodes : Shreya Atrey, the Rhodes Scholar Speaks!


Rhodes Scholarship is known as the “world’s oldest and most prestigious international graduate scholarship”, and owe their origin to the will of the visionary Cecil J. Rhodes. Every year only five such scholarships are given out to Indian students to pursue a degree of their choice at Oxford. Shreya Atrey from NALSAR and Gautam Bhatia from NLSIU are the two students from the field of law who have won this coveted scholarship.

Shreya Atrey is in the final year of a BA LLB (Hons) degree at NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. She serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Nalsar Student Law Review and is an avid legal writer herself. She is also an athlete, and enjoys reading and travelling. She has a keen interest in legal education and pedagogy and hopes to read for the BCL at Oxford. Further, Shreya is a role model for all at law school and an inspiration for law school aspirants.

What inspired you to do law?12143281_160213754322971_17140496292470097_n

The curriculum. I wanted to study law more than the fact of being a lawyer (if you appreciate the fine distinction between the two ideas). This also explains my love for academics while at law school.

How has NALSAR helped you in your journey for the Rhodes?

Institutionally, immensely. Since Rhodes is for students who have an undergraduate degree, the choice of that degree, institution and performance – all three matter as much. And all of them are integrally related to my stint at NALSAR.

Who all have made it possible for you?

Gladly, a lot of people. My family and some very close friends have been so engaged with me throughout the process that it is as much theirs as is mine. Competitors and colleagues too since they gave me all the more reason and fillip to perform excellently.

Your advice to future law school aspirants.

I’d speak of after you get into one. Be very instinctive about what you do while at law school. Of course academics is crucial but so is everything else you choose to do. Law school may be difficult but there is nothing more rewarding than being yourself, sticking to your ground and integrity.

Comments about

I am yet to navigate through the website at length. However, I really commend the concept. I have a deep interest in legal education and one of the aspects I constantly engage with is access. This is but one way to create an equal and equitable culture for entrance exams.

Interviewed by Sandipan De on behalf of the CLATGyan team.


  1. really very inspirational journey., Also, i read the article in eenadu news paper., good keep going and reach to new hieghts., serve the people and society.,

    Thanks., Uma Mahesh. P

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