Symbi Law@Pune : The Way You Survive in ‘There’


By: Neeati Narayan (Batch of 2016 | Symbiosis Law School – Pune)

I am not THE junior anymore! Thank you, you guys, for rescuing me and my batch-mates. From what, you ask? Continue reading.

First things foremost, heartiest congratulations to you people for making it to Symbiosis Law School, Pune (Let’s call it SLS, yeah?) this year.

As for me, I’ve been there, done that. (Always wanted to say that out loud)

It’s one hell of a new beginning. You will learn lots of things, some absolutely meaningless and fickle; while some will help in the making of the actual you.

There are so many things I want to talk about in here. When I first got admitted into SLS, I had absolutely no idea how to progress. Where do you go? What do you do? I am a little reclusive by nature, so I did not grab them seniors and pester the hell out of them in the very first week. So I was lost in the open sea, a little scared and dubious. But that hopeless scene has beautifully developed into what I am right now: a little too confident, ready to take on the world. Soon enough.

I’m sure you people will also feel what I experienced a year ago. So I thought about making a gist of the basic stuff you are required and expected to do. This is not a survival guide essentially but I do hope it will help you out.

1. Try not to listen to people who are sneering at you for joining SLS. They don’t know shit about the college in its present state. A few past misgivings are still prevailing shamelessly and are being circulated in form of BS myths. Be proud that you’re gaining admission in here. If everyone thought the way these prejudiced people do, SLS wouldn’t have had applications to choose from. But it did, did it not? So don’t even go there.

2. It is the truest thing in the world – college doesn’t matter, it’s you who does. I know, people have been saying this since time immemorial (Really, though? 😛 ) and you might be a little too full of it by now. But trust me; I couldn’t be any more honest about the SLS culture. It’s true, you have to perform loads better, give in more of hard-work, show more of grit and determination but if you do these, there’s no stopping you. Top tier NLU’s have it easier than us, speaking comparatively. So what? Hard work will get you anywhere. And that’s what SLS teaches you. Achieving accolades through your individual merits is a feeling nothing else can beat. I see people sniggering at the rank bestowed to us by India Today’s survey, No.4 – me thinks? Why don’t we deserve it though? If not no.4, then SLS is definitely somewhere in the range of 5 to 7, have no second thoughts about it.

3. Okay, yeaaah, our infrastructure is practically non-existent. And we have been promising a new campus since some 10 years or so but haven’t been able to implement it so far. I know it is little bit of a letdown but things are looking good in the future. All these years we were not able to grab a piece of land to build an edifice on because we were looking at all the wrong places. Now, we have acquired a real, tangible piece of land in Viman Nagar and a whole new campus coming up soon enough. So drop the attitude fun-pokers. And up until the time we are stuck in the famous 12 BHK building complex, you should enjoy the amazing location of the campus- S.B. Road is the best connected area in Pune and gives you an edge to do almost ANYTHING you want nearby. You can do further exploring on your own.

4. SLS is a lot more casual than most of the NLU’s but it is not as slapdash as people tell it to be. You get your own space, but the academics are pretty strict. The college really can’t decide on who you choose your friends to be and who you resolve to mingle with. It’s your own call and you have to start being accountable for your life out there. Your batch will consist of great folks, studious and academically focused individuals, not-so-good people, snooty bitches, uptight bastards, dopers, drunkards, smokers etc. All this is much more visible in a batch of 200+ as compared to the NLU crowd of 80. But trust me, the proportion is mostly the same. Anyway, you have to make a choice here. Will it be a party-until-3-AM or a party-light-and-study-hard attitude? College is supposed to be fun, I know. You see amazing movies of college culture and you are like, ‘Whee! I am in a college. Dude, I am gonna live it awesome’. But the reality is a little different. So far, I have not seen any movie correctly depicting a law college and it’s a shame. The reality is a little different here. You can party all you want but your priority should be your academics. I may sound like a boring, old hag but you will realise it sometime at the end of your first year, like many people in my batch did.

5. People will change. You may start off with friend groups of 15+ people, acting all cool and shit and feeling pretty good about yourselves. As time passes, the numbers will dwindle. You’ll be mightily confused.. What went wrong? Come the year’s end and you will be left with some 2-3 people around you. Are they real? Only time will tell. Most of the first year friendships do not last very long. You have to deal with changing mood-swings and contradictory point of views. As life progresses, you will learn to deal with it. People are a lot more selfish than you’ve experienced in the years before. You will make mistakes and will be wiser with every new one.

6. Learn the art of jugaad and choosing the right seniors for your guidance. You have to be super polite about these things. One smirk, one misplaced expression and you are out of the league, my friends. You won’t be ragged in the college, for sure. That fundamental phase of your college life will come to you during college fests and it is uber fun. It’s not like the sick ragging we hear about in engineering or medical colleges. You might call it… intelligent ragging? =D

7. You people will be subjected to the worst kind of torture possible in the form of introductory sessions. I am absolutely NOT going to miss that part of my first year. It is the most boring thing on Earth but you will learn some important things. So try not to miss too many of them. Also you first years will be the scapegoats for attending all the lectures by guests lined up this year. Hah! All the best for that.

8. Canteen serves okay-to-good Chinese, depending on the mood of the cook. There you will be introduced to an awesome person, Tushar bhaiyya – the cashier of Symbi Canteen. Dude, is he fun! And the best part is that he gives you change whenever you ask for it. You’ll know the importance of change as soon as you enter Pune. Tushar always puts up upbeat songs on the canteen stereo, greets you with a smile and tells you to add him on facebook. And he has posted several pictures with celebrities which are a happy affair to go through in your bored-out-of-wits-with-nothing-else-to-do times.

9. NCC Canteen will help you throughout your college life. Situated right next to the front-gate of SLS Campus (Yeah, go on. Laugh hard at that one) it is the backbone of most of the on-going college social life. Food is average at low prices compared to the expensive life of Pune. Try the french fries, omelet, and fried rice there. You might like it. Maintain a good rapport with the owner and the cashier and you’ll be blessed with good seating arrangement, better tasting-food and a generally happy life. Also, smokers, you can go down to the basement level of the canteen and smoke ALL you want in there with other addicted souls.

10.  Academics are easy if you put in an ounce of hard work with a dash of common sense. Trust me on that. Plus, we have the illusive CGPA system (You will have a lecture over that too. HAHAHAHA!); where your performance is relative to the performance of your batch. The lazier your batch is, the easier it is to score away. The worse it performs, the better you do. Law of Torts is the easiest subject in law but don’t take it too lightly. Jurisprudence will be a bitch; you might sleep in the lectures. Law of Contracts is a funnily deceptive subject. You will hate it the entire semester that you study it, but you will love it during the exam times. I know I did.

11. We have ugly uniforms for the first two years. I mean who wears white and BROWN! And the tailor you are giving shitloads of money to will give you the worst material ever. Piece of advice, GET IT ALTERED THE SECOND YOU RECEIVE IT. Girls, your saving grace will be Pantaloons in S.B. Road where you will get Brown jeans from the *AND* brand, brown patialas and brown what-nots! So mix and match and feel a little less ugly!

12. Learn to admire the awesomeness of mooting, people! Moots are what make the law schools worthwhile of all the trouble. Moots are simply amazing activities which make you learn a lot and link your theoretical knowledge to the harsh practical realities of practicing law.  You guys are very lucky compared to the first years in other law schools. You get to moot some 3 times in the first year itself. You will have a compulsory moot as a part of your internal evaluation for Jurisprudence and Torts. It is the easiest thing in the world and you will feel just great after emerging from the court room after having presented your case. We have some incredibly wonderful seniors who constitute the Moot Court Association of our college and who organise the Novice Moot Elimination for people who are interested in mooting at the state – level, in the first year itself! The best part is, irrespective of your rank, you get to moot in state competitions anyway.

13. You ask the same question again and again. WE DONT HAVE HOSTEL facilities, newbies! Why don’t you get it? The only ones who get them are the SET toppers or people with exceptional *jugaad*. If you fit in neither of those categories, don’t even bother asking for it. You have got to look around for your own PGs, flats, other hostels etc. For girls, I would like to suggest Sharada Niketan (not for hard-core party people, though). If you like an exceptionally secure environment, are okay with 8.45 in-timings and a little strictness, then there is no better place for you to bunk up for your first year. You will have loads of Symbi seniors in here, a HUGE library and clean premises. The food is bad-to-okay, but that’s a general case all over Pune. North Indians will HATE Pune for a few months. Later, you get a hang of it because you seriously can’t help it.

14. TAKE YOUR ATTENDANCE SERIOUSLY. The attendance requirement is a meager 70%. Please respect it. A noticeable chunk of my batch could not appear for semester exams because of TNG (That’s an acronym for a term suggesting BAD attendance). Yeah, fake medical reports MIGHT help you out a little. But try to be punctual. Recruiters dig it. =)

That’s pretty much all for now.



  1. NEAT and gr8 work…. though  really don’t understand this fuss bout how come simbi is 4th….i mean y can’t it b?? ….
    and d funniest thing dat one of d guy at from nlu-orissa told me dat … 
    my answer to dat ‘DUH-DH’ wz first u can’t make it through simbi nd u studying in a college ppl don’t even kno of nd u judging simbi…..?? 

    • Well, ”DUH-DH”.

      A college people don’t know about. – There are many people who even don’t know about CLAT. If you worry about what college people know and don’t know about, then, people will ask you many times about CLAT/ Symbi Law.

      On a different note:

      What would one prefer, a developing/ new IIT/ NIT or any other private college (which most probably conducts it own entrance exam)?

      PS: I am not studying in NLUO or Symbi.

      @Narayan: Nice read. 😀

      • Well Miss Priyanka,

        My point wasn’t to offend any1 from NLUO  or others…. i wz jus enlightening him dat when he is not in that institute nd dont kno shit bout it …. he is no1 to judge it…..

        and on that note…
        Exactly what would one prefer a well known, renowned, established institution with a good track record, an excellent alumni base and which is 1 of the top most institute of the country or a institute which is “Developing”  wit an uncertain future ….   

        PS: As i said i don’t mean to offend any1 but if ppl get jealous by seeing d rank of symbi(which wz d whole issue) and talk shit, they jus can’t expect symbians to nod along…

        • Please don’t tell me the alumni base in Symbi is “excellent”. And how on earth is it 1 of the top most institute in the country??? 10 years from now NLU-O will be one of the best law schools in India… At least, it’ll be better than Symbi… And this coming from a “Symbian”, btw. Symbi’s “track record” is of nut-jobs who can’t even get the meager 65% attendance… So, keep your false opinions to yourself…

          • i am pretty sure you were drunk or stoned when you were going on pressing random keys on your keyboard. or at least you had no intention to make any sense at all. you’ve got to be largely deluded if you write NLU-O would be better than symbi.. it is one of the best las schools in india, yes not topping the list, nor do i agree 4th. but yes it is way better than jodhpur national law. as far as i see, these “nut jobs you call (even though i am sure you are one of them0 are just 10 out of 320 students. DO MATH. you haven’t even been to a national law school or heard about the people there, the rate of not attending college is far higher. do you know how much exposure you get in Symbi ? 5 NLU’s combined won’t give you so much opportunities, you would actually know whats true if you stop thinking of the planet where you were actually born and come down back to earth and in your senses analyse. 10 years from now, CLAT won’t hold shit. government run institution.

            i would suggest YOU need to keep your false, absolutely incorrect, stupid and really , really dumb opinion to yourself.

            P.S : Giving CLAT the third time this year? 😉 i hope you do, get into NLU-O and cry, wiping your tears on a maxi pad hoping that you could return to Symbi

        • @nikhil,
          “if ppl get jealous by seeing d rank of symbi”, are you kdding me. except for maybe the symbi noida students, no nlu student can ever be jealous of slsp. on the contrary, its slsp guys who are damn jealous. thats why they depend on ignorant fools such as yourself to come and talk shit here. SLS is just a 12bhk flat which survives off the hefty fees of the DQ students. hardly anyone in symbi ever gets close to the clat cut off. you better believe me when i tell you that many kids in “developing institutions wit an uncertain future ” like nluo dont even give SET. thats how confident and self assured they are about they’re chances of clearing clat unlike you symbi guys.

          PS All NLUites expect symbites to nod along.Remeber that.

  2.  @Neeati Narayan a reply to point NO 4 
    watch the movie  ” The paper chase”
    comes as close as possible to how a law student should live his collage life

  3. @neeati hhahaaa   U sure have come a long way havent you??   
    from those extremely disparaging remarks I made about you (true story though  :P) 
    for the prospective students of symbiosis, she ( not in a very ) stands for the ‘change’ story every good law student undergoes when you come across and interact with people of different backgrounds 
     neeati best of luck in life…

    • Viraj Dhuri!!!

      You got it mate =D

      I was quite something in my first year.. No debate there. You know it all too well.

      All the best to you too. Rock it up in Jayyy-city!~

  4. Hey Neeati,

    awesome read! 🙂 btw, Sharda in time is now 8:00 pm. 
    anyway, while reading the article i felt a gush of pride, it is so well put down! i remember reading your blog and you have really come a long way through this one year in Symbi. kudos to that. and Good luck 🙂

  5. you are just awesome! SERIOUSLY! i really hope to meet you at school, and i’ll friend you on facebook as well 😀 

  6. Reading this awesomely written thing makes me regret AGAIN why I could not convince my father to send me to Symbi. It was actually hard to get AIR 59 in the first merit list. I was so proud. But now it seems just a waste to me because right now I am sitting back home and waiting for the counseling of a college I never, ever wanted to go. Law Faculty of Allahabad University.
    Anyways, beautifully written my would-have-been-senior!!!! Way to go.. 😀

  7. “SLS is a lot more casual than most of the NLU’s”
    followed by –
    “We have ugly uniforms for the first two years. I mean who wears white and BROWN! And the tailor you are giving shitloads of money to will give you the worst material ever.”

    Of course, the whole essence of being casual is having a cheap uniform, isn’t it?

    • You got it mate!

      Like really!!!

      The state moots haven’t taught them to read the entire essay once and see whether it makes sense. Anyway all the best to those who want to be Symbiotics or whatever rot!

      • She is talking about the casual attitudes and lax rules….not about the dress code..
        Really? hasn’t your tier-1 law school taught you how to understand what you read in terms of the context? jez…some lawyers you people are going to make…

  8. i seem to truly think that 80% of what is said here is utter nonsense …….no offense but seriously you seem to be hell bent on making this college sound great for the stupid reasons and are forgetting the true reasons its truly worth attending >>>>>>>>>>>> and about the friends thing what kind of a group did you make O.o or are you that sad that none of them continued to be friends with you ?

  9. @arka – Last time I checked you weren’t enrolled at a law school at the time of commenting. Happy over HNLU accepting ‘such’ low ranks?
    @author-Tolerable one. Take that as a compliment. 

  10. It’s a nice article, but none of it is really true. Believe me guys, there’s a reason why Asad left Symbi and gave CLAT again and I plan on doing the same thing. Symbi is a D-grade law school. It’s not really the teachers and the infrastructure that are bad but it’s the terrible student crowd. You might enjoy it if you’re a slacker with low or no expectations, but most guys in Symbi haven’t got even more than 100 in CLAT and many have cheated their way thru SET. People even left Symbi to go to RMLNLU. Neeati has sugar-coated quite a bit about Symbi. If the college doesn’t drag u down, then the student crowd will… So, please, for your own sake, weigh all your options b4 deciding on Symbi. It’s probably better than Christ but it’s nowhere close to the top 8 or 9 NLUs. The seniors are even more disappointing and aimless. Many stupid kids also come thru the Management Quota and most of them these are dumber than a brick. So, don’t believe this stuff. It’s a terrible institute no matter how much the Symbi kids and management try to vindicate otherwise…

    • Let’s us analyze things that you have said:-

      1- The terrible student crowd. On what empirical research have you based your arguments on? These statements suffer from a distinct logical fallacy called ‘Hasty Generalizations’
      2-D-Grade College— Seems that you have come out with your own method of computing grades. Can you please specify your parameters as to how to rate a law school?
      3-If you use random examples such as ‘people left symbi to go to RMNLU’ this is just going to increase the vagueness of the discussion. I can cite 10 examples who chose symbi as against RMNLU.
      4- Neeati Sugar-coated things. I didn’t see a single line where she has mis-represented a fact. There are two parts to any information, objective and subjective.Neeati has mostly stated subjective things like her experiences, not objective things. Rather she has highlighted things about the college very fairly( like Infrastructure and other things)

      I see only a pointless rant by you, please go ahead and join some NLU, I wish you all the success. One more thing, your notion of Legal education is highly misplaced and is limited to placements and packages that is why your thinking never goes beyond colleges. Legal education is about training yourself, and personally I do not need a specific college to do that. I know of highly focused batchmates of yours and seniors who can take on anybody from any NLU. Cheers! Nothing personal !

      • I don’t understand why you Symbi guys are so sensitive… I’m just stating my experience, just like Neeati has stated hers…
        Even then your “analysis” is again biased to the points where you feel you can DEFEND Symbi… I’ m not asking anyone to believe me. Go to Symbi and see for yourself. If u like it, then good for you… Otherwise, you’ll feel the same way I do.
        I don’t need to do “empirical research” to judge the student crowd at Symbi, it’s my personal opinion and A LOT of people will agree with me…
        If your college is so good, as most of you claim it is, then you don’t have to waste your time trying to get one up over me… Stop trying to logically deduce my “rant”, you moron. I’ m not here as a troll… I’m stating what many other people know is the truth…

          • And when I say “left” , I mean that they came to Symbi and then decided it was crap and left to go to other institutes.
            This argument ends here… I’ve got better, more worthwhile things to do and worry about than to respond to you Symbi zealots trying to DEFEND the institute for all it’s worth… And, I’m pretty sure that most people know on what parameters to judge a college, I ‘ve got nothing more to say to you “passionate about law” Symbians…

    • Is the CLAT only yardstick for law entrance exams? I don’t deny the fact that there are few cons in our college which are harming the reputation! But is it the only college having only the cons? A guy named Kunal Bhatia qualified CLAT with a rank of 239 and now he is studying in Symbi! Go and check it out@NLUans! And SLS is the only college that survives in DQ money? Really? then can you explain me the reason why many NLUs take admission of students through NRI_Sponsored quota? Explain me the reason! I can give you examples of INDIAN students studying in this quota! Isn’t it synonymous of DQ?  I don’t deny the accusations about the crowd! But where don’t we get such crowds? 12 BHK FLAT? WELCOME TO OUR NEW FLAT THEN WHICH IS PERHAPS GOING TO BE BIGGER THAN MANY NLUS IN THIS COUNTRY! COME ON, Don’t say our fees are getting hiked for that! We are private institution! We have to arrange for our own money! otherwise who is going to help us in arranging our finance? Some venture capital? 

      What Neeati has said is true! And she is a close friend of mine! She never speak lies! 
      And Christ is better than Symbi! Well go and live in Krypton! You can ditort any fact you want to! No one is going to cross check!

  11. Niyati ! You are very awesome. You are a great mooter. You write soo well !! I’m your fan ! I love you the most !
    Truly an inspiration 🙂

  12. Yes, yes. Definitely believe a kid who writes ‘b4’ instead of before. And ‘thru’ instead of through. And who is going to GIVE the exam instead of taking it.

    Please TAKE CLAT and on the day of results I am personally going to scour the result sheet for your name. Slacker, eh?

    Neeati never “sugar-coated” anything, Vignesh. She wrote about everything exactly the way it. I believe this contained exactly right amount of criticism and sarcasm, the level she is allowed to exercise as an author.

    Seniors are aimless, yeah? Definitely, definitely. I have several examples in mind who will absolutely break apart your notion of misplaced audacity. Prime example being the author of this article herself. I am not here to DEFEND symbiosis because there are a lots of problem prevalent here which Neeati has efficiently brought up.

    This article was not supposed to make kids coerce into joining the college. It was made to give an idea about how the first year is like.

    There is no VINDICATION going on here, you idiot. If you are inefficient as a person, do not blame the institute.

    • Looks as if you’re a “Symbian”, Pratik… And, this is the Internet, dumbass. I don’t need to be showing “CLAT” English, here… But, I guess you’re entitled to your opinion. We’ll find out on May 31st, won’t we? Looks to me as if this article’s about Neeati trying to justify why Symbi’s a “top” law school… Symbi if F-grade and you know it. Guys who say that the institute doesn’t matter and it’s “you” who does are the people that can’t make it to top institutes…
      And if Neeati loves Symbi so much, how come she gave CLAT last year?
      I’ m pretty sure she wud’ ve left if she had got into even NLU-J or NLIU…

    • And, Pratik, my man, you’ve conveniently decided to leave out the other things which I mentioned about Symbi and you’re berating me on the stuff where you can actually DEFEND Symbiosis… When you finally do come around to realize the obvious truth, it’ll be too late.
      Luckily, I’ve decided not to settle for Symbi… BTW, Neeati, with all due respect, didn’t bring up even half the problems with Symbi…
      Symbi:NLUs :: IIPM:IIMs

      • I got an AIR 389 in CLAT, with a score of 134, Vignesh Raj. I’m in Symbiosis. I think that should satisfy your meaningless need for arguing beyond your intellect. Where are you, now, by the way?

        • @Mansa : Wow, that’s really something but we all know that you’re from Pune, so please shut up. I’m sure a guy from Raipur or Kochi would prefer a law school in their respective cities (if they get admission there) than to TRAVEL to and STAY in a new place (except for the top law schools, of course).
          With that rank, you would’ve got only GNLU and not any of the top 5, so quit bragging. Let’s hope that in 5 years from now, you don’t end up miserably regretting your decision. Symbi will never be top law school, anyways.

    • Isn’t that all you jobless Symbians ever do??? Checking all your “friends” names to see if they gave CLAT and hoping that they didn’t get through…
      Shame on you guys… Haha!!!

  13. I for one agree with Vignesh… Having been there and done that I can personally vouch for him…
    Who the hell are you, Pratik? Another Symbian desperately trying to DEFEND his soon-to-be alma mater???
    The truth always hurts, doesn’t it?
    It’s one thing to stand up for your college, it’s another to say it’s better than the truly meritorious and proven NLUs…
    @ Neeati – Nice Article… Surprised to have not read it earlier…

  14. Yeah, um, this came to my attention. I have no idea what the squabble is all about. I am going to sort it out the best way I can-

    1. I am not trying to defend or justify anything about Symbiosis. 90% of the text revolves around my own experiences with the faculty, friends and well.. “frenemies”. I have no idea how someone can read between the lines and assume sad stuff. I said what is true, the person (student) matters. Source, you ask? Personal experience, the best source out there. This place made me independent and helped me take an initiative in life. I have criticised the institute enough and I have made it clear that one HAS to look out for themselves it. It is a tough life and lots of negatively lucrative avenues exist for you to get lost in. In this 2 year period (which has been pretty torrid), I have emerged as a better person with higher resolutions in life.
    2. Pratik, I have no idea who you are but it is better not to get into any unwanted debate. Lots of fingers already point towards us. Relax. BTW, I dont figure anywhere near the top achiever list.
    3. Why I wrote CLAT again? That’s because CLAT 2011 had been a very strange affair and I wanted to retake it. However, I could not juggle 2 internships with the preparation and as a end result, did not go anywhere. I stopped thinking about it a long time ago as I have better avenues to channelise my energies into. It’s as simple as that.

    I am not going to go into the F or Z grade insinuations because I am not equipped enough to make an unbiased and informed judgment. For that matter, neither are you. Honestly, I have nothing to say about it. Because I have a life independent of the institution and I am enjoying it the way I should.

    • Alright, point taken, Neeati… I don’t wanna make this page like a YouTube comments section. BTW, I wasn’t really trying to target you, just had to say what I felt about Symbi… And, I know it’s the truth.

      • yes, you are a idiot…you are the one who didn’t get into SLS and that’s what irritates you. We will really be watching…and laughing…as you fall…

  15. I never had any misgivings or assumptions about Symbiosis before this, but now I am weirded out. Its written the way a lawyer would write; sugar coated and a lot in-between the lines. How could you possibly put a positive twist on drug addicts and lack of infrastructure?! This would have been a lot better if you weren’t hopelessly defending Symbiosis and trying to take a crap on NLU while you were at it.

  16. @Vignesh – Pin-point accuracy on exactly what is wrong with Symbi… Finally someone has said it out loud. Always thought it should’ve been Asad, though.

    @Pratik – Go study, nut-case… There’s a good chance that Symbi isn’t gonna place your ass in any law firm or whatever it is a ” smartass” like you plans on doing.. Get a life, you Symbite.

  17. I just don’t understand the whole point of defaming ur own college and your own seniors even if u have decided to leave it!!I f SYMBI was dat bad,we would not have people working in AZB and other reputed firms.I can name them to you.

    Yes there are hell lot of problems here.Yes the crowd is not exactly like ones you would get in top notch nlus.But dat does not mean the college overall is bad.Its unto you what you make of ur 5 years out here.

    I know neeati personally,and i can bet she would make it almost equal to what people from top nlus will make of her life.

    It is symbi dat is in top 5 IN MOOTING PREMIER LEAGUE and trust me,it is this useless crowd ur blaming dat has done this.

    If u can’t contribute anything to this college,please stop defaming it without any reason.If u think ur better fitted somewhere else,go and try ur luck there.But stop this nonsense by which u won’t gain anything!!

    • Are you dumb??? It’s defaming only if it’s a lie… Shows you just how ignorant you Symbians are. I can’t believe you just accepted all the problems that Symbi has and your still desperately trying to rationalize it…
      Just stay away…
      Btw, Symbi’s rank according to student and preference polls is 12th… Screw those crappy magazines which take money and rank colleges like Symbi, BVP, Lloyd, Amity, etc. on the same level as the prestigious NLUs. You’ve got to shitting me.

  18. Well Vignesh learn to accept the fact that you are a douche, just because you failed in utilizing the resources of the college doesn’t mean that you vent out your frustrations on it. The world may not know how desperate you are but I know, you are one of those who can lie about not having done commerce during your accounts viva inspite the fact that uve dropped one year studying B.Comm in christ, Bangalore. Not only does it show that you are unclear about what you want to do with your life, it also shows what a desperate looser you are.

    Well its a free country, you have the right to say whatever you feel like, but when you say something like what you did you should have the courage to back it up.

    Here is why i will tell you why you should be in symbi because when India Today in 2009 was questioned in Calcutta High Court by NUJS students, it successfully defended its claims of why SLS,Pune deserve to be on top. Let me introduce you to the author of this article Neeati Narayan, winner of the prestigious KLA moot 2013 and perhaps one of the best mooters in the country. Now let me introduce you to Pratik Patnaik, well this man needs no introduction, the good will he carries and his humility demolishes your arguments about so-called “non-supporting and underachieving seniors”, he is one of those sweethearts who will go all the way to help you, you should meet him to know how small a person you are. And I can cite many more examplesof our Alumin working in the legal field today. There is more to this profession than just some marks,like you think

    But the fact is you are an underachiever, accept it. I remember your smuck face staring at my moot trophies every morning, knowing for the fact that you can never have them. I have felt how helpful our seniors are when I was mooting, a pleasure that perhaps you can never have or feel.

    So save it, i sincerely pray that you get through CLAT, like Pratik said i will personally come to ask you your results. ‘Cause we at symbiosis law school don’t need you, you are utterly useless and I truly believe that you shouldn’t have something whose value you don’t and can never understand.
    And i hope that you do good in your life and are a success.

    See you during exams.

    From a proud symbian to Vignesh Raj.

  19. hi! i just have one really important question. does the symbiosis law entrance have more of static gk questions or current affairs? please guide. thankyou 🙂 .

  20. Hello everyone,
    I am Vignesh Raj and I have just completed my first year in SLS, Pune.

    It has recently come to my notice of the comments which have been posted under my name in this blog. I would like to clarify that I have not posted anything on this website until now and have been forced to come on this site and trash the statements posted under my name due to the problems I have faced in college due to these statements being circulated around and would also like to clarify that I have not visited the site until very recently as I have no plans of giving CLAT again nor did I have any specific interest in continuing to follow the website post last year’s CLAT which is partly the reason for my late clarification of the issue, the other issue being that I had my exams going on in college when I was informed on this issue and had prioritized my focus upon them.

    I would like to request all future prospective law applicants from forming their opinions based on the opinions of others and rather go by rankings given by various agencies as they have perfectly justifiable parameters for making their own college ranking structures.

    I would also further refrain from commenting upon on my personal opinions about my college though I do agree that I have truly loved and enjoyed my first year of college life and I have no intentions of leaving it until I graduate from this course.

    I would further like to request people from continuing any of the discussions on any of the topics which have been put up in my name as they have been maliciously done and do not represent my opinions upon the college.

    I would further go on to request the administrators of this website to kindly bring about a better method of identity protection, where all the people commenting upon the blogs of this site be first registered rather than how it is being carried on presently in order to help prevent identity theft and any further such incidents from occurring.

    Finally I would like to apologise (though its not my fault) for the comments made upon the seniors of my college for whom I have immense respect and who have graciously accepted my apologies which I have personally conveyed to them. I would further like to also refrain from justifying on any of the personal comments which have been posted against me as it has been done in the heat of the moment and without any justification and would best be forgotten rather than made a big issue of.

    Thanks and Regards

  21. Enjoy Symbi, losers… Hahahahahaha… Hope you all contribute something to this great country in the future. For now, you failures can smoke and drink all you want (if you can afford it…)… Hope to baste you guys in some moot in the near future.

  22. national is national. almost all kids in symbi dont even get guwahati national law school so if u get any, just run there.

  23. Neeati u are absolutely right! You and Pratik has become a source of inspiration for me! Regarding this hostel, though I ranked good They did not even tell me to apply, but I am happy to stay in a PG! And I am also fortunate enough to get u as my seniors who are always willing to lent out their support to students unconditionally. Thank u for being so good!

    And regarding campus, I am pretty much happy with it! And I dont want to shift in the new campus within 5 years! This campus is almost like a heritage building and temple for all Symbians and I don’t want to leave the temple of ours in future! And there is nothing to comlplain about infrastructure! You all are coming here to study not to see the infrastucture!

    And regarding Jurisprudence class I really like the class ectures and I don’t feel sleepy at all!

    • If guys like you, with your pathetic and embarrassing English, can get admission into Symbi, I can only imagine how bad it must be.
      Future Symbians, BEWARE!!!

  24. Symbiosis is miles ahead of all the lower ranked NLUs and is at par with GNLU, NLUJ and NLIU for the following reasons

    1. Established

    Estd in 1977, its been around for more than 35 yrs, and its age is much more than that of all the new NLUs combined. Being a pioneer in the field of imparting quality legal education and the fact that its still considered as an elite law school of India, even after 4 decades since its inception, speaks volumes about the law school.

    2. Location

    It is located in one of the most central and posh areas of the cultural capital of Maharashtra, i.e. pune. Would you prefer to spend 5 years of your college life in pune or in some small back of beyond shit-hole like cuttack (NLUO), Kalamassery (NUALS), Ulubari (NLUJAA), new raipur (HNLU) etc.

    3. Hostel

    Some ignorant fools criticize SLSP for not providing hostel facility to all its students. Trust me guys, its million times more comfortable and convenient to take a flat on rent with with a few of your close friends than to stay in a trashy NLU hostel. We all know too well how pathetic government hostels are. Its extremely easy to find PGs or flats on rent near the college due to its central location.
    Also you get to enjoy pune’s famous night life without the useless and unnecessary 8 o clock curfew that most NLU hostels have in place.
    To spend 5 yrs in some shitty campus with limited space and facilities or to spend them in one of the largest metropolis in the country- the choice is pretty obvious.

    3. Academics

    the teachers at SLS and the academic structure are equal to if not better than that of the top NLUs, you can take my word for it. If it wasn’t so Symbi’s alumni base wouldn’t be so impressive.
    the teachers are extremely helpful, cordial, friendly and cooperative.
    You’ll know the value of this college when the “symbi” brand gets you top internships and placements (only if you are hard working and deserving).

    4. Brand

    we all know the adulation Symbians get from their peers and the envy from those who failed to crack SET.

    5. Timings

    The college timings and course structure are so well designed that you get more than enough time to groom yourself to be an excellent lawyer along with time to study for LLM, CAT, UPSC , judicial services etc. provided that you manage your time efficiently.

    6. Opportunities

    even guys who left SLSP after 1 year for a top NLU will confirm that symbi provides more opportunities than most NLUS and encourages you to pursue your field of interest with their super active extra curricular cells.

    7. Student crowd

    the symbiosis society has taught at least 1 student from every district of India. that is the kind of diversity that you will find at SLS. along with that africans, americans, french, australians and students from other countries are present either as international students or exchange programme students. Compare that with the nlus.

    we all know CLAT and AILET are luck based exams and thats why some shitheads get into top nlus. I agree symbi has management quota and those guys aren’t achievers in any sense of the word but thanks to the GDPI process followed by symbi, almost all meritorious symbi kids will be confident and outspoken with a proper handle on the English language. i personally know quite a few people with ranks ranging from 500-800 in clat who literally are handicapped in speaking publicly and in English so please don’t think that by cracking an F-grade exam like clat you are an English guru or something of the sort.

    I know the state of affairs in many nlus and believe me the seniors there with their incessant ragging seem quite frustrated unlike in symbi which has such a chilled out yet academic oriented environment.

    8. Rankings

    SLS has consistently been ranked in the top 10 law colleges of the country.
    According to me:

    V the remaining

  25. Need help in identifying hostels/ Pg near SLS Pune. Joining This year in August. Can anyone suggest some decent places- twin acco and where more Symbians are put up?

    • Hi Manomoy, I am an alumni of SLS. The college is shifting to a totally new 5 acre campus at Rohan Mithila, Vimannagar, just opposite the Pune Airport, from 17th to 19th July, they have announced that there are limited row houses in Rohan Mithila that they have taken on rent. However, there are good flats around Vimannagar, if you dont get the college operated row houses. Hope this helps. Wishing you best of luck and a exciting 5 years in the new campus.

  26. hello
    I wanted to know about a few things. I’ve got selected for Symbiosis Law School, Pune. I’ve heard from my friends that maximum students are involved in drugs and alcohol abuse in Symbiosis and that is why I’m not very sure about going there. Can anyone please tell me if it is true about Symbiosis? 

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