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This word Freedom confuses me a lot, I mean a word which is so strong and has a powerful meaning, and in fact it does have a powerful impact as well, is actually indeed so devoid and is losing its practical knock. Though I won’t deny that it might be my solo perception, but it’s what we call “Freedom of thoughts” right?

Freedom rhetorically is the ability to make one’s own choices. So I was wondering if I really do know what Freedom is in real. Is it just a word as I don’t think, we all or at least majority of us, might be living their lives in Freedom. I searched it on Google, read about it on wiki and other such informative tools, I could not figure out its real meaning, may be its just a word, or may be now all its meanings have changed a lot or all the meanings available everywhere are just wordy and they have no similarity with reality or the real picture of itself.

So, I was talking about my confusion regarding this whole conception of “Freedom” well I want to share what I feel and how I see to it. You known since I am growing up rather since I’ve started to feel things more sternly, I’ve always found that somehow I feel these fringes on each of my actions, my thoughts, my beliefs, my feelings, my decisions perhaps whatever I want to do, I’ve always found this particular ambit of choices around me.  People tell me to do what I want from my life, my social behavior is a result of others acknowledgements, somehow they control my life, my way of living in fact each of my action. So I am much obscured regarding this term “Freedom”.  Is that what I get in return if I call myself a free person: Freedom to breath, blink my eyes, get ill, get well etc, is that all?

Well, I really don’t know what it actually means, if it really is left with honest meanings, I don’t know if I am really a free person, If yes then why all my thoughts are so conservative, why I have to take permissions to live my life in a better way? Why is it that whatever I want to be, to do (which actually does make sense) is challenged? Why is their always some kind of double standard terms & conditions applied on my thoughts?

I don’t know really, who will answer my hit ups, but I will definitely try my best to find all my answers for all my queries. Yes I will..!!


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