Tiny Little Thoughts, by Mehul Acharya


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Let’s keep calm and not lose faith.

Let’s stop staring back into the past and stop looking at the horrible mistakes that we’ve made.

Shit happens. It always does.


An amazing future has nothing to do with a shitty past.

An amazing future has all to do with the PRESENT.

That’s all we have in our hands.

So, let’s spend every minute wisely.

The wrong habits need to be destroyed. The task is not easy in the least but it is what we need to do right now. When I mean bad habits, I refer to the habits  that become the hurdles that stand in the way of our being able to make great things happen to ourselves and others.

There is nothing like a “perfect time”. There will never be that period where perfect stability exists, where the timing, the situation is perfect to follow a course of action. The law of nature is chaos. Things are not always going to be in place to welcome you. Things are going to move and happen, the way they have always been happening. And, you have to keep working amidst all that would be happening around you.

Long story short.
The Time Is NOW.

This is the only ‘perfect time’ you can ever get,
And, you have to start and finish off your work in this time from this moment on.

There is a hell lot of work and a bunch of papers to prove that you have got something that matters and that you can walk your talk.

And, once we have enough faith in our abilities, then we can go on to make things happen. Your abilities have always been there with you. You know it better than I do.


This time.

Let’s introduce more Faith to our Actions.

Mankind will never be able to comprehend the speed of time. It flies.

The journey may be long and tiresome, we have to admit.


That doesn’t mean that the journey cannot be enjoyable.

I believe that there is something different in every one of us. We have messed up things like nobody around us did. That made us feel like nobody around us felt. That made us stand where nobody stood with us.  And, probably, that’s why we are going to be somebody different from them. Maybe, in a very good way or maybe, otherwise. But, the point is, it shouldn’t be surprising if we find that we cannot relate to them always and vice-versa.

The preconceived beliefs and notions that exist have to broken down and blown somewhere far away.
And, we have to make way for new ideas.

The new ideas in our head replace the original ones. These are the ideas that our minds are logically drawn to and not the ones which we are used to hearing in the past. Ideas we can logically conclude. Ideas we can actually FEEL.

Freedom of the mind has never been any problem for the most of the humans.


Uncertainty and miracles are always going to have more weight and prominence than the predictability and mundane Life.

Perceptions are very important for a person.

We might be very, very small in comparison to the grand Universe but we must know there lies a Universe in us too. In all of us.

Life is not what you see everyday.
Life is inside your head. Tiny, little thoughts and so many different emotions. You are never going to actually see them. But, that’s what Life is.

As Buddha has eloquently said,

”You are what you think.”

Five words. Pure wisdom.


Mehul Acharya is a huge Coldplay fan, a bibliophile and a Calvin and Hobbes fan. He is extremely quite (most of the time). To say the least, he is a dreamer.


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