The Ultimate Feel-good CLAT-like Mock Test for CLAT 2014


The timer on the top right is the best of all things that are on CLATGyan. Not because it shows how much time you have for preparation, but because it tells us for how much more time we are to work on CG. We have put up the General Knowledge Mock Sets for each and every month starting from January 2013 till April 2014. We put up the compendiums covering everything that CLAT might ask from the current affairs. We had a mock test series which covered every kind of question that could come in your CLAT. That apart, there are a number of ‘yay-we-made-it‘ stories, and a number of ‘you’ll-do-just-fine’ ones.

All in all: 600 articles – 20,000 comments – 11,000 subscribers – and 10,000 daily page views. At the risk of sounding immodest, this makes us the largest resource centre for the law extrance exams in India, both in terms of visitors and in terms of content, the quality of which, we believe, has seldom been paralleled or surpassed.

And here’s CLATGyan wrapping up season four. But before we do that, we’ve got a sweet gift for you. One mock test that covers stuff that you learnt (or supposed to have learnt) so far. We made copious efforts to make it as comprehensive as possible. This tiny little diamond should help you build up confidence by accelerating your solving speed and enhancing accuracy.

Click here to access the test!

Important: Unfortunately, the script that we used to host the test does not support negative marking. Also, you must answer all the questions before you hit the ‘Submit’ button. We suggest that you jot down the numbers of the questions that you’d want to leave unattempted. Once you subtract that from the total number of questions, you can determine your final score by calculating the number of marks you’d have lost due to wrong answers.

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All the very best!


  1. This was really sweet of u guys…but…i’m unable to access the tests…when i click on the link it says…phishing ahead…please help…what do i do?

  2. ALSO. Um. How do I log in? I closed the window and when I click on the link there’s just the register page.

  3. Won’t I be able to see my score unless I complete the whole paper..Even after the test time is says, “please answer every question”
    Just did the paper..It was crazy..!!

  4. Pug give doge competishun. 

    Doge fight. Very win. Such pawer.

    Much thanks. Such test. 

    Asad is doge lover?


  5. PPL, does anyone have any idea what a good score on this test is???
    Clatgyan, thanx. Amazing, how much help you’ve been
    Uh, also, another mock b4 clat14 would be welcome too
    Thanks again.

  6. Thank you for this. Please try to make the next one (if any) a little less funny, I wasted 3 minutes of precious time laughing at YO YO Horny Singh and the whole Friends drama. Thanks for asking about Breaking Bad though. Best. Show. Ever. Made. 

  7. Thank you so much for the mock, however a few legal problems have different answers in different places. Could you please unlock the document so that I can copy paste the problems I have an issue with and discuss them with my mentor from CG, please?

  8. thanks for d test and all other material ..i got 144…
    got some issues wit ans. to q.76, 77, 88, 92(esp.), 98…

    pls c to it if possible…

  9. Thank you sooo much for this…!!! Its was indeed awesome…gained some confidence…you people are just amazing…and thanks for those entertaining questions in between…not feeling tired I guess coz of them..hahaha …had a doubt in 1 legal Q…but still thanks !

  10. sir it is important que. please tell as sson as possible In election A person going to polling booth for giving vote but a officer in polling boothe is said no but a person is entitled to give it vote but officer is ready then a person suit for violation right to vote and also election is on favour of a’s person then what is answer sir please give your ans i am waiting

  11. Phoebe and Chandler and  Ross!! Great comprehension! <3  And yeah, I scored 192 in the test.. Is that good enough? 

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